Plandemic 2.0

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UPDATE: 3 videos
Stew Peters Live – W.H.O. Employee Blows Whistle: Pandemic 2.0 Imminent, Patriot Act Weaponized Against Americans!

Situation Update Sep 14, 2023 – Shocking Science Paper Explains How 5G Cell Signals Can Unleash KILL VECTOR PAYLOADS In The Human Body! – Mike Adams

Live: Todd Callender: Gov’t Will Trigger Deadly MARBURG Pandemic With 5G… Covid Was a Trial Run! – Man In America

The primary objective of Plandemic 1.0 was to spread fear amongst the people so that they would be compliant & want to be “vaccinated”. Those that resisted, finally gave in & accepted the jab to hold on to their job. Others did not want their freedom compromised, so they too got jabbed. We, the unjabbed, did our research & having more regard for our health & life we did not follow the masses. Covid-19 was the Scariant, people lined up for the fake PCR test & the media gave daily reports of numbers tested, in hospital & in ICU. Fear porn was everywhere.

Marburg Fever:
The Covid-19 “vaccines” contained small packages of hemorrhagic fever viruses, including Marburg & Ebola. When the time was right, as of now, a 5G impulse would cause these packages to burstm thereby releasing their contents. The Deep State could target a section of the population & when people became ill, the claim would be made that these viruses were spreading through the community. So, more PCR testing, face mask wearing, restrictions, lockdowns & Bioweapon Injections.

NEW Dr. Jane Ruby:
Marburg Fever Already Declared — 18 GHZ (666) Activates the Jabbed — Here it Comes! — w/ Attorney Todd Callender
Attorney Todd Callender of TruthHub, Disabled Rights Advocates exposes the government declarations and preparations for Marburg hemorrhagic fever in the U.S., amendments to the PREP Act, and the psyop details, oath of office and the vulnerability of the LNPs (Lipid Nano-Particles).

Preparing For a Viral Hemorrhagic Fever Bioweapon Scenario:

Looking at the onset stage of Ebola, or any hemorrhagic fever, it resembles the common symptoms of ‘flu:
Sudden onset of fever
Intense weakness
Muscle pain
Sore throat

As the virus develops we see:
Skin rash
Impaired kidney/ liver function
Internal and or external bleeding

The patient either dies or recovers, depending on their susceptibility and level of care given.

Be Prepared:
Nebulise Nanosilver Hydrogen Peroxide & Iodine:
A 2009 DOD study found that Nanosilver Inhibits Ebola Virus.
Nanosilver is indeed effective against arenaviruses (yes, that’s the correct name) including hemorrhagic fever-inducing viruses.
In the event of exposure to Ebola (or any hemorrhagic fever virus), immediately and regularly nebulising with nanosilver into the lungs, is an effective way to get it into the bloodstream, cells and tissues of the human body quickly and effectively – faster than oral ingestion.
Also nebulise hydrogen peroxide (HP) alternating every other day using Dr. Mercola’s protocol because it saved many lives during covid. You can also add Lugol’s 2% to it, as Mercola recommends.

Use Iodine as Nasal Swab or Gargle to Halt Transmission:
A study shows 0.5% povidone-iodine exhibits “high ..virucidal activity ..against viruses of significant global concern” and “significantly reduces viral load in the oral cavity and oropharynx”.
0.5% povidone-iodine solution (made by diluting 10% solution) can be used inside the nose with a cotton swab, nasal irrigation or spray that they can be swished in the mouth for 60 seconds to kill the virus.
[I assume that Lugol’s could also be used]

Anthocyanins May Block “Engineered” Hemorrhagic Fever in Our Blood:
Dr. J.E. Williams reveals how to regulate/suppress CD38 production using anthocyanins found in high levels in black currents, elderberries, blackberries, acai berries, aroniaberries (chokeberries), dark purple grapes, raspberries, blueberries (esp. wild), red cabbage, purple corn, purple rice, and the red algae found in astaxanthin.
Sources: Aronia (chokeberry) powder, Black Currant Berry extract powder, Acai powder, Berry Power, elderberries(dried), Astaxanthin, Hawaiian spirulina, Peruvian purple corn powder. Also forbidden rice.

Detox & Chelation:
Regular detox/chelation you can do at home to strengthen your and your family’s immune systems. Decreasing our toxic load, helping to alkalinize our cells, and activating the P21 gene which appears to halt the growth of tumors by directly suppressing growth signals (since cancers are raging back after the covid “vaccine”), is a great strategy. Learn why pure Advanced TRS is more effective than any earth-mined zeolite product.
EDTA can be used.