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Xmas is a time when the church bells of the faithful will be ringing.
Let this also be the time when the “TRUTH” bells will be ringing out around the world = if the people are capable of hearing the bells of truth!

Christmas is the time when Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ who they believe was born on the 25th December, 0 AD. Today many of us are painfully aware that what we have been told about the Covid “vaccines” by governments, health authorities & others, such as being “safe & effective”, is false. In fact for hundreds of years, people have been subjected to many lies by those who control us, who treat the masses as if they are stupid (many are) and who brain-wash us with a false history. Two outstanding examples are: 911 & the first moon landing.
All religions are based on falsifications & books such as the Old Testament, the New Testament, the Torah & the Qur’an, can’t be accepted as containing historically accurate information.

“The Talmud Jmmanuel” by Judas Ischkerioth:
This is the true story of Jmmanuel & his teachings. It was originally translated from the Aramaic by the reformed catholic priest Isa Rashid, but he was biased, so some of his translations were incorrect.A reworking of htis translation was undertaken by Billy in 2010. He was assisted by the Plejaren Ptaah, Plejaren linguists & the first spirit level Arahat Athersata. It includes extensive explanations.
All serious truth seekers should buy a copy of this book which is available from FIGU, Switzerland: 50.00 CHF
This book is a real treasure. It is available in English & German.

Very often, such books are referred to as the “word of God”, but since God, as portrayed by these religions, does not exist, then “the word of God” is a meaningless statement. The historical “gods” were in fact extraterrestrials who amazed the backward earthlings, since they had tremendous knowledge & abilities, and flew through the sky in beamships.
Today, a mass culling of humanity is taking place & the sheeple are unaware that they have been conned, since the propaganda even exceeds that of the Nazis of WWII.
Yet this is nothing new, since Christianity alone is responsible for the brutal killing of over 100 million people over the past 2,000 years.

“An Open Word”: This book was written by our prophet/truth-announcer ‘Billy’ Meier in 1975.
The chapter “Christmas” has been translated by me using DeepL I have made some alterations to the translation, but even so, there will be errors & some meanings will not be ‘spot-on’. I have added a note at the bottom.
I wish you a Merry Xmas!
The bells are ringing!


655 Despite all the piety and assertion of the church, the Christian Christmas cannot be connected in any way with the birth of Jmmanuel.
656 Partly, the celebration of Christmas is due to false calculations and partly to deliberate deception in relation to the credulity of Christians.

657 In the year 533 A.D., a monk was commissioned by the ecclesiastical superiors to count the years since the birth of Jmmanuel.
658 This monk locked himself in his solitary monastic cell in Rome and calculated.
659 Only at the prescribed times of prayer and the meager meals he interrupted his work.
660 Day and night the zealous ecclesiastical historian hardly allowed himself rest, while in pious and humble labor he compiled historical accounts, which have remained a hopeless problem area of science from the then sixth century to the present day.
661 The monk, called Dionysus Exiguus, who lacked all aids and knowledge of modern historical research, miscalculated thoroughly.
662 But how could it have been otherwise, if he had to make calculations already on the basis of data, which were brought 200 years A.D. out of oral traditions and assumptions to paper.
663 That thereby the monk gave up to his learned descendants up to the present time the largest and so far most insoluble mystery of the world history, that is self-evident.
664 And as a result of this, science still asks today, “Now when was Jmmanuel (Jesus Christ) really born?”

665 Since the Bible has moved out of the taboo of cultic use and pious worship and frippery rituals into the blinding light of truth-seeking and precisely working historical research, theologians, religious scholars and historians have been puzzling over the exact date of the birth of Jmmanuel; that legendary man who is said to have laid the decisive foundation stone for the New Testament and thus for the Christian religion.
666 The man Jmmanuel, who is presented by the Christian religion and its believers so gladly as the son of God, as God personally and as an unlimited redeemer for mankind.
667 That the man Jmmanuel was not really born in the ‘year zero’, and that therefore not only the date of the Christian feast, but also the whole modern time calculation stands on quite shaky and fragile feet, even the biggest doubters and fanatics admit, and that without limits.

668 Exiguus has made several mistakes, because he forgot to insert the often quoted ‘year zero’ between the years one before the reckoning of time, resp. turn of time, and one after Christ and thus made the whole Christian calendar flounder.
669 So, at least the religion-scientists and the historians determine this.
670 To make matters worse, the monk had also overlooked the fact that Emperor Augustus, after whose reign he had set up the dates of Jmmanuel’s life, had already ruled for four years under the name Octavian before he allowed himself to be called Augustus (the Exalted): another error in Christian chronology.

671 Who would like to reproach the erring calculator Exiguus, however, may consider that mathematical accuracy was not so important at his time:
672 Historically to the last and to the minute fixed year numbers took a back seat to other concerns.
673 The measure with which the pious people of the antiquity and the later Middle Ages measured, was not technical or mathematical perfection, but erring, believing devotion, often incited by consciously or unconsciously spread false doctrines and fanaticism produced with all means, as this is demonstrably still the case today.
674 At that time, moreover, Christianity was still inflamed by the living fire of the claims of the apostles, etc., about the alleged divinity and redemptive power of Jmmanuel.

675 And still his alleged divinity and redeemer competence was substantially more important for his confessors, than the celebration of his wrongly calculated birth celebrated today only with meaningless tinsel.
676 This is also connected with the fact that no reports about Christmas have been handed down from the first centuries, because it did not exist at that time.
677 Tried and tested again and again in constant confrontations with hostile forces, the followers of the Nazarene, misled by third parties, had only the allegedly unreal assertion to live on: that this Savior was bodily resurrected and thus should have conquered death for them as well.

678 Yet it is precisely with this that the biggest deals are still being made even in the so-called ‘enlightened age of the twentieth century’.
679 Death; the epitome of all horrors for man.
680 Was it and is it today still surprising that with this assertion the greatest business of all times could be powerfully built up?
681 For where is a Christian who does not suffer from hellish fear of death?
682 And exactly with this fear of death the big business flourishes:
683 Even in the earliest days of Christianity, clever religious bigwigs knew how to take advantage of this fact and convert it into hard cash.
684 What was closer to them?

685 The assertion contradicting every logical reason that Jmmanuel (Jesus) had conquered death by an alleged bodily resurrection, for the earth man became the foundation stone of the ecclesiastical capitalism.
686 This fairy tale of the death redemption was exactly the feature that was still missing.
687 Exactly what the religious bigwigs had predicted happened.
688 By the spreading of this fairy tale the masses of man felt attracted and relieved, because it was much easier and more comfortable to simply pass on and push off one’s sins on the scapegoat Jesus, in order to lose thereby the fear of death!
689 Nothing was easier than that, and the perfectly devised way to put the human masses under the Christian-religious spell was beyond salvation for the believers and persistent.

690 The center of early Christian life and congregational piety was Easter, and it was not until the fourth century that the emphasis began to shift in favor of Christmas.
691 False teachers appeared on the scene and threatened the Christian dogma: the so-called gnosis denied the true humanity of Jmmanuel and wanted him to be valid only as a myth.
692 The misguided Christian community, which had just consolidated itself into the church, naturally defended itself against these gnostics.
693 It emphasized with all the power at its disposal that Jmmanuel was the true Jesus Christ and ‘true man and true God’.
694 A frightening primitive and malicious assertion, if one considers that the Christian religion with the designation God means the Creation itself.
695 Moreover, this irresponsible assertion was such a unique heresy that it has no equal up to the present time.
696 It was quite simply the absolute non-plus of the non-plus.
697 It was so fundamentally different and novel that it trumped all legendary gods of antiquity and condemned them to the shadows of decay.
698 Truly, a masterpiece of human imagination without parallels, which must be granted to the author of this fairy tale here without envy.

699 Because the Bible resp. the New Testament mentions as the first miracle of Jmmanuel the transformation of water into wine (at the wedding of Cana), the Gnostics chose the day of the Greek god of wine Dionysus, January 6, as the feast of the appearance of the “being of the gods.
700 The ancient Greek word for ‘appearance’, epiphany, has survived to this day in the church calendar of almost all Christian confessions.
701 Against this disembodiment of Jmmanuel (Jesus) by the Gnostics the church and religion bigwigs stood up with all erudition and vehemence of their false doctrine.
702 The desire of the leading men of the ancient church to fix the time of Jmmanuel’s life is still remembered by the Creed.
703 Despite all this, theologians of the early church, equally convinced of the humanity and the divinity of Jmmanuel, took the strongest stand against the celebration of his birthday in a form that is hardly imaginable today.
704 When in the fourth century one began to celebrate not only the alleged death and the alleged resurrection but also the alleged birth, January 6 had already been anticipated by the Gnostics, and one had to look for other possibilities.

705 Even if today it can no longer be said with certainty when the 25th of December was celebrated for the first time as a Christmas festival and proclaimed as the birthday of Jmmanuel, it is nevertheless certain with absolute certainty that the ancient Christians combined two pagan festivals of two ancient idols into one, filled them with Christian content and drove the people of Christian faith into the spell of idolatry and controlled foolishness with religious nimbus up to the present time.
706 From December 17 to 24, the Romans celebrated the Saturnalia, the feast days of the god Saturnus (Saturn), who was equated with the Greek Chronos (the personified time) early on.
707 In this Roman Saturn festival already traits are reflected which are also quite peculiar to today’s Christian Christmas – or still are:
708 The class differences were abolished, the social and restraining barriers were torn down for the duration of the celebration, the masters served the slaves and one gave each other presents and crowned the holidays with extended carousals and orgies.

709 To this Saturn feast a second feast was added, which, however, was of more serious importance and had a significant effect on the Christians.
710 More severe, at any rate, than the already quite alienated worship of the ancient Roman god Saturnus.
711 The idolatrous cult of the barbarian god MITHRAS, originating from Persia (today’s IRAN), broke into the Roman Empire with irresistible force and found numerous followers and victims among the ruling house as well as among the soldiers and the masses.
712 As the birthday of the idol Mithras was celebrated since time immemorial on the 25th of December, the Christians now also took over this date, because they wanted to replace and overcome the power of the victorious, barbaric and bloodthirsty idol by ‘the grace of the divine child’ (although it was still known to some extent in initiated circles that the birthday of Jmmanuel alias Jesus Christ fell on the 3rd of February).

713 Last but not least also the hope and the will of the old Christians played along that they could play up their own inadequate ‘birth festival of Jesus’ by the Christmas festival of the idol Mithras with the time in such a way that thereby the origin of the actual festival sense faded and Christianity had to drive slowly but surely upward, while thereby the religions of Saturnus and Mithras were undermined with absolute certainty and brought to the disappearance.
714 Of course the calculation of the old Christians went fully on and the real origin of the Christian Christmas was completely forgotten within a few centuries.
715 Only ancient documents, which are hardly accessible to the believing Christian, testify today to these infamous machinations of the Christian church, which basically had only the purpose to consolidate the ground of the church and the Christian religion, whereby man could be enslaved by faith and thereby exploited again.
716 However, these facts are not told to man, because if they were known to him, he would begin to doubt and fall away from religion.
717 Thus the church, the religion and also the state shroud themselves in silence, thus driving the believer more and more into consciousness enslavement, making him dependent on the religion and its representatives and letting him crawl in the dirt.

718 It can be proved that the Christian Christmas celebration goes back to pagan customs and fetes, which have only very little to do with the life of Jmmanuel.
719 The year numbers, after which the Christians measure their life and their history, are falsified by blatant calculation errors, just as also the Old and the New Testament are falsified up to the unrecognizability.
720 When the scientists published the facts of the Christian falsification of time and the origin of various Christian feast days, a wave of indignation went through the ranks of the believers, because they saw in such life-Jesus-research a degradation.
721 But how could it have been otherwise, when one knows quite well that a believer is no longer able to think real and reasonable and thereby accuses a provable truth of the lie.
722 But this is again connected with the fact that the insane and delusional fear of death kills all real reason in man and he seeks comfort in the proclaimed redemption before death, as this is provoked and practiced by religions of every kind, but in the present case. in Jesus Christ, who is supposed to bring redemption before death.
723 A deviation from this belief would bring to the believers, according to their own and their imprinted erroneous belief, the loss of this salvation; which would put them on the same level with their ‘poor fellow men’, for which reason they pray to Jesus Christ: “Lord, I thank you that I am better than the others.”

724 Apart from the kind of believers who would have to atone with the loss of their salvation before death by acknowledging the truth (as they believe), there are others, namely those who deny the absolutely provable truth and accuse it of falsehood.
725 Among these believers, however, there are not least those who, in the absence of their own initiative and power of thought, quite simply throw themselves willingly on all that is fed to them by religion twisters and religion representatives.
726 This perhaps also because they need the craziness of this religion to be viable anyhow, because their own strength would not be sufficient without such a religious support.
727 On the other hand, it is also certainly more comfortable for them to have a religious deity above them, to whom all responsibility can be ascribed, whereby man makes himself an innocent angel.

728 However, also the fanatics are to be mentioned, with whom any reasonable argument of a truth rebounds anyway.
729 Reason has never been recognizably developed in a fanatic, so it cannot be applied to such a person.

*The birth father of Jmmanuel was a Plejaren – Gabriel. The reason for this was so that Jmmanuel would have some special abilities, such as being able to heal people. The people at that time did not have great knowledge & would more readily accept the teachings if Jmmanuel showed that he had certain abilities.
Gabriel explained to Mary the mission of her son to be. He also explained to Joseph that he should marry Mary.
*Mary already had children, so there was no ‘immaculate conception’. Other children were also born later & some children were adopted.
*Jmmanuel was born on the 3rd February, 2 BCE. Like all of the other 6 propheta with the same spirit form he was an Aquarian and he was born in the morning as the sun ascended, as were the others.