US Walking Zombies

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Lt. Scott Bennett lays it on the line. Every American should listen to this video. It’s time to wake up & do something for your country & the world, if you have not already done so. Likewise to people in other countries, such as the woke New Zealanders, the sheeple, most of whom are still asleep!
Lt. Scott Bennett & Michael Jaco: This Is Big, Folks! Military Movements and Boots on the Ground?

Todd Callender: They Want To Scare People Into Quarantine Centers As Zombies Are Activated Via Frequency Pulsation!!
IITM: It all seems to be lining up to be a zombie-related next plandemic.
The survivors of the human race, will have to get through the zombie thing… THIS is the road to freedom?
Somehow the cellphones and 5G may play a role in this… remember the movie Cell.

Maui Massacre Update:
Evidence has recently surfaced showing that the Aug. 8 Maui Hawaii Massacre resulted from US Inc. government’s Direct Energy Weapon Attacks. The Holocaust left hundreds of men, women and children burned alive trying to get past police road blocks (although some victims were found shot in the back), over two thousand children went missing and at least 4,500 Native Hawaiians were displaced.

The US government massacre apparently had the support of the Democrat Hawaiian governor, Democrat Lahaina mayor, Maui police, the Red Cross and US FEMA employees,

Over two thousand FEMA employees had arrived in Maui two days prior to the so-called “wild fires,” checked themselves into thousand-dollar-a-day hotels and began setting up road blocks around the traditional Native Hawaiian capitol of Lahaina.

Just hours prior to start of the “wild fires,” government employees were ordered to cut off electricity and water, plus emergency personnel were sent 100 miles away to a conference in Honolulu.

Two days after the arrival of FEMA this desecration of Lahaina was apparently done for the purpose of kidnapping over 2,000 children and destroying their native Hawaiian parent’s properties in a land grab.

On Mon. 18 Sept. the US apparently avoided what could have been a catastrophic False Flag Event when a pilot who was supposed to attack an American City using Direct Energy Weapons, refused orders and ejected from his jet. An unknown source auto piloted the jet to finally crash in North Carolina. Marines were ordered to ground all jets worldwide over the incident.

There was emerging proof that the CIA and FBI have been orchestrating Events like the above across the Globe in order to create civil unrest and provoke a World War III Scenario. Tues. 19 Sept.

Judy Note: Presently the Mainstream Media seemed to be concentrating on pushing gun control, transgender lifestyles and degrading Tim Ballard, the subject of the surprise summer box office hit Sound of Freedom that exposed the Cabal’s International Child Sex Trafficking Ring. It’s amazing what this same media refused to report

Arrests, Tribunals & Hangings have been held at the White House since Jan. 2021.

EBS Warning
FEMA Planning EBS to Activate Vax Nano Particles
At 2:22 pm EST Wed. 4 Oct. (back date to Wed. 11 Oct)
Recommend You Turn Off Phones, Computers during that time.