Nanotech in Everyone

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Time For Action. Time to wake up!

Dr. Ana Mihalcea has shown through extensive research that nanotech is now in the blood of everyone – at least in the USA.
Horrifying Discovery in Unvaxxed Blood — Dr. Ana Mihalcea

In 2022 her unvaxxed patients showed no sign of nanotech in their blood.
In 2023, all of the unvaxxed have nanotech in their blood & the amount is accelerating.

Vax & Unvax Same
Power Loss
After Electric Current
Embalmed Blood – 6 months
Clot From Unvaxxed

Here are some brief notes:
The mRNA in vials story is a “red herring” – meant to throw us off track.
No nitrogen or phosphorus found in vials – so no organic.
This is synthetic biology.
Blinking lights under the microscope – assembling to form metallic structure
quantum dot tech – change in colour, so frequency
q d use the blood as raw material
biometric data sent to the cloud
blood used as substrate – blood is dead
blood cells turned into rubbery clot – pv plastic signature
can’t break stuff down – indestuctible
want us to merge with tech – take us over
It is DARPA hydrogel tech
Ana believes everyone got the tech – no saline
Hydrogel in everything – air, water, food. medication (such as insulin & dental anasthetic).
filament structures in blood
filaments- blue, red, transparent
self assembly carbon rich polymers with metals
mimics cellular structure
continues to grow in embalmed – so after death
1 vial slide – 72 MAC addresses
we are being turned into humanoid robots
cyborg humanist agenda
electrical conductivity of blood declines – hijacks our life force
no difference now in blood of vaxxed/unvaxxed
however, vaxxed are sensitive to 4 Hz emf frequency – same as HAARP
the natural earth frequency is about 8 Hz
What to do? [*Execute the buggers!!]
EDTA chelation – IV Can take orally – with caution
vit C – IV Can take up to 10g/day – a lot
electron donors – substances
humic/fulvic acids
hydrophil gold
methylation process
*Maybe = bentonite clay, zeolite