PCR Test Fraud

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My Lab Isolation, Purification, Characterization and Causation Findings
*I watched the video & wrote this transcript:

Conclusion: Samples of blood from 1,500 people who tested positive were analysed. The conclusion was –
NO: virus, SARS-Covid 2, variants, monkey pox (jab side effect – you are detoxing) or even flu.

  • So, PCR testing is a fraud. A positive test is meaningless. Used as a scare tactic.
    Contacted by the lab principal investigator (PI – chief scientist)
    1500 positive samples from S. California. Given $1.5 million grant from NIH to do the isolation of the novel virus.
    20 lab members started process of isolation, etc
    Carried out late April 2020 – Sept 2020
    The PI wanted the tests done x3 – different batches. She was upset that we did not isolate SARS-Covid 2 the first time.
    First time didn’t find anything – only cellular debris – not even flu – under the microscope.
    Found the same thing with the other 2 tests.
    Koch postulate – used ferrets instead of mice – 100 injected with samples; control group 100 – saline.
    They should get same symptoms. Nothing happened – all healthy.
    Contacted 100 universities with these results – only 6 replied.
    They replicated the process. Found the same thing – nothing.
    7 labs contacted the CDC – Robert Redfield the director.
    He said, just call it Sars-Covid 2. If you don’t, I will make sure that you never work in a lab again, your lab will be closed down.
    Our group decided to publish our findings -we went to 21 journals. The last one was Oct 2021 – the Danish Medical Journal. First they said, yes, then no.
    June 2020 t0 Aug 2020 “We called the CDC & asked them to send a sample – they didn’t – they made excuses.” Finally April 2021 the lab was raided by the FBI – everything was confiscated. Fortunately, she & 3 other people had saved everything, including the actual paper copies. “We have all that & can still publish.”

Covid/Monkey Pox/Marburg Virus/Vax Hoax:

  • There are no randomized data, nor even a single observational study on vaccinations that has shown a reduction in severe disease in this age group 6mo-4year. Government-sponsored misinformation on the Vaccines from the administration seeking to police misinformation. Pathetic.
  • Ghana Confirms First Cases Of Marburg Virus. Health officials in the west African nation say 98 people are now under quarantine as suspected cases are rising. Both patients who recently contracted the virus have died in hospital.
  • The Damage Is Undeniable: “The Only New Thing That Happened in 2021 Is the COVID-19 Vaccine” 40,000 deaths and 3.5 million injuries have been certified. Dr. Peter McCullough: “Pull them off the market! … They [scientists from Columbia] have the U.S. Number at 287,000 [dead] Americans … and that’s concordant with what we’re seeing in life insurance.”
  • Dr. Paul Marik: EVERYTHING They Have Said Is a Big Fake Lie. “The truth will come out; you can’t hide it forever. And everything they have said, everything, from masks from lockdowns, from social distancing from vaccination from remdesivir, from paxlovid, is a big fat lie.”
  • If Masks actually worked, they would have been banned just like Hydroxychloroquine: https://twitter.com/Sgtnewsnetwork/status/1549536572743319555?s=20&t=j_QjNi0ab2-SZscxvUPpVw