America Under Attack – “Pearl Harbor 2”!

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The attack on Maui was in fact an attack on the US Military.
America Increasingly Under Attack From Within & From the Outside at the Same Time!
Michael Jaco, Kerry Cassidy, David Nino

Lahaina Crisis Update: Maui Land Grab Explains The Great Reset

  • Hawaii officials decided not to issue a warning nor use sirens
  • Sent children home from school because of winds
  • Most children from Lahainaluna area now reported dead
  • Emergency chief was off island; returning only after Lahaina had burned
  • Maui was locked down during and after the blaze – now censoring information
  • Victims gave their lives to warn us against UN-WEF plans

Maui Fire Video: Police blocking roads and preventing escape. But, watch and be edified by these two young men, Noah and Milo. Their solidity and calm masculinity will give you hope for the future.

Incredible Footage: Sailboat Captain Films the Lahaina Fire From the Bay of the Hurricane Inferno

Warning Moms to Not Send Your Kids to School
Former UN Employee Clare Edwards Explains the Next Phase of the Agenda/D.E.W. Compilatiom (Maui, California)

New Juan O Savin Situation Update: “Brief Details On MAUI FIRES”