Natural Births Banned

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WEF Bans Natural Conception: All Babies Must Be Lab-Grown by 2030

“The People’s Voice”:
The tyranny is spreading. The global elites at the World Economic Forum are now making moves to control the genetic material of every child who is born into the world in future generations…
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Is this the future that we want?! In the case of the Covid Bioweapon Injection, most people were conned into believing that if they were compliant & got jabbed then they would have more freedom, being able to travel, not lose their job (but, more jabs needed to keep it), they would be protected, as would people they visited, such as the elderly.


Most people will be misled into believing that there will be great advantages in doing away with natural births & instead having factory births:

Women wont have to experience the pain of child birth – a selfish advantage.
The parent(s) can select – sex of child, features (hair & eye colour, etc),
The babies will be free of certain diseases.

The genes will be edited, just like those who received the jab.

The elite want to play God – that is their dream.
Women of any age, including pre-pubescent girls, could give birth
All of this is to be avoided, given the deeply satanic nature of the WEF & it’s agendas.

The “elite” will have their own ideas as to what the “perfect child” should be for their purposes. The perfect child for a pedophile, a satanic ritual, a slave, a sex slave?

A book “Homo Deus” by Yuval Harari says it all. He reminds us that there will be few survivors of the current population – with the exception of the elite, I suppose!
He says that ‘the elites are reaching for eternal life & god-like powers”. Dreaming of course & not possible.
They want us under a totalitarian control system & genetically incapable of resistance.
Eugenics with a modern twist.
Trade in organs is very lucrative – not for the person who ends up dead!

Harari say’s that God is dead & that the WEF is assuming divine powers of creation – the MSM has ignored the WEF agenda.
Upgrading humans into God.
These nut-cases are psychopaths!
He admits that they will deprive us of everything – insects as food, confined to small spaces, desenitised by virtual reality devices & pharma drugs.
The global state will own everything, including us.
Schwab says that China is the role model for all this.

Are you going to be conned with the promise of a wonderful future – for the ELITE!
These satanic mongrels have to be eliminated – their future, not ours!

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