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Omicron may be a White Hat designed cure for CV-19, while the Cabal continues to push blood clotting vaccines that contained among other genocidal ingredients, Graphene Hydroxide that shuts down the body and society through illegal mandates.
Is Omicron a White Hat Designed Miracle COVID Cure?
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Omicron is a mild, but extremely contagious variant which provides immediate worldwide natural herd immunity against the SARS-CoV-2 virus that has been injected into people through the vaccines.
The entire Covid hoax grinds to a halt.
Vaccines become completely unnecessary.
Masks become completely unnecessary.
Social distancing becomes completely unnecessary.
Vaccine mandates become completely unnecessary.

Therapeutics are handed out like candy in order to neutralise the harmful spike proteins wreaking havoc on the unvaccinated.
Those same therapeutics start showing amazing effectiveness against cancers and many other diseases and infections.
Big Pharma fully exposed.
Western Medicine changes forever.
America regains its physical and mental well-being,
Covid was a mental Trojan horse.
In Omicron the mental antidote?

Dr. Robert Malone: Inventor of mRNA tech.
Dr. Robert Malone says that Omicron causes little harm, is highly infectious & strengthens the immune system.
Omicron is very, very infectious. Vax not protecting from Omicron (x2 or x3 jabbed).
Fear mongering from MSM – worldwide <10 deaths.
HongKong University – Omicron has shifted the targeting of where it infects from the deep lung (delta & earlier variants)which (from influeza studies) causes severe disease in humans, to the bronchus (upper airways), so from the knowledge of influenza, Omicron is less pathogenic & much more infectious.
The good news from Omicron is very low disease, highly infectious. It looks a lot to an experienced vaccinoligist, like a live attenuated virus that you might design for a purpose. It is going to elicit a strong mucosal immune response. This is about as good as we could possibly want in terms of outcomes. “The MSM must be disappointed with the good news.”

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