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The following transcript is of a conversation between the truth-announcer Billy Meier and the Plejaren women Bermunda & Florena who travelled from the Plejares (which is about 500 light years from Earth in another space-time dimension) in a beamship similar to the one shown on the right.
This photo was taken by Billy in 1975. The beamship was piloted by Semjase, who was Billy’s 3rd ET teacher.

Further Information on Corona Vaccinations
Excerpt from the 770th Contact from Wednesday, 5th of May, 2021

I will talk later about that, if you really still want to do it then, because first Florena should tell
you the explanations sent to you by Ptaah regarding the rampantly spreading corona disease, which he mentioned as significant for information.
That is indeed the case, thus at the behest of Ptaah I have to explain the following: again the WHO and also certain European as well as American authorities will try to find out the origin of the rampantly spreading corona disease, the germ cell of which, however, cannot be fathomed, and effectively does not want to be found, in order to keep the shame of betrayal away from America. Therefore it will be the case that several times deliberately wrong theses and assumptions are brought up, which are supposed to prove that the rampantly spreading disease is of animal origin. However, we will have to talk about these things every now and again.

Another remark by Ptaah relates to unpleasant things from previews that reveal that in the next few weeks government and agency decrees around the world will carelessly and responsibly relax and in some cases completely lift the bulk of all precautions and lockdowns regarding the rampantly spreading corona disease. As a result of this the populations of all countries are lulled into a false sense of security which, under some circumstances, can call forth serious consequences about which, however, according to his directive, no explanations are to be made, for which I also lack personal knowledge. Ptaah explained that his previews have shown that unthinkingly and irresponsibly far too early even the safety of the lockdown is being lifted and the non-use of respiratory protection masks and non-adherence to distance rules is being allowed, which in connection with new coronavirus mutations could lead to further major contamination. Therefore, he recommends:
1) No one should get involved in these ill-considered decrees and irresponsibilities that will be coming up
in the near future from the government officials and authorities, but should behave correctly and responsibly
according to their own intellect and rationality in each situation that arises.
2) Respiratory protection masks of the class FFP2 should be used when dealing with other persons who do
not belong to the personally safe area that is free of the rampantly spreading disease.
3) Like the wearing of respiratory protection masks of the class FFP2, the necessary distance from other
persons should also be kept, especially from strangers, while in the circle of close acquaintances and
friendships further distances are not necessarily required, if there is some certainty regarding non-infection.
4) Not wearing respiratory protection masks or wearing inferior non-FFP2 masks, such as FFP1 and fabric
masks and so forth, should be refrained from because they do not provide any protection against the
coronavirus and all its mutations. Wearing inferior masks is not only negligent, but also irresponsible and
also hazardous to health – under some circumstances also life-threatening.
5) Regarding vaccinations against the rampantly spreading corona disease, we cannot and must not give
any advice, because a pro or contra lies solely and exclusively in the personal decision and responsibility
of each individual human being.
These are the 5 important things that Ptaah explicitly wants to be mentioned.

I find all of this right, good and fair, but I have to say about it that we from the FIGU also adhere
to that and give no advice regarding whether someone should be vaccinated or not. Effectively, each human
being must work it out for himself/herself, use his/her intellectum and decide everything personally after his/her own thorough consideration according to intellect and rationality.
It has to be so and is important. But let us now continue with what I have to explain according
to Ptaah’s directive: worldwide, with the use of negligently tested, that is to say, untested corona disease vaccines, human beings were, without their knowledge, criminally abused as test objects for dubious and dangerous vaccine tests. This inhuman and even criminal acting and doing of the corresponding chemical corporations and vaccine corporations has not only led to very numerous negative effects and to much Leid (According to Billy, ‘Leid’ has the meaning of a ‘psychical-morale, negative state’ and ‘Leiden’ means ‘ununderstanding, misunderstanding and so on, which affects the morale and psyche’. ‘Leid’ and ‘Leiden’ means that the event affects the psyche and therefore is not to be translated with ‘suffering’ or ‘affliction’ which pertain more to the physical body.), misery and suffering/Leiden – which is deliberately concealed, that is to say, kept secret –, for example, many deaths and long-term illnesses, but also late effects will occur, which will only result after months, years or decades, and the origin and cause of them can then no longer be determined. This is in addition to the fact that various types of suffering/Leiden, and so forth, can result from the dangerous gene-based vaccines, and for individual human beings it is not possible to predict how, when, if and what reactions will or may occur as a result of a vaccination. In addition, a certain proportion of vaccinated individuals may not have detectable corona symptoms, even though they carry the corona impulses; consequently, they may have changes in blood counts just as recognisably corona-infected individuals do. Also, as Ptaah explains, our research shows that spike proteins from coronaviruses also cause blood clots, in which case D-dimers occur as division products in the blood.
Ptaah further explains that small thromboses can also form unnoticed, through which clotting platelets are consumed, as our research and cognitions clearly prove. Therefore the gene-based vaccines are absolutely not harmless, and indeed not even when completely irresponsible claims to the contrary are made.
In addition to all which has been mentioned so far, there are numerous other different symptoms that occur
from the various corona vaccines in the human organism, some of which partly lead to death as well as to longterm damage and late effects, the cause of which, however, is concealed and denied, as it will be in the future.
Consequently, deaths and severe side effects will occur far into the future, also long-term consequences and late effects, whose fundamental cause, however – contrary to reality – will no longer be searched for in the rampantly spreading corona disease as well as in the dangerous gene-based vaccines, which, unconscionably and irresponsibly, are used untested, namely primarily as a result of greed for money and profit on the part of the vaccine manufacturers. And this unconscionability and irresponsibility even exists if in various cases, due to vaccinations, a certain immunity against the rampantly spreading corona disease can be achieved, in which case, on the one hand, it can under some circumstances only be short-lasting or such that nevertheless an infection can develop and be spread further, and indeed without an infection becoming ascertainable as a result of the vaccination.
This is also connected with the fact that impulse deposits of the rampantly spreading disease occur, which are
carried on and subsequently can produce new infections, which, under some circumstances, can persist over
centuries and millennia and, again and again, lead to new mutations and to the outbreak of the illness, as is
similarly the case with influenza viruses. Additionally, Ptaah explains that this peculiar phenomenon, however,
is absolutely unknown to the sciences responsible for it because concerning illness impulse deposits, scientific
researches were never conducted, as so far also all necessary possibilities for it would be missing.
Ptaah further explained that the vaccines which have been used up to now and are still absolutely insufficiently
tested, are toxic; consequently they also result in toxic effects, whereby, among other things, the antibodies from these partly very health-endangering vaccines are, in females, transferred to the colostrum, that is to say, the pre-milk and consequently then also as the hormone prolactin, which is crucially important for the mother’s milk formation. This means, however, that through such infected mother’s milk, newborns are already infected with the coronavirus, as a result of which also bleeding in the gastrointestinal tracts of infants can occur. All these facts, however, as soon as they become known to the experts, in particular also by the vaccine producers, are concealed and hidden from the common populations, which however, on the contrary, are encouraged to [use] untested vaccinations, whereby unconscionably sufferings and diseases and even the death of human beings are accepted, and all this only for the sake of the despicable profit.
In addition to all the information disclosed so far, it also emerges that spike protein develops in the human organism as a result of the coronavirus, which, once it enters the bloodstream, can cause severe to irreversible
damage almost solely to the cardiovascular system. In addition, Ptaah further explained, the pathogenic spike
protein also crosses the blood-brain barrier and also causes serious and irreversible brain damage, as well as
blood clots and serious heart problems.
Further he explains that our research undoubtedly proves the penetration of vaccine nanoparticles into the body organs; they accumulate in the blood and concentrate very highly in the bone marrow as well as in the liver, spleen and adrenal glands. In females, as our research clearly proves, the vaccine nanoparticles are concentrated in the ovaries and during pregnancies lead right up to severe birth defects in newborns. Symptoms of this type, however, have been present since the first vaccinations, which however, according to our observations and investigations, along with other important information, has been concealed or denied to the public, as has the fact that the effects of vaccinations often include fever above 38 degrees, joint pain, abdominal pain, headache, diarrhoea, fatigue, hearing problems, vomiting, dizziness, chills, nausea, shortness of breath, muscle pain and so forth, and indeed can have life-threatening or even fatal effects. Therefore, these are – or can be – some vaccination consequences to be mentioned, which, however, are determined by the negative susceptibility of the physical-organic total constitution, for example, by a thought-based negative attitude and thus by a psychicalnegative constitution. Negative consequences of vaccinations arise mainly from the degree of efficiency of the immune system, in which case, however, this degree is determined especially by the human being himself/herself, namely by his/her behaviour in relation to his/her whole mode of life. Mainly, unpleasant susceptibilities with regard to the immune system arise in the case of an immunosuppression, namely because the body’s own defence system, that is to say, immune system is forcibly suppressed. This arises in particular from an organic disease or excessive physical or psychical stress, whereby addictions are particular risk factors and play a major role, but also a negative mental attitude, hypochondria, nicotine and an excess of caffeine from coffee and tea.
Also amphetamines, sniffing substances and even sports addiction, insufficient personal hygiene, tranquilisers,
too little physical exercise, as well as in particular the consumption of alcohol, drugs and medications increase
the susceptibility to infection, as do anorexia, bulimia nervosa, obesity, a wrong diet and eating disorders and so forth.
There are various factors, which I have to mention in this connection, such as, among other things, in addition to a usual-normal transmission infection, an infection with the rampantly spreading corona disease which arises as a result of other serious additional factors, for which the individual human being bears the personal responsibility with regard to his/her entire modes of behaviour and so forth. And this corresponds to an effective fact, but this – as we have already known for a long time from our research and observations – is denied by all ‘knowing’ terrestrial special sciences of the medical faculties of all universities and especially by the virology, epidemiology, infectiology, immunology, immune haematology and psychology, because all of them in these corresponding disciplines are too uneducated and too ignorant and moreover also stuck-up, something you once ‘attributed’ to these persons.
That which is to be explained further according to the instruction by Ptaah, corresponds to the fact that the
coronavirus, like every virus in general, persists, that is to say, remains permanently as pathogen for a long time, and indeed over millennia, because viruses, once they have become active, can indeed be contained, minimised and brought to disappearance, but can never be eradicated. Contrary untrue assertions of the terrestrial virology and immunology and so forth, correspond to unknowledge or a conscious untruth.
After an infection, the viruses – regardless of an effective serum antibody dilution – and the antibody carriers
themselves are potential sources of infection. As a rule, a virus multiplication is inhibited by vaccines, but the
vaccine substances never lead to convincing results with regard to each individual virus strain, consequently
viruses can also never be eradicated but can only brought to a standstill or be restricted in their activity for a
shorter or longer time – even over millennia – in which case, however, they can fall into a new activity again at
any time.
If the pandemic contamination of the terrestrial world population is observed and considered, it is regionally
differently infected by the coronavirus and varies very strongly between the industrialised countries and the
third world countries in every regard, because these developing countries are generally disadvantaged and exploited unscrupulously without restraint and in every conceivable possible respect by the national leaders, companies and corporations of the industrialised and ruling states, and the third world peoples are driven into misery, into need and ruin, into hunger and are driven right up to death.
Furthermore, I have to explain that dilutions for vaccines, for antibodies or antigens can only just still give a
positive antigen-antibody reaction, consequently the dilution level can only just be shown positively in a diagnostic test. And because the dilution ratio in chemistry corresponds to a different process, it is therefore to be explained that it is strictly speaking an antibody dilution.
If a vaccine dilution is to be meaningful, it must be at least 4 times the existing baseline dilution. However, if
there is then an increase, then this indicates that a fresh infection is present, while on the contrary a decrease
indicates that an infection has subsided. Therefore, it is also to be said that a single measurement of the whole
therefore often has only a low significance.
An increase is necessarily linked to the presence of the antibodies tested each time, and since the production of antibodies only starts after approx. 10-16 days, an increase can also only be detected after 10-12 days, and more rarely after 14-16 days, if an infection is suspected.
An explanatory approach to the whole, which I have to mention now, provides the biopsychosocial factor, which finds its development in disorders in those origins that are founded in physical levels as well as in thought-feelingpsychical-conditioned level as well as on the social level. On the physical level, these are, for example, reactions in the consciousness and brain that occur during substance use of the various levels. On the psychical level, for example, certain patterns of thoughts and feelings – such as a lack of self-esteem, hatred, lying, calumny, revenge, retaliation and deviousness and so forth – can lead to substance use. At the social level, relationship groups also play a significant role, including groupings of peers that are important to the individual as a primary social reference group.
All levels influence each other alternatingly, and additionally they are also crucial for finding the cause.
Finally, the various factors contribute to a change resulting in the consciousness and in the brain, through which messenger substances are released in the brain, which influence both the entire body system with all its organs, as well as the consciousness. Also, different strenuous learning processes that demand much power can cause a weakening of the immune system and thus participate in a virus infection. The changes in the consciousness and brain in this form ultimately lead to the fact that the efforts produce negative thoughts and feelings, which have a negative effect on the psyche and an immune-weakening effect. The human being who becomes dependent on these changes, however, does not perceive this, feels neither pleasure nor joy, but tiredness and falls into a bad mood, which has an overall negative and weakening effect on him/her.
In addition, certain situations in daily life can have an equally weakening effect on the immune system, such as
the emanation and smell of persons as well as certain foods and various substances. This leads to a conditioning that is to say, to forms of stimulus-stimulus-associations resp. stimulus-reaction-associations resp. to repetitive couplings of stimuli resp. linking of ideas, which create psychical restlessness and modes of behaviours, which have an immune-weakening effect. This means: the respective situation itself then triggers risk factors in the human being, which play a negative role with regard to the preservation of the immune system and weaken it instead of strengthening it.
Susceptibility to the declared things vary from person to person, namely due to different hereditary, environmental, developmental, as well as ethical, character and moral factors. Ultimately, it is therefore an interplay of various factors that can increase the risk of an immune deficiency and thus of infection by a virus – or protect against it.
Excuse me, everything you say and explain, Sfath has already taught me, to which however he
also said that the whole would never be considered, let alone be understood, by all terrestrial science greats,
who would concern themselves with the virology, epidemiology and immunology and so forth, – but especially
by our terrestrial-super-psychologists, who always want to know everything better anyway and think themselves to be super intelligent and to stand above the fellow human beings – because in their narrow-mindedness they are incapable of having also only a tiny approach of an intellect-based and rational thought in this direction. But just keep talking, because I wanted to mention this only in passing.
Ptaah has also already told me what you are saying, and besides, I know much from his explanations
that he passes on to us from Sfath’s records, to inform us generally about what is important for us to
know about your personality as well as about your abilities and everything you have learned.
But now I still want to mention the rest of that which Ptaah has directed me to explain: with regard to an increased risk of suffering an immune deficiency and to thereby call forth a virus infection more easily, which will be denied by terrestrial virologists and so forth – as Sfath already explained to you, as you say –, likewise also the most different individual factors of the individual human beings play an important role in the whole, therefore also the environment in which the human beings live, act and work, as well as their behaviour, their lives and learning characteristics as well as all substances with which they come in contact in one form or another. In interaction, these can bring about and increase the risk of an immunodeficiency to such an extent that they can lead to a viral infection practically without any other susceptibilities.
Therefore, the most varied risk factors can occur, of which even virologists, epidemiologists, physicians and especially psychologists are unable to form any ideas; consequently they will also deny everything, such as that
hereditary, as well as purely individual factors of a traditional, newer or current kind can be involved in infections, such as: