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Billy talking with the Plejaren Ptaah

However, as far as the state leaders and a large part of the population of various Earth states are concerned, they are allowing themselves to be beguiled and misled by the two-part state leadership of America and by the Ukrainian warmonger Zelensky, as well as by his feigned anxious pleading – which, as a trained actor, he has more than mastered. This is clearly because all those who support him are, for their part, non-thinkers and thus stupid, unable to make up their own minds. In their non-thinking they are will-less slaves of Zelensky and let him decide how they should align themselves in their opinion and partisanship, thoughtlessly in his and America’s favour, by having him direct their actions according to his and the USA’s will. This is without them being able to realise in their non-thinking, i.e. in their stupidity, that they are ensnared by Zelensky and are absolutely slavishly in bondage to him and America and are being misled by a widely spread false propaganda that Russia and China are the bad guys who are trying to dominate the world with all their might. This corresponds to an unparalleled lie that is being spread worldwide by America and is captivating all believers and supporters of the USA. This is the case with the simplest human beings of the majority of the population, as well as with the leaders of the various states, including Ukraine, who are not capable of thinking for themselves and making their own decisions, but are subjugated by Zelensky, who embodies nothing other than a puppet of America. He is surreptitiously controlled by the powerful of America’s state leadership, who in turn – sometimes knowingly, but usually unknowingly – direct their actions according to the powerful of the dark state leadership who secretly influence them. Thus Zelensky, in his stupidity and greed for power as well as in his pathological megalomania, is rightly controlled by the dark forces of America, as is also the official state leadership of America, whose supreme power, according to our findings, has so far succumbed to a still mild form of senility. The fact is, however, that America’s entire leadership, as well as the Ukrainian President Zelensky, are nothing more than puppets of the American dark forces, which control the entire economy of every sector, as well as all the political machinations of the USA abroad, respectively everywhere on Earth, where America and its secret services have their dirty fingers in the pie, as you like to say. The fact that America is usurping world domination and has been doing so for a long time is truly no secret to those human beings who are still capable of thinking for themselves.

Billy: Already Wendelle Stevens complained to me that the rulers of the USA and their secret services have been striving since time immemorial only for the domination of the world and would truthfully disregard and deceive the people. Still the world has not understood that every war in which the US and with it NATO gets involved is for the sole purpose of securing world domination for America.

Ptaah: That is so and it will remain so.

Billy: Yes, nothing can be done about it, not even by us, which is why we have to go along with it. It is clear to me that I am in hot water and have to fear that I will be shot out of my life because we speak the truth in our conversations. It has been tried 24 times so far, and FIGU core group members have been there several times and were even in danger of being shot, but fortunately they missed, but it may be that once … well, it doesn’t matter. But something else: What about the fact that the Corona epidemic is on the rise again?

Corona Epidemic:
Ptaah: That is an inevitable consequence of the wrong action taken with regard to the perverse orders of the state leaders who removed the compulsory requirement of wearing respirators and keeping their distance.

Billy: So mask wearing and spacing should continue to be observed.

Ptaah: That is and will continue to be required for some time, and that is that the FFP2 respirator is required to be used. So act as I have advised you, because the Corona plague is ….

Billy: … not yet over, I know that, also that the epidemic will never disappear again in such a way that it cannot claim victims again even after 1000 years, because it can just die down and suddenly come back unexpectedly, but again in a new form, because it mutates inexorably over and over again, as it could be practised artificially and will therefore continue to happen in this way. But let’s leave that alone, because the question still arises as to whether one day the truth will come out in the open as to how and why this epidemic came about artificially, precisely through laboratory work in China, whereby Mao and … were the two decisive people that the epidemic could come about on their behalf? In this regard, I don’t know what the distant future holds, because Sfath and I have not fully explored everything far enough.

Ptaah: Yes, all this is correct, but the truth will be stopped with many lies, consequently this will be covered up for a very long time and disclosure will be questionable. We do not know either, for we too have not gone far enough in this matter. For the time being, however, it should not be made known that an American and Mao are the culprits who caused the Corona plague to be produced by laboratory work, that is what I can say. However, it was not intended that this disease should spread into a pandemic, because the intention of … was to cause an epidemic in the USA as an act of revenge for … A ‘research group’ was founded some time ago to cover up the fact, insisting that bats were the original carriers of the Corona virus and had transmitted it to human beings and various animals. But this is not true, as we know very well, because this lie does not correspond to the fact. However, they do not want this to become public, so they are using all kinds of lies and means to try to pin the cause of the Corona epidemic on bats. It is convenient for the liars that flying creatures infected with the disease pathogens were released by the accident in Wuhan and have since spread the disease, not only to human beings, but also to their own kind and to various other genera and species of living beings. However, to fathom these genera and species is a very lengthy matter, so we refrain from doing further research on this.

Billy: Then it is just not determined if at all or when the whole thing will be uncovered. However, for us at FIGU, it is certain that we will abide by your advice and continue to wear the respirators and keep the distance when we meet with foreign people, like visitors.

Ptaah: That is correct, and with foreign visitors you must ensure that proof of non-infection is produced, with no more than 24 hours ago. That should continue to be the case until the Corona epidemic is very low risk of infection.

Billy: But that is still some time away, as I know from my time with Sfath.

Ptaah: About which, however, you are not to divulge any further information.

Billy: I don’t have that in mind, but I can say that at least in the early days of the epidemic, the vaccine thing was a hoax and countless human beings fell for it and also died because of it.