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This post was initially called “Truth & Untruth”

We all have choices in life. How much we evolve in a lifetime depends upon which path we tread. When we are young we are easily mislead. We trust & believe what our parents & teachers tell us, but as we grow older we (should) learn to question everything as we step forward on the path of life.

Spiritual Development

Explanations regarding the term “Laws and Recommendations of Creation”
By Christian Frehner, Switzerland

Since Creation, the Universal Consciousness of our DERN Universe, is not a person or some personification (quite contrary to the belief in God, The Father, by various religions), but an impersonal spiritual energy or power, It (Creation) never enacted any recommendations that stipulate or dictate to the human beings to do or not do this or that.
Note From Blogger:
Our spirit is a fragment of Creation. It is an energy form & it has no shape – it could be imagined as being like fine filigree. Unlike our material consciousness (our personality), our spirit is immortal & evolves during each incarnation, until eventually it merges with the Creation after several billion years. Through the evolution of it’s creations, the Creation evolves.

A recommendation (“You shall …”) is valid only in the material realm, and it (the recommendation) can only stem or emerge from a “source” where certain individual aspects and a direct reference to the “coarse matter” human being-who owns a consciousness capable of evolution-exist. (The latter indicates that recommendations are not applied within the realm of flora and fauna.)
While recommendations leave it up to the individual whether or not they will follow/observe them, it is quite different with respect to the creational laws which can also be called laws of nature where phenomena and events, etc. within the material Universal belt are concerned. In order for Creation to exist and evolve, and also everything that exists within Its entire universe, it is necessary that laws exist which secure an order and which make the entire “system” possible and continuing. For a better understanding, imagine the following example: We people here on [Earth] have to rely on the fact that gravity is directed toward the centre of the Earth, and that it does not, from time to time, suddenly change toward some other direction, e.g. toward the moon. Just imagine how everything that was not securely fixed to the planet would suddenly be sucked off to the moon!
Regarding laws of Creation, one can distinguish between those within the entire Creation (including the spiritual realm), and those that mainly apply to the material realm. (Of course, this is just an academic separation because, as we all know, within Creation everything is connected to each other.) The above-mentioned example regarding Earth’s gravity also demonstrates that the effects and composition of the laws of nature are relative, because they can be “conquered” under certain circumstances (like, e.g. through the application of levitation or the utilisation of technical devices, etc.). By this, the restricted/limited scope of the law of nature is overcome.

For a better understanding, or as an aid, some examples are listed below:

Laws of Creation:

Structure of the seven belts of the Universe (there are seven, not four or ten, etc.)
Formation (creation) of new-spirit forms during the Universe’s expansion phase (number, composition, situation, etc.)
The existence of love (in its highest form as universal love)
Striving (the fundamental law of all evolution; without striving there is no life)
The bipolar structure/composition of everything that exists (the positive and the negative etc.)

Laws of Creation with special impact on the material realm (laws of nature):

– Law of causality (cause and effect)
– Laws of reincarnation.
– Seven-step construction of matter.
– Interactions within chemistry.
– Effects of thoughts: force of sending and force of “beating/striking” upon its return (may be compared to a boomerang)
– Origin and vanishing of planets, galaxies, etc.
– Effects of light on the growth of plants

Recommendations for the personal benefit of human beings

To observe these recommendations guarantees to the human being that he may rapidly progress on the path of his evolution.

Additionally, human beings who observe these recommendations are a good example to their fellowmen.

1. You shall have no powers and gods, idols and saints other than Creation.
2. You shall keep holy the name of Creation and not abuse this name.
3. You shall make every day into a day of celebration and keep it holy (control it).
4. You shall not break your bond with Creation, including this: You shall not commit adultery.
5. You shall honour Creation just as you honour, respect and love your father and mother.
6. You shall not kill in depravity.
7. You shall not rob and expropriate.
8. You shall not bear false witness against the truth, Creation and life.
9. You shall never, never speak an untruth.
10. You shall not greedily covet material wealth and your neighbour’s possessions.
11. Do not curse the truth.
12. Never, never put Creation’s recommendations and Creation’s laws into unworthy cults.

If one ponders these “principal recommendations” which were transmitted to the people on Earth by the Petale spirit level, one inevitably will come to the realisation that an immeasurable amount of precious thoughts and ideas are hidden behind these recommendations, which in the daily routine can show one the path to a life that is righteous and responsible. Alone the sixth recommendation is so very profound and far-reaching-from the eradication of floral and faunal species to the psychic and consciousness-related “murder” of fellow humans that there is no room in these short explanations to deal with everything in detail.

It is important to know the following: So-called “Creational recommendations” do exist if they are, or have been, derived from “Creational laws” or “laws of Creation”, respectively. Basically, recommendations result from all laws, no matter from where the latter originate. These Creational laws and recommendations, which can be called “the laws and recommendations of life”, serve for the purpose of enabling, preserving and supporting life. To observe these creational recommendations is the duty of every knowledgeable and responsible human being, because in this manner alone, peace and harmony may be achieved and secured in the long term among all people and with the whole of nature.

From 845th Contact, Sunday, 14th May 2023, 15:09 hrs
Billy Meier & the Plejaren Jjfa

… Excuse me, there is no particular reason to talk about anything, because I use my free time to talk to you a little bit, because I am interested in a lot of things. So, on Earth you have different main religions, Catholicism, Protestantism, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism. Catholicism and Protestantism are equally based on the same false assumptions, untruths and illusions, so I don’t understand the difference, especially of the terms and values of ‘Catholicism’ and ‘Protestantism’, so I ask you what they mean? If you can explain that to me?

First of all, Catholicism means that the believing human beings who belong to this denomination are so-called Christians who believe the nonsense that Jmmanuel, aka Jesus Christ, died after being nailed to a wooden cross and then rose from the dead and ascended high into heaven to God and was his only son. A nonsense belief that actually only exists in so-called Christianity.

Well, the term ‘Catholicism’ actually goes back to the ancient Greek word ‘katholon’, which roughly means ‘all-embracing’, consequently Catholicism assumes and advocates in terms of belief that the Catholic faith is all-embracing and all the trimmings are what guarantee and assure the ‘Kingdom of God’, at least for those who believe in Catholicism.

The opposite of Catholicism is Protestantism, which should more correctly and accurately be called ‘evangelism’ and human beings belonging to this faith should be called ‘evangels’. But this cannot be generalised, because evangelism – whose term actually comes from ‘preacher’ resp. ‘evangelist’, a reciter of New Testament narrative fantasies – is not content with a single direction of faith. In truth, there are many religious Protestant sects that are oriented away from the main religion resp. have a different faith and are dependent on their religious orientation, which is why they are called Protestants.

With Catholicism, the so-called Christians of old were able to buy their way out of the punishment for their sins, whereas destitute resp. poor human beings, who could not buy resp. pay for an indulgence, were left to pay for their sins. The Protestants were fundamentally the protesters who later founded the Protestant Church. The ‘evangelical’ believers today are still called Protestants or evangelical Christians, but the majority of believers do not know that they are actually ‘protesters’ against the lies and false teachings and nonsense beliefs of Catholicism and the Bible. This is because they deviate from the false doctrines of Catholicism and believe the new religious nonsense of Martin Luther, which this Jew-hater has brought.

So while the believers of the Catholic Church are convinced that they are freed from sins through confession, the believers of the Protestant Church believe that their sins are forgiven and they are pardoned through faith in God alone. Protestants are fundamentally believers who have borne this common designation since 1529 and are adherents of a false doctrine whose roots go back to the beginning of the 16th century. They deviate with their faith from the actual evangelism and form themselves into thousandfold sects, which have formed in new forms from 1529 onwards, but even more so when Martin Luther (1483-1546) brought about the reform movement within the occidental Christian church and also openly proclaimed the hatred of the Jews, which then led to the holocaust of the Jews in the 20th century through the NAZI world war under the dictatorship of the Austrian Adolf Hitler and his murderous satellites. That is actually the basic thing I want to explain about this, because there would be a lot more that would have to be said.

You left the letter so openly on the table, do you want to explain the following to me … Excuse me, though, because I read the beginning and saw that …

… you really don’t have to excuse yourself, because it’s me who – well, it is a thank you letter. It’s just a lot of human beings all over the world reading our stuff and thanking us for everything, how it also makes them different and better minded.

I am interested in that. Although I have only read the first few words, but ….

… it’s really not a problem – well, it’s just a thank you letter. There are really many human beings around the globe, really many thousands of human beings, as Ptaah said recently, who read the contact reports and the special time signals and many other things of the FIGU.

I am really interested in that. Although I only read the first words of this letter here, thanking you for your work, but that stimulates my interest because …

… it’s really not a problem, like I said. So I want to read the whole thing to you, but later conceal the name of the person who wrote it when I write it down, because it’s nobody’s business who writes what, which is why I also don’t keep the letters, but shred them after I take note of them. So the following is written, which …

But come now – let me read you what is written in the letter:

Dear Mr Meier, or Billy, as you are also called,
Thank you, you are really a gift for me and in general for us human beings of this world. Please continue to publish your contact reports, your special time signs and everything else that is with you on the FIGU pages on the internet. I and all human beings need it, and I am sure that many hundreds of thousands and even millions think and feel as I do. My parents are also among them, my mother being already 94 and my father 98 years old. We all still live together in the same house since I was a child, and I am 76 years old, my husband 79, and we have 2 children, a son and a daughter, who are married and also have children, and they learn like me and my parents from everything you teach in your books and writings, which we all have. We were all slaves to the Catholic faith, but we gave it up because we had to realise that everything of faith in God, in Jesus and all the saints and angels are only lies and everything is deception and detracts from our own thinking. And since we make our own thoughts and no longer believe in the lies of the Bible, we are all better and even good, and we can really live without fear and no longer have to think about sins. Through your books and writings we have learned that we are responsible for everything we think and do, also that it is not a sin for us to do something wrong. We have learned through you and your books and writings that we must always learn and therefore also make mistakes and can also suffer harm, which we then admit and make up for or for which we must atone. But we have to do this ourselves, and no amount of praying for forgiveness will help us, only that we ourselves spoon up the soup we make for ourselves, and that we ourselves have to answer for everything we make for ourselves. All that I can say from the bottom of my heart is that I myself and all my loved ones can never express to you, dear Billy, the great thanks in words that are due to you for the fact that I myself and all of us in our families have finally become free human beings and are no longer bound by the shackles of confused faith in a non-existent God, Saviour, angels and saints. You cannot possibly know what everything of yours, your books and writings, etc., mean to our families. All of us always look forward to the new contact reports, as well as the special time signs and the good articles in your writing ‘Voice of Aquarian Time’. You, Billy, bring the word of truth to us, and you show us true life by proclaiming that which is really the truth and teaches how and that thinking for ourselves really sets us human beings free and gives us a feeling of life which can never come about through a belief. We first had to recognise and experience this through your books and writings, etc., and only in this process could we get away from faith and finally be ourselves and free, happy, satisfied and finally without fear and guilt that sins could bring us to hell and eternal suffering in purgatory. I myself can only express my infinite thanks to you, for you have made life a joy for me, but so it is also for my loved ones, my parents and my children, as well as their children.
What I would like to say in particular about the beautiful farm and the land around it, I think that a master must be at work here, because I am amazed at what I often see when I come to Hinterschmidrüti alone or with my husband. Everything is always so clean and well-kept, and the variety of trees particularly catches my eye, especially the slope in front of Schmidrüti with the dark green trees, which gives me a special impression. They are supposed to be ‘yews’, as my husband says, and these convey something to me that I unfortunately absolutely cannot find in the city. But I have photographed this little forest and had the picture enlarged and framed, and so it now hangs in the entrance to our house. I greet you warmly and with great thanks – also all of us in general.
Mrs …
– That is great, those are words I love to hear, because they bear witness to the fact that what you are striving for is actually bearing fruit and not everything just going unnoticed and blowing away like the wind somewhere and into transience.

The truth is able to become known to all human beings in some process, if they only want it, but the best process is to bring it to them through words of truth, as I am doing. In this way, therefore, truth can have an effect on learning, regardless of age and sex, so that human beings, if they really want to, can take it up, learn it and make it their own. Truth is important for all generations, for the old and the young, and can be learned through one’s own thoughts, correct reflections and insights. There are absolutely no differences or challenges that the logic, intellect and reason of those human beings who honestly, justly, willingly and endeavouringly seek effective truth, cannot meet. Truth itself is the care for the human being to be well and to live a good and right life, for effective truth is all-encompassing, immeasurable and effective, and it has nothing to do with status, spiritualistic nonsense, devil worship and the like, nor with religion and religious or worldly belief, with other unreal and unreal things, with a particular profession, with being rich or poor, with a specially acquired skill or with a particular achievement, etc. Truth is also a form of love, which every human being needs if he wants to live and exist according to this effective truth and life itself.