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“When will we ever learn?”

Drowning in religious delusion, humankind is incapable of recognizing that its ceaseless & senseless overbreeding destines its own demise.
Billy Meier: “Beneficial alone to stop the environment from being polluted, to save the planet from the depletion of its resources, to protect nature and to save fauna and flora from extinction, is really and only possible by stopping births for many years.”

CR 828 Life on Earth becoming Unsustainable:
Extract from CR 828 Dec 21, 2022

Good, then listen: environmental protection is useless, because millions and billions invested in it are pointless and useless, because the money is used for things, measures as well as for idiotic machinations that bring nothing and no success to protect the planet and nature as well as fauna and flora, the atmosphere and the climate and slowly let it recover.

The fact that billions in money are released for all kinds of measures for environmental protection is of no use at all, because this way, in order to save the Earth, nature and fauna and flora etc., the money is only thrown into the mud, because it does not stop environmental pollution in the least.

Beneficial alone to stop the environment from being polluted, to save the planet from the depletion of its resources, to protect nature and to save fauna and flora from extinction, is really and only possible by stopping births for many years.

Through this alone is it possible, if humanity is finally and very drastically reduced, that environmental pollution can be stopped.

Only through a drastic reduction of earthly humanity – which can be done effectively humanly only through a worldwide birth stop of several years – is it really possible to put a stop to environmental pollution and the extermination of animals, the animal kingdom and other living creatures, and thus also to the complete destruction and extermination of plants of all genera and species.

This alone will eliminate many of the evils that cause all forms of environmental pollution, such as land degradation, legal and illegal forest clearance, resource depletion of the planet, cultivation of oil palms and drug crops, etc. Also the mass farming of animals, livestock, feathered cattle and many other life-forms will only be reduced and made to disappear if there are draconically fewer human beings.

Only this will also reduce the senseless destruction of nature, the criminal abuse of land for football pitches, ice stadiums, tennis stadiums, religious buildings as well as race tracks etc., as well as the sports fanatics who blindly pursue no activity, no hobby and nothing themselves and idly indulge in their fanaticism.

And through this – if indeed a worldwide birth stop drastically reduces humanity – the corporations and factories that manufacture chemicals and weapons and produce all kinds of environmentally destructive goods that only serve as luxuries for human beings, are not essential to life or promote and cause wars will disappear.

And when there are far fewer human beings, the many destructions will also quickly become smaller and eventually cease.

Earth petroleum, gas and gold as well as other ores and rare earths will be extracted from the Earth less or not at all, because they are simply no longer needed by humanity due to its reduction.

However, as long as the great and very massive overpopulation increases and more and more human beings are born, the animals and many other living beings and plants of all genera and species will be more and more wiped out.

And effectively, only when there are fewer and fewer human beings, only then will the legal and illegal deforestation and unnecessary and only wealth-creating enterprises, the corporations and factories and the exploitation of the earth’s resources disappear, and that because they are no longer needed.

The torture of animals, livestock, poultry and other creatures will finally end because the mass farming and torturous transport of crammed creatures that die of thirst or trample themselves to death because of a catastrophic lack of space will disappear.

This, just as the farms can be reduced to normal sizes again – as well as the large-scale market gardens, etc. – which until now have produced countless tons of chemical fertilisers and all kinds of toxic substances, as a result of which countless human beings worldwide have fallen ill with cancer and died.

And truly: Only through a worldwide birth stop in a long-lasting sequence will the corporations and factories, the giant farms and giant horticultural farms, the mass keeping of animals, livestock, feathered game and life-forms of all kinds and species disappear, just as everything else that is unnecessary and pointless requires that it disappear, such as the huge oil palm fields, the destruction of land for sports facilities, houses etc., for that is the only way to prevent the destruction of nature, fauna and flora and the planet itself by rampant overpopulation and the extinction of all life – ultimately human beings themselves.

23) That is perfectly correct what you say.

Yes, I know that, and the environmental freaks should take a leaf out of their own book, especially those who are destructive and violent protesters and apparently have brains smaller than sparrows.

Moreover, these demonstrators are usually believers in religion and think that their imaginary God will already fix everything, but they do not realise that they are being directed and exploited by the religious prigs and the governments, and let all these think for them, especially by the representatives of religion who take money from the people so that they can build and maintain their temples of mendacity and deceit, as well as live in joy and glory, while many believers in religion starve to death or otherwise die in misery and need.

Human beings who have long since forgotten how to think for themselves and have thus become stupid and dumb.

24) That is unfortunately so, consequently they are neither capable of logic, understanding, nor reason.