Whistleblower Rescued From Hospital

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Shocking Escape: COVID Whistleblower Abused in UK Hospital Rescued by Friend(s)
Jan 4
There was once a time when the hospital was considered a safe havens and a place of healing and hope. Those days have long past.
Now hospitals have become death factories for those unfortunate enough to have to go to one..
This video is a an interview about John O’ Looney via Dr. Sam Dube and you will hear his account of the abuses and the horrors he suffered at the hands of hospital staff and ambulance staff. 

“I honestly thought I was going to die in there.”  John O’ Looney – Funeral Director

*Earlier posts include interviews with John O’Looney. Here is a newish video:
Funeral Director Verifies EXTERMINATION PROGRAM
Dec 6
Quote: “Discernment means not running headfirst off a cliff with the other lemmings.”

Hospital Death Traps:
*This was an earlier post. It is appropriate to place it here.
Reports from the US, UK & Australia have shown that rather than curing people, some hospitals have a policy to ensure that Covid patients die. Governments, their Health Ministries & Medical Advisors stand above the hospitals & therefore the buck stops with them.

Former NSW Police Sergeant Exposes The Horrifying Truth About Hospitals Killing Patients, Not COVID!
Dec 6
At the beginning of this farce called COVID, the hospitals weren’t allowing the families of the ill to be present.. They wouldn’t allowed to make the medical decisions for those loved ones either. Now the reasons for this have becomes frightening clear.
The hospitals protocols are what are killing these patients, NOT the phony virus.
In this explosive video, Former NSW Police Sergeant Stephen Kelly reveals the horrifying truth about what the hospitals were really up to.
Stephen Kelly is a 28 year police veteran who has spent the majority of his career in the Coronial Law Unit assisting the Coroner with inquests. He has an excellent understanding of medical practice and the law. Given today’s front page headlines in Sunday Telegraph “ COVID JABS FOR 5YOs”. 

The Pre-Planned and Highly Organized Government-Corporate Criminal Conspiracy to Commit Genocide in American Hospitals
Dec 5
Creating a “National Pandemic Emergency” provided justification for sweeping actions that override individual physician medical decision-making and patients’ rights. The CARES Act provides incentives for hospitals to use treatments dictated solely by the federal government under the auspices of the NIH. These “bounties” must be paid back if not “earned” by making the COVID-19 diagnosis and following the COVID-19 protocol.

The hospital payments include:

  • A “free” required PCR test in the Emergency Room or upon admission for every patient, with government-paid fee to hospital.
  • Added bonus payment for each positive COVID-19 diagnosis.
  • Another bonus for a COVID-19 admission to the hospital.
  • A 20 percent “boost” bonus payment from Medicare on the entire hospital bill for use of remdesivir instead of medicines such as Ivermectin.
  • Another and larger bonus payment to the hospital if a COVID-19 patient is mechanically ventilated.
  • More money to the hospital if cause of death is listed as COVID-19, even if patient did not die directly of COVID-19.
  • A COVID-19 diagnosis also provides extra payments to coroners.

CMS implemented “value-based” payment programs that track data such as how many workers at a healthcare facility receive a COVID-19 vaccine. Now we see why many hospitals implemented COVID-19 vaccine mandates. They are paid more.
Outside hospitals, physician MIPS quality metrics link doctors’ income to performance-based pay for treating patients with COVID-19 EUA drugs. Failure to report information to CMS can cost the physician 4% of reimbursement.
Because of obfuscation with medical coding and legal jargon, we cannot be certain of the actual amount each hospital receives per COVID-19 patient. But Attorney Thomas Renz and CMS whistleblowers have calculated a total payment of at least $100,000 per patient.
There are deaths from the government-directed COVID treatments. For remdesivir, studies show that 71–75 percent of patients suffer an adverse effect, and the drug often had to be stopped after five to ten days because of these effects, such as kidney and liver damage, and death.
Renz announced that CMS data showed that in Texas hospitals, 84.9% percent of all patients died after more than 96 hours on a ventilator.
Then there are deaths from restrictions on effective treatments for hospitalized patients. Renz and a team of data analysts have estimated that more than 800,000 deaths in America’s hospitals, in COVID-19 and other patients, have been caused by approaches restricting fluids, nutrition, antibiotics, effective antivirals, anti-inflammatories, and therapeutic doses of anti-coagulants.