The Storm is Here

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“The Storm is Here”
…President Trump on Telegram Wed. 23 Aug. 2023

On Tues. 22 Aug. 2023 the Global Currency Reset Activated When the BRICS Summit Launched BRICS Pay, a Multicurrency Digital International Payments System.
The White Hat Military Alliance has assembled in 22 different Time Zones across the Globe with Military Action pending due to an expected Deep State reaction to permanent loss of their fiat dollar money supply through activation of the Global Currency Reset.

Mask Mandates Returning.
Unsupported by Scientific Evidence.
Motivated by Superstition and Power.
In a Battle for Freedom and Truth.
Do Not Comply.
Do not Fear.

“Fear is the only thing needed in order to turn people into slaves.”
…testimony of a Nazi Defendant at the 1945 Nuremburg Trials

Eris: The Covid variant to be feared?! NO WAY!
Countless mainstream media outlets are now pushing the existence of “Eris”, a new “Covid variant” named by the WHO after the Greek goddess of discord and strife.

Deep State Pedophilia Child Trafficking Ring
Judy Note: The threatened exposure of a Deep State Pedophilia Child Trafficking Ring centered in Lahaina Maui Hawaii was now believed to be one of the main reasons behind the Tues. 8 Aug. 2023 Direct Energy Weapon Attacks (DEW) that created fires that devastated the area, leaving over a hundred dead, thousands of mainly children missing and over 4,000 dislocated after their houses were scorched to the ground.

Instigator of the Deep State Cabal that ran the Maui section of the International Child Sex Trafficking Ring out of the Vatican was former CIA Director and US President George W Bush. More than thirty years ago during his US Presidency, Bush had underground tunnels and secret fortresses for Child Sex Trafficking dug between the White House and US Capitol – that had now been taken down by the White Hat Military Alliance.
Due to the Tues. 22 Aug. BRICS Summit announcement of activation of the Global Currency Reset that same White Hat Military Alliance has assembled in 22 different Time Zones across the Globe. Military Action was pending due to the expected Deep State reaction to a permanent loss of their fiat dollar money supply through activation of BRICS Global Currency Reset.

Illuminati to Rule the World
Former FBI Head Ted Gunderson confirmed that the Illuminati wanted to rule the world and so has infiltrated every level of society including prosecutors, judges, industry, politicians and the White House. Their Secret Covenant was the intentional demise of humanity through wars, pandemics, climate change, division, poison, terrorist acts, disease and death. The Illuminati were members of the Committee of 300 who enforced that Secret Covenant Against Humanity.
The White Hat Military Alliance was in the process of taking down the Illuminati’s Committee of 300.

Military Is the Only Way

Maui Disaster Update:

Marines Arrest 67 Maui Perps:
As the August 8 inferno scorched the tropical landscape and residents and tourists sought guidance from island officials, Maui’s top emergency management official, Herman Andaya, had only one key responsibility: sound the island’s 80-siren alarm system, a blaring klaxon that would have encouraged confused and injured islanders to at once flee the fire-ravaged areas. He could have triggered the warning from any of the island’s civil defense shelters or with a single phone call. But while Lahaina burned, Andaya was 100 miles away in Honolulu, where he and FEMA Mission Support Associate Administrator Eric Lecky enjoyed poached swordfish and pricey alcohol—as if to celebrate a victory—at Blue Ocean Seafood & Steak.

That repast would be among their last as free men.

United States Marines under Gen. Smith’s command arrested Andaya Tuesday on treason charges, days after he resigned amid public criticism for not sounding the alarm. Andaya defended his decision by saying he feared the public would mistake the siren for a tsunami warning.

Andaya was apprehended at Dillinger Airfield on the northwest tip of Oahu while awaiting the arrival of a Cessna 310 to ferry him to Kaui for unknown reasons. He reportedly tried to abscond on foot but was quickly subdued and arrested.

According to our source, White Hats have videos showing Andya and Lecky meeting in Lahaina on August 6, two days before the blaze. Real Raw News reported previously that hundreds of FEMA personnel began arriving in Honolulu on that date, suggesting the diabolical agency knew that parts of Maui would soon be set ablaze.

“The footage is definitive. It shows Andaya giving Eric Lecky a tour of Lahaina and advising him where to set up barricades to keep citizens trapped in what would become the disaster zone. Most of what we have comes from citizens who escaped FEMA’s blockade,” our source said.

Lecky, he added, was apprehended Tuesday night outside the Grand Wailea Astoria Hotel, where he and 65 subordinates were enjoying a taxpayer­-funded vacation in $1000/night hotel suites and boozing it up at expensive bars far from the charred remnants of their hellish handiwork.

FEMA, our source said, had commandeered several luxury hotels and evicted legitimate guests to make room for what seemed like a never-ending stream of armed agents, many of whom shed their uniforms, disguising themselves as beach-going tourists, once word spread that United States Marines captured Lecky in the parking garage.

The Marines, though, had photographs of each FEMA employee to have arrived in Maui since August 6 and were able to identify and catch 65 federal goons trying to flee the hotel by every available exit and crevice. Marines suffered no casualties, though several FEMA sustained superficial injuries resisting arrest.

Marines, our source said, are determined to incarcerate or otherwise deal with all agents still on the Hawaiian Islands.

“We know at one time FEMA had 2,500 in Maui. Some we got, a lot were killed in action as enemy combatants, and a bunch escaped on airplanes back to the continental U.S. There’s still plenty more there, and they know they’re being hunted”, our source said.

In closing, our source confirmed that Armed Forces loyal to the criminal Biden regime have arrived in Maui to support FEMA.

“This is a bad development, and it seems inevitable that more bloodshed will follow”.