The Light of Truth

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The force for change comes from the inner spirit-realm of the human being. If the human being becomes conscious of its force, the limitations of his abilities lie only in the power of his thoughts.
by Rebecca Walkiw

Verses from the Book ‘OM’ *See an explanation after these verses.
by ‘Billy‘ Eduard Albert Meier
The unofficial translation of the following verses has been authorised for publication.
Note – Webmaster: This translation would be improved by using terms such as – human, human being, men/women, man/woman, his/her, etc.

In truth, the man of Earth lives a life that does not deserve to be called life in the true sense.

And when man once compares his untrue and purely material life with the true life, which he could easily acquire and live, a deplorable wretchedness would well up inside of him.

Even though it conforms with the truth that all life stems from the Creative BEING and is truly existent in it alone and [is] always one with it, every man must first become conscious of this, so that this great truth can become fruitful for the individual being, so that everything can be grasped through the thinking of man, who lives steadfast in this consciousness.

The following serves as an example:
A dog lay chained before its hut for years, and for years it had the consciousness that it was tied and bound by the strong chain.

The chain held it so tightly that it had given up and almost forgotten all attempts of freeing itself long ago, even though it still possessed the strength to break away.

One day, however, a link of the chain wore through, and the chain tore. But since the dog had lived as a prisoner in its consciousness for so many years, it made no attempt whatsoever to seize its freedom and run away.

The whole world would suddenly open up before it, if it would only realise its strength.

But it continued to lie before its hut day after day, longing for freedom but remaining a prisoner of itself.

One day however a cat came along, and the dog jumped to its feet.

Bounding after the cat, it chased it far beyond the length of its chain, which had confined it up until then.

And you see, a wondrous freedom suddenly overcame it – and it ran and ran.

The prison of the hut and chain suddenly disappeared and was forgotten, and freedom alone took possession of it.

It is just the same with man.

Since false traditions and false doctrines of false gods have been preached to him for thousands of years, he no longer knows who he is.

Thus he also no longer knows of the powers and capabilities within him which have been suppressed.

The psyche of man has become a prisoner of the material world, and the physical nature of man prevents him from seeing more than a faint glimmer of the truthful light.

But with certainty, the day shall come when man dares to venture a little further in his thoughts than usual and then a little further and further.

At that time, the inner light will flash within him, and he will only catch a small, fleeting glimpse of his true being at first.

But then the time will come, when he perceives a little more and still a little more.

The light of truth will gradually dawn in him, so that he finally becomes one with the eternal life and the eternal power of his being.

This light will then illuminate and take possession of his entire psyche.

Once awakened by this new consciousness, man must firmly grasp the thought of this unity, and by living in this thought from that point onward, his life will flow in the lasting realisation of unity with the Creative BEING.

And the worldly man of Earth will thus be changed into the man of Creation.

Compared with his new life, the old one only deserves to be called death, for it was equal to ignorance and narrow-mindedness.

This deathly life however can no longer bind the new man, who, in a given sense, was really dead before in his old life – a living dead man.

For truly, it can only be said of him that he has awakened into life and now lives in the conscious realisation of his unity with the one and only life.

This man has indeed been born and set into the world and lives there, but he has not yet entered into a conscious and real life of Creativeness.

He is born as the man/woman Adam or Eve, but the man /woman of Creation has not yet awakened in him.

Hence Creation has not yet been born in him, and he will live in darkness until that time.

He does not know the wonderful realities of life, and the power of the spirit of Creation slumbers within him, suppressed until the time when it will be given the chance to awaken.

“I am your own spirit” is what the spirit in man seems to always call to him with the voice from within, “I am the fragment of Creation within you which invigorates you and gives you true life. “

And indeed, whoever wants to hear it, will be able to hear it and will thus enter into life abundantly.

Through the prevailing raw and unreasonable power of the Earthly sects and religions, man hears a lot about the “fall of man into sin”…

But something, which with good reason could be called the fall into sin, only came about because man turned away from the inner light and turned to false and man-made gods.

That man in his mind turned his life away from unity with Creation and tore himself apart from it, therein alone is the so-called fall into sin, which in truth is a fall into debt and should thus be called the fall of man into indebtedness.

“The word of truth is given, and this is wholly sufficient
to reveal the teaching of the truth for any who are willing
to make and to bear the effort of learning through their
own power.”

This book contains the retransmitted, un-falsified, universal spiritual teachings,
delivered in words understandable to Earth humans.
OM Kanon 3.3, 3.4:
Das ist das Buch der Gesetze und Gebote der Shöpfung, ausgeleget
und erkläret mit verständlichem Wort.
Das ist das Buch der Kenntnis der Shöpferischen Gesetze und Gebote, wie es im
Wort und Sinn ist gegeben durch den JHWH und den Propheten der irdischen

This is the book of the laws and recommendations of Creation, laid out and
explained with understandable words.
This is the book of knowledge of the Creational laws and recommendations,
as it is given in words and sense through the JHWH and the prophets of the
Earthly humankind.

The Plejaren, the advanced extraterrestrial people who have, for decades, been
in contact with Swiss man Eduard Meier (prophet/truth announcer), have provided us with hundreds of day time photos of their spacecraft, metal samples, prophetically accurate information, wise commentary and dire warnings concerning current world affairs which has attracted much interest and controversy in certain circles.
These same people have also facilitated the coming into being of “The Book of Truth”.