NESARA/GESARA Announcement?

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Extracts from Sept. 21 GCR

NESARA/GESARA Announcement
Sat. 24 Sept?
NESARA Announcement Means Federal and State Income Tax is No More, Only a 15% Consumption Tax on New Items Only, with None on Food, Medicine, Wages
The Alliance has seized Military Power from the Deep State (with control over all Satellites, Communication Grids, Banking Servers, Data and Financial Transactions).
Central Banks were Bankrupt: Watch for Runs on Banks and Bank Closures
Homeless Encampments Set to Explode Across the Globe

Restored Republic:

  • The Alliance has seized military power from the Deep State (all Satellites, Communication Grids, Banking Servers, Data and financial transactions).
  • The Vatican Exposed as a World Terror Organization:
  • The White Hat Military in the UK now had King Charles III under Military control.
  • Diana Alive! After the death of Queen Elizabeth II, King Charles immediately went into a meeting with someone called “Her Majesty.” There were rumors that Princess Diana was back and King Charles wanted to stop her! Follow this channel:
  • On Mon. 19 Sept. Elites attending the funeral of Queen Elizabeth were briefed by the Alliance on the upcoming collapse of their governments and banking systems, which would lead to Debt Relief for The People.
  • On Mon. 19 Sept. King Charles was ordered to appear at an International Tribunal regarding his role and knowledge about the abduction of ten Canadian native children by Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, and what he knew about the murder of the only living witness to the abduction, William Combes.
  • According to Q + Trump on Telegram the Three Days of Darkness followed by Ten Days of Revelations began on Queen Elizabeth’s announced death on 8 Sept. – which brought us to Tues-Wed. 20, 21 Sept.
  • Trump & Co. About to Play Their Hand, Deep State Players Screwed:
  • Naomi Biden claimed Joe Biden died 4 years ago and was replaced with twin. This invalidates the Presidency.
  • The CIA through Blackstone, Blackrock, Vanguard, and States Street…owns about 30 percent of all corporations around the world.  Most of the nations are owned by the CIA, about 30 percent.