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Grigory Yefimovich Rasputin: The much maligned Russian herbalist & healer who suffered from character assassination as has Donald Trump over the last 3+ years. There are many examples of where this has happened.
The MSM has much to answer for in this regard, as has social media. You find on the internet people who take delight in attacking the characters of people (such as a skeptics group); some of this is due to jealousy. Our prophet Billy Meier has also been made out to be a fool & I have seen such statements in connection with Billy like “The UFO Religion”; there has also been 25 assassination attempts on Billy.
Here is the truth about this pacifist.

Rasputin & Imposter

The Truth About Rasputin
Berk Gümüs
February 20, 2022

Question to Billy Meier:
Did Rasputin really lead a dissolute life as it is portrayed these days?
We are convinced that it was not so.
J. Bärtschi, Switzerland

Rasputin did not lead a dissolute life as is attributed to him. This story is malicious slander, however it is true that his murder could barely have been surpassed in terms of its brutality when, in 1916, he was murdered with a .455 Webley pistol by a British agent by the name of Oswald Rayner. Although he was married and had a family, Rasputin was an itinerant monk, that is to say, an itinerant preacher, who, through suggestive influence, carried out “miraculous healings” which were truly self-healings of the sick. Thereby he also reached the court of the Tsar, where he had much influence as a friend to the Tsar’s family, especially because, through a “miracle healing”, he had saved the Tsar’s son from death. That did not please many sectors of the Russian nobility, for which reason they became Rasputin’s sworn enemies, sought to take his life and named him “Holy Devil”.
On the 17th of December, 1916, he was then actually also kidnapped and murdered whereby his murderer was, however, the aforementioned British agent who acted in the commission of the nobles and England. The reason for the murder was Rasputin’s political objectives, which endangered the victory of Great Britain in the First World War, which raged at that time. But the murder of Rasputin still had other reasons, because, through the nefarious deed, the already long-planned Russian revolution could also gain ground and be carried out and the Tsar’s family could be captured and murdered. Rasputin was the most important adviser to the court of the Russian Tsar’s family. As already explained, he was kidnapped on the 17th of December, 1916, whereby the main role was played by a conspirator by the name of Felix Yusopov, who had a friendly relationship with the British agent, Oswald Rayner. Rasputin was dragged into a palace cellar in St. Petersburg, where he was tortured and also poisoned, whereby he was, however, able to counteract the poison, and therefore it did not have the desired effect and he survived the poison attack and was able to flee. But he did not get far because a revolver was taken and he was shot two times in the back from behind, which he, however, also survived. So the murderer took his weapon again and shot Rasputin in the forehead. Rasputin then died immediately. Therefore, he was first seriously injured by the British agent Oswald Rayner with several shots which, however, Rasputin survived because he simply did not want to die. Only the shot in the forehead really killed him. Consequently, therefore, in this way, a professional execution ultimately occurred. After that, the giant of a man was bound up by the noble conspirators and dragged to the icy Neva River, where they threw him in the icy water. Naturally, the assassins were quickly found, yet the Tsar stopped the police investigation. The conspirators asserted that they had murdered Rasputin because he had exercised too great an influence on the family of the Tsar. These statements from the assassins were, however, not the actual reason why the Tsar did not intervene in the matter of the murder and its investigation, rather it was the fact that it was not a Russian but a foreigner – the British agent, Oswald Rayner, to be exact – who was Rasputin’s real murderer.
The true reason for the murder was that Rasputin – peace-loving as he was – was active in pressing for an armistice, in order to thereby end the state of war between Russia and Germany and in order, additionally, to also avoid a defeat. And his chances of implementing his desire were, in this regard, very good, because the Tsar – due to Rasputin’s enormous influence on the Tsar’s family – was willing to bend to Rasputin’s wishes and to declare an armistice. But the British, who saw their plans and the victory in the First World War endangered by Rasputin’s peaceful political aims, did not like that. Consequently, they introduced into the plan, as murderer, an agent, who worked hand in hand with the conspirators, and whose murder plan fitted theirs exactly, because the nobility were also not keen on an armistice. Had this come about then the entire history of the world would have changed, because, namely, an end to the war with Russia would have enabled Germany to transfer an army of 350,000 soldiers to the Western Front. It would have thereby been possible for the German Kaiser to position his armies against the armies of France, Great Britain and the USA and to overcome them and to be victorious. So, Rasputin’s murderer, with his licence to kill, committed a cold-blooded murder in the commission of the British Crown, so that, in the First World War, the Allies could obtain victory over the German Empire.

Now, my question in regard to that is: is the whole thing that I have written here completely right or is there still something else to mention?
49) There is nothing to add to that which you have read out, because it should suffice and it is also right…

Two Hundred and Fortyeighth Contact
Thursday, 3rd February 1994, 17:04

Let’s leave this; otherwise, even more confusion will arise. I would like to address you once again on former Yugoslavia: for nearly 2,000 years, they’ve been smashing their heads down there and massacring each other at every opportunity. Did you know that even Tsar Nicholas II of Russia had huge troubles with the peoples and ethnic groups of the former countries of the current ex-Yugoslavia and that Rasputin, the Russian miracle monk, had told him in 1908 that these Balkan peoples weren’t worth a shot of powder?

69) Yes, that is well-known to me.
I can’t tell you anything that you don’t already know.
70) I am just a few years older than you, and I also knew Rasputin personally.
I know, but still, I thought that I could tell you something that would be unknown to you.

Question 11
If we consider the personalities of the past few centuries who have been animated on Earth by the Nokodemion spirit-form, it is noticeable that between the individual material lives there were only relatively short stays in the beyond realm, i.e. a great deviation from the normal ratio naturally given on Earth [1.52]. This then looks as follows:
[N.B. See explanation at the bottom.]

Person Born/Developed Years lived? Years in the hereafter
Johann Georg Faust 1480– 1541 61 23
Galileo Galilei 15.2.1564– 8.1.1642 78 114 possibly another Person?
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 27.1.1756– 5.12.1791 35 18
Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy 3.2.1809– 4.11.1847 48 22
Grigory J. Rasputin 21.1.1869- 30.12.1916 47 22
Eduard A. Meier 3.2.1937–

Seven Hundred & Fourth Contact
Thursday, 1st March 2018, 21:54 hrs

All these men had special tasks and abilities which brought progressive values for the next centuries in many ways, which, however, were not immediately recognisable as such, but were of such significance that from them more sensible and comprehensive research was carried out in the sciences concerned and new valuable as well as progressive knowledge reaching into the future was gained and the rapid development into modern times could find its progress in a purposeful way.

5) Grigory Yefimovich Rasputin was a herbalist and in this form a healer, but also who was wrongly called an itinerant preacher, which has survived to the present day. As a herbalist he was disregarded by the medical profession and the population of the time. Rasputin was summoned to the Tsar’s court in the hope of stopping the bleeding of the Tsar’s son Tsarevich Alexei, who was suffering from haemophilia, by means of herbal mixtures, which, however, was falsely and misleadingly described by so-called contemporary witnesses as ‘prayers’, because in his treatment he taught the young Tsarevich Alexei the form of self-mastery and self-influence, through the self-prayer form of self-address: ( See Contact Reports)

…It was a fact that the successful work of Rasputin – whose task it was to instruct the people through his work as a herbalist, healer and herald – with the young Tsarevich Alexei, was also confirmed by contemporary witnesses – as also confirmed by doctors and critics, among others – that Rasputin had an extraordinarily great influence on the Tsarevich at that time and that he also had an inexplicable positive effect on his life-threatening haemorrhages.

Excerpt from the book “My Father Rasputin” by Maria Rasputin:
Rasputin was given all sorts of nicknames. He was called a horse thief, the son of a penitentiary, a drunkard, a filthy pussy, a spy, a girl abuser, a hypnotist, a mad monk and a holy devil. In reality he was nothing but a whipping boy for others, that would have been the only suitable nickname. All the infamy that finally brought him down originally came from the book “The Holy Devil”, written by a monk who had indeed become mad, the gloomy Iliodor. My father had been the only contemporary who dared to oppose his power.

Most of the other insults were invented by the revolutionaries to undermine the prestige of the crown and hasten its fall.

In his book Rasputin, R. Füllop Miller underlines this fact:
In the need to supply the masses immediately after the collapse as fast as possible to the indignation-inciting horror stories about the tsar court, without any critical investigation, exactly that distorted Rasputin figure was presented to the public as the only authentic one, the unimaginativeness of the Kolportage and the inertia of the crowd brought it then with itself that one has definitely remained with this comfortable picture. To this false Rasputin, in order to satisfy the need for historical thoroughness, an equally poorly found life story of Rasputin was added…..

…. Iliodor, about whom I could say a lot and will speak later, was one of father’s fiercest enemies. The other was a grand prince, a member of the imperial household….

…Father was nothing but a small weir in the dam that held back the storm tide. The removal of the weir contributed to the destruction of hundreds of thousands of people, bringing misfortune and shame to the cultural world…

In the 107th contact report, the Plejaren, Pleija, tells us that Billy looks just like he did in the old days, and that he only needs to grow his beard a little longer, then he will be an image of the old days. Just as Pleija was about to pronounce the name, Semjase stopped her and told her not to mention the name.

One hundred and seventh contact
Saturday, May 20, 1978, 2:50 p.m.

Golly, girls, how glad I am to finally see you again. After all, it’s been ages. And how are you, girl, you seem like new. You too, Pleija, you look like you were cast from a mold.
1) You haven’t changed in any way.
2) I feel excellent and I too am glad to see you again.
1) It is a pleasure for me too.
2) My sister is right, you have not changed in any way – except for your beard.
Don’t you like it?
3) Oh, yes, you do, you look splendid with it.
4) You look just as you did in the old days, only your facial hair must be a little longer.
5) But then you’re your own image from when you were ….
3) Ple, you shall not mention that name.
6) Forgive me, but this exact likeness has tempted me and made me careless.

f course, one can only speculate who she meant by this, but the book “My Father Rasputin” gives interesting hints that Rasputin might have been visited by a female person from the Plejaren, which would not be surprising, because Ptaah in the 248 contact report, which was inserted above, also said that he had known Rasputin personally.

More excerpts from the book “My Father Rasputin”:
…The first sign of his unusual talent occurred during a serious illness in his eighth year.

He and his brother, who was two years older than him, got caught in the icy water while playing at the whirlpool of the Tura. They were pulled out, but both fell ill with pneumonia, from which the brother died.

For weeks, my father lay in a deep sleep, then in a fever. The midwife and the herbalist tried their arts in vain, and people were already despairing of his coming. As it was customary in our doctorless village, the whole population prayed together for his recovery.

One day he suddenly got up from his small bed in the kitchen and called out in a weak but clear voice: “Yes ! Oh yes! I do! I do!”

Sinking back into his blankets, he fell into a deep, feverless slumber and, when he awoke, was on the road to recovery. He immediately demanded to see the beautiful lady who had visited him the day before and ordered his recovery. She had a task to entrust to him, he claimed. She was so beautiful and radiant, mother. Why did she leave?

… Father never doubted his vision and often told us children about it in a quiet, respectful voice.

Two years after his marriage, the lady he had seen as a child during his illness [Pleja] appeared to him again. When he had been working in the field all day and went into the forest to rest a little, he saw her again in the midst of the purple sunset. He heard her invite him to take up the pilgrim’s staff again to learn how to become her servant and star. This time he stayed away for a year and a half, and neither mother nor grandfather heard a word from him before he returned home.
And again, after a year in the homeland, the old wanderlust seized him, which he considered to be entered from heaven, and again he disappeared for a year and a half.

On that beautiful spring day, lunch was already ready when Father rushed in. His blue eyes were shining with that strange glow that later attracted attention and earned him the reputation of a hypnotist. “I no longer work in the fields,” he announced. Grandfather put down the bridle he was mending and crossed himself. Not again! he cried. Not now, when it is time to sow. Our livelihood depends on the work that must be done now. Grigory Rasputin, you can’t leave. Rasputin answered: She has ordered it.

What many also don’t know about Rasputin is that he had a double who was commissioned by certain people to behave in a deliberately degenerate manner in order to denigrate Rasputin in public, which is described in the book “My Father Rasputin” as follows:

True & False

… In his fainting despair Witte presented a sad sight. When he came for the last time, he implored father to be on his guard: Your enemies are legion, he warned. The militarists and many of our allies want you dead, as they want me dead, because we want peace. The subversives will not harm you as a loyal supporter of the tsar as long as they can use you to denigrate the tsar’s majesty in you. To besmirch your name, they have hired a great actor who looks like you. Never go out alone, father, and never trust anyone…

…With a doubtful face, his hands clasped under his chin, Manuilov leaned back and was gracious enough to reveal all the details he knew: Last night you canceled by telephone the table you had reserved at Villa Rode for Prince Putyatin, Colonel Loman and yourself. An hour later you rushed into the restaurant with four extremely self-confident cronies. You drank too much and treated the gypsy girls, who were singing and dancing, quite brutally. When the management asked you to leave, you pushed back Beletzki’s bodyguards and shouted that you were Rasputin and under the protection of the monarchs. Manuilov grabbed his cup and laughed: “In short, holy father, it was a hell of an alarm that offended the whole restaurant.
Now father (Rasputin), who had not been in the restaurant at all, became very restless in his turn. I can’t explain it at all. Besides, I have been going there for years. Everybody knows me, everybody is my friend, even the gypsies are my friends. How can they think that I do such things?

(Worth knowing would be, that the above mentioned man named Witte, Sergei Juljewitsch Witte is, (Wikipedia Sergei Yulyevich Witte 17 June / 29 June 1849 in Tbilisi, now Georgia; † 28 February / 13 March 1915 in Petrograd, now St. Petersburg) was a Russian entrepreneur and statesman He pursued the idea of a modernized tsarist rule. Through clever interventions in favor of the economically active bourgeoisie, he achieved modernization of the Russian economy).

Sergei Witte was later murdered, as he himself had predicted, because he, like Rasputin, wanted peace, but his death is still attributed to the disease meningitis.
His cousin was the famous occultist Helena Blavatsky, who is interestingly mentioned in the 437 Contact Report in connection with the Thule Society as follows.

Four hundred and thirtyseventh contact
Saturday, November 18, 2006, 9:57 hrs.

….But the term is much older than the current tendencies and goes back to the 19th century, to occult and esoteric worldviews, which, as said, were also influenced by Helena Blavatsky.
The National Socialist Rudolf Hess and Sebottendorf were probably also influenced by this, and together they founded the secret Thule Society in Munich in 1918 and 1919 respectively; a lodge-like association based on Lamaistic teachings.
This federation functioned as an umbrella organization of old German, patriotic and national Munich associations…..

The Thule Society was then used by the Giza intelligentsia to start World War II, and the rest is history [GI: Renegade Lyra-Vegan – Had a base under the Great Pyramid of Giza]

This excerpt from the book “My Father Rasputin”, confirms the statement from the contact reports that Rasputin’s alleged miracle healings were suggestive influences, which were actually self-healings of the sick. [Just like Jmmanuel]

…The abbess explained that these people came from one of the young nuns who was afflicted with cramps and convulsions. She had always been healthy and cheerful until this terrible calamity struck her. As soon as the seizure announced itself, she cried and groaned until the moment when she fell unconscious on the floor with stiff limbs. No doctor had been able to cure her or even improve her condition. Pale as a corpse, the abbess crossed herself. God help us, she whispered. We believe that she is possessed by evil. May I see her and pray for her? asked Father (Rasputin).
Accompanied by one of the oldest sisters of the order, the abbess led him to the cell of the sick. They saw only the back of the Unfortunate. With her face to the wall and her arms above her head, she scratched at the wall with fingers that resembled the claws of a predator. And like the roar of a beast, her screams rang through the room. The nuns took Father in the middle, stopped on the threshold and crossed themselves. In a loud voice, Father spoke to the young girl: “God has heard your cry and it displeases Him. He says to you: Calm down and listen to his servant.
Stunned, the sick girl slowly turned her face to him and stopped screaming. Father entered the cell, put his hands on the nun’s trembling shoulders and sank his gaze into hers. God heard you, he repeated. The devilish power that tormented you has left. God has chased it away, it cannot come back. God now wraps you in the mantle of his love, nothing can happen to you anymore. You feel good!
Sister Akulina, for it was she, looked at Father attentively for a long time. The trembling stopped, her features relaxed, she calmed down. You have told the truth, she murmured, I feel good and happy. The whole monastery rejoiced at this healing. The event was recorded in the files of the institution, where I was able to verify it personally after years…..
[N.B. It was not prayer or God who healed her – it was the power of her material consciousness through her spirit]

Finally, the British-US agent film The King’s Man-The Beginning should be mentioned, which came on January 6, 2022 in the cinemas and is nothing more than a propaganda film, the Rasputin as ever and at the same time Russia, as always as the evil portrayed. A better time for this film they could not select, related to the Ukraine crisis.

The brain-dead politicians, are putting the gun on the chest of Russia and provoke it with a nuclear war. Russia is encircled! The Americans, the Mafia oligarchs, respectively the Military Industrial Complex want to dominate the whole world. And they believe that they can reach this only militarily and are ready to risk this war for it that they are even more powerful and richer. And all reason speaks against it, because they will lose everything. They will also expose their own descendants to horrible tortures and to infirmity until death. But we are governed by madmen.
Many western leaders compare Putin with Hitler. But the Third Reich has woken up again, [this time] in America.

(There one wonders nevertheless that beside the Religiös sectarian intelligences, the Antilogos also the impulses of the Gizeh intelligences [who were removed from Earth in the 1990’s] a largest part to this disaster contributed, and further contribute).

Two Hundred and Sixtyfourth Contact
Thursday, 14th May 1998, 00:55 hrs

Not exactly pleasing. – But how long will these Giza impulses continue to be effective on Earth?
33) This may take another 200 or 300 years.