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The Talmud Jmmanuel Ch. 3 -Jmmanuel’s Farewell
*Jmmanuel speaking for the last time to the disciples & disciplesses, after he had recovered from his crucifixion.

29) The human being should not lose her or his way in the thicket of limitations, but he or she should expand his or her spirit (consciousness) and seek and find the knowledge, the insight (rationality) and the truth, and from these comprehend (learn) the wisdom.
30) Thereby they will come closer to their life’s goal and become cognisant of the creative (creational) origin (principle) in all things.
31) Thosands of lights will light up, each of these helping the human beings along their pathways, provided they observe and follow them.
32) The human being will attain all his or her knowledge and the wisdom, provided he or she seriously strives for the near (relative) absolutely full development in his or her spirit (consciousness).
33) The laws and recommendations of the Creation serve all those who strive to search for them in unlimited measure, so that the truth will be grasped (learned) from them and the wisdom will arise therefrom.

The brightest light shies from our prophet/truth-announcer Billy Meier. This website which I have created to support the mission of Billy is a mere candle, “blowing in the wind”!

Chaos seems to be erupting around the world, which is disturbing & bewildering. This perhaps is not unexpected as we are in the last stage of moving from the Age of Pisces (faith & belief) into the Age of Acquarius (reason & understanding). This began with the first transition stage (1844 to 1937), followed by the second transition stage (1937 – the birth of our prophet ‘Billy’ Meier – to 2029). This Golden Age is noted by rapid change – sudden change, upheaval, revolution.
Many may feel powerless when chaos spreads around them & those who are religious, or at least believe in some omnipotent deity (the God-Believers), will seek help & comfort through prayer. But, will this really help, or is it an illusion, a fantasy, where the only power comes from a placebo effect?
Each & every one of us has the power, since our spirit is a fragment of the Creation, which is the ultimate power in this universe. The power of our thoughts stems from the fact that our material consciousness & our spiritual consciousness (spirit) together form a oneness – positive & negative – a duality.
The prophet of the new millennium, ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier (BEAM), had 3 Plejaren teachers. The 3rd teacher,Semjase, taught Billy this prayer.

“I, the human being, am a part of Creation, that as a fragment, as spirit, enlivens me.”
or, as an “I am” affirmation:
“I am a part of Creation, that as a fragment, as spirit, enlivens me.”

Prayer = Striving to Connect with the Spirit

So, when you say this affirmation (aloud, or in your thoughts), you are confirming that you acknowledge that you owe your existence to Creation.
Your spirit enters the embryo, 21 days after conception, the embryo then becoming the fetus. Death occurs when the spirit leaves the body.
The Creation has a symbiotic relationship with it’s creations: The Creation gives it’s creations life; in return, it’s creations strive to evolve, to gain knowledge & thereby the Creation also evolves.
In the true, timeless spiritualty, no worship is involved. There are no songs of praise or idolisation. How could an entity which created this marvellous, complex universe, ever require worship or idolisation? These are materialistic, human traits.

The Real Meaning of Life:
Billy Meier has said, the real meaning of life is the evolution of consciousness, not the endless pursuit and acquisition of material objects, fame and fortune…nor seeking control over and enslaving others. As is repeatedly emphasized
throughout the Creation-energy teaching, it is control over ourselves that we human beings most lack and desperately need to regain, or gain in the first place.

(Excerpt from the ‘Spiritual Teaching’ by Billy, Teaching Letter 44, pages 489-490.)
If a human being dedicates himself/herself to the meditation for about 20–30 minutes every day, then he/she should always and without exception make an effort to dedicate at least one third of this time exclusively to the creational. This is necessary because through that the spirit in the human being is directly spoken to and slowly but surely also the material consciousness thereby directs itself according to the direct swinging waves of the spirit, by means of which gradually a communication between the spirit and the material consciousness comes about. And especially the approach and the effort to make contact with the powers of the spirit that are inherent in the human being is of very important significance for the human being. The approach of the material consciousness to the spiritual consciousness, so therefore the making of contact of the material consciousness with the spiritual consciousness, can happen in many forms, whereby however, the simplest one is the human being using a word construct, such as a prayer, poem or epic, a request, a collection of edifying thoughts or a ballad and so forth, which he/she repeats to himself/herself in a low voice or simply only in his/her thoughts. Such a word construct can be made by every human being himself/herself, but to make the study and learning easier, all word constructs, which have been kept for many millennia and even millions of years and which can be used unhesitatingly, shall be named and listed here:

First Spiritual-teaching-prayer by Nokodemion

1) My spirit, you are all-knowing, all-capable, all-wise, all-truthly and all-loving in me, your name shall be honored.
2) Your all-mightiness shall spread out in me to the consciousness of my thoughts, so that I – in consciousness ability – use, unfold and implement the knowledge, powers, wisdom, truths, and the universal love, the peace and the freedom, which are present and accumulated in me.
3) Your all-mightiness shall become a conscious distinctness in me, in my body and in all spiritual realms.
4) Let your all-mightiness be effective in me daily and unfold itself, and nourish my unknowledge with knowledge and wisdom,
5) wherethrough I am able to recognise and resolve the committed errors, which befall me on the way of my development.
6) Let me not – through materialistic and worldly things and wrong modes of thinking – go delusional ways and fall into belief-dependence through irrational teachings,
7) for I shall be conscious of your all-mightiness in me; the power of your capability and the knowledge in the Absolutum for the duration of all times.

1) Nokodemion was a former personality who had the same spirit as Billy, billions of years ago.
2) The above prayer was falsified as “The Lord’s Prayer”, which goes against the twelfth recommendation of Creation.
12) Never and never put the Creation-recommendations and Creation laws into unworthy cults.