Karen Kingston Poisoned

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Karen is a great patriot who has worked hard to bring us the truth.
Having listened to much od the video below it appears that an order has been given to kill her. She is having to move around to stay alive. She is being tracked & targeted. Obviously she is visibly upset. She asks Dr. Robert Malone to call off those who want her exterminated. Dr. Malone is the inventor of the mRNA tech. If you have listened to Dr. Ana Mahalcea, you will know that she says that it is not the mRNA, butlipid nanoparticle hydrogels.
Karen Kingston needs support. needs support.
The desperate “Deep State” wants to destroy the ‘true-blue’ patriots who have been exposing their evil plans.
This video by Karen is a little distorted for the first few minutes, but persevere. As usual the DS (“Dirty Swines’) are up to their usual tricks, causing such videos to be distorted in order to turn people off.
Karen Kingston Has Been Poisoned & Calls Out Robert Malone & Others
Here are some notes which I made:
Injected with lipid nanoparticle technology – it goes straight into your cells – it disrupts the mitochonria – it changes your DNA. These … em fields do unbelievable damage – circulatory system, heart, resp system. Also pas through brain barrier.
These are weapons.
RK Jnr is not saying Pfizer acted criminally – he should!
Robert Malone is saying Pfizer is above international law regarding biowarfare.
Her friends in Florida who were working with her were attacked – harassed, threatened, poisoned
Nano in jabs, food, plants; aerosolised
Destruction of humanity.
Need to seize the shots – now!
In Florida, 16,000 people have died from cardiac complications within 6 months of having had the jab.

I listened again – more notes:
Karen appeals to people to take action.
Pfizer doesn’t have immunity.
FBI, CIA, Pentagon want her dead.
People have been njected with nanotech em devices.
She is being “hunted down like a wild animal”!
She is critical of what Malone said, not of him personally.
The jab has been used to deliver a weapon of biowarfare – WMD!
This will lead to the extermination of the species – their aim?

Comments by Edg001 – worth noting, following & taking action as suggested. I have compiled this, with corrections:
I’ve been building towers for over 30 years.
Go to a rural area. find a farm outside tower lines,towers for one system are exactly 7 miles apart. Do the math,find one outside the 3.5 mile radius. Each tower transmits a signal;your signal is in a wave,or a cone. Microwave is always a cone. Know your towers – tthere is a difference. I just build the systems, what do I know.
In town with the buildings cutting off the signal, obstacles matter. Look for towers that are closer together in big cities. You can hide behind certain objects. Steel,copper,granite. Now you know why there taking down so many statue’s. If you hide behind copper,the signal will travel around and still find you. copper= conductors.
Steel bounces the signal,granit absorbs the signal.
Hiding behind granite is best.
Or,find the main hub and disable that tower and or on top of buildings,disable that tower – cuts the entire system.
“Best defence, is offence”: Cut the main hub; that entire system will die – no tracking ,no internet, no communication.
I love you [Karen]. Stay frosty, stay alive. This country needs you. I’m with you.