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American Journalist Patrick Lancaster:
The lies of the Western media.

The Russian Invasion of Ukraine:
Putin’s reason for entering the Nazi regime of Ukraine was to wipe out Bio-weapon Labs funded by the U.S., Western Europe and Israel, that were set to release pathogens on the general public around the world.
But when Russian Special Forces, or Spetznas, accidentally stumbled upon a pedophile camp in central Ukraine and learned that hundreds of such facilities were scattered across the Ukrainian countryside, their mission changed to “Save the Children”.

Last Saturday Russian President Vladimir Putin told Donald J. Trump that his “special military operation” in Ukraine had freed 35,000 children, most of whom are Russian, from sexual enslavement in what he called “Eastern Europe’s hub for the global sale of especially young children,” said a Mar-a- Lago source privy to talks between the world’s two most powerful leaders.
His forces identified and discreetly targeted 150 trafficking circles.
If Putin’s words were sincere, his original reason for entering Ukraine was to wipe out bioweapons labs funded by the U.S., Western Europe and Israel. But when Russian Special Forces, or Spetznas, accidentally stumbled upon a pedophile camp in central Ukraine and learned that hundreds of such facilities were scattered across the Ukrainian countryside, Putin championed a new cause: to destroy every “filth and scum” pedophile and every hellish child trafficking ring infesting the “godless country.”

These liberations were carried out mainly by Russian Spetznas,” he said. Putin told Trump he could not bomb the camps indiscriminately because he could not know if there were children inside or if the traffickers were still overseeing the operations. In many places, the traffickers had fled because of the war and left the children behind to fend for themselves,” our source said.

However, not all trafficking dens were hidden in remote, inaccessible areas of the Ukrainian countryside. According to Putin, Special Forces found a sprawling child trafficking syndicate in an office building just two blocks from the government building, Volodymyr Selenskyi’s headquarters, in downtown Kiev. Spetznas infiltrated the structure, killed 8 traffickers, and saw a truly gruesome scene: 65 children locked in cramped cages.

“This, President Trump, is what we are fighting for. That the dog Selenskyj didn’t know about it is impossible. It was right under his nose. Everywhere in Ukraine we find Russian children, Ukrainian children, children from Europe and, yes, even more from the United States. The evil men behind this – they need to be crushed and eradicated. Ukraine is big, and this filth has had decades to spread terror,” Putin told Trump.

Putin also said Spetznas had recovered a dusty ledger from a storage building in the port of Mariupol. Child traffickers had converted the building into a processing center from which children were shipped to and from Ukraine. The ledger, Putin said, contained invented names, dates, genders, and ages of children traffickers had taken out of the country. The earliest date in the ledger was March 2, 2005.

“It’s unbelievable, absolutely unbelievable, how long this has been going on,” Trump reportedly told Putin. “What you’re doing is incredible, really incredible, but the world just doesn’t believe it.”

Putin said he didn’t care what the world thought of him because his mission was virtuous and honorable, and he vowed to cross all of Eastern Europe if necessary to achieve an arduous and necessary goal.
“These criminals have done evil here for too long since 1991. Now it stops,” Putin said.

The Russian Army was winning the Ukraine War and destroying the bio-weapon labs while rescuing thousands of children from DUMB Underground Tunnels that ran beneath Biden owned Ukraine property – the real reason Biden wanted a war in Ukraine was to cover up evidence of Deep State foul deeds.

The Ukrainian Nazi Army has been using it’s own citizens as shields, which was common for the Nazis since the 2014 War in Donbass where they killed children and placed them in a mass grave. Ukraine has been the center point of the Deep State’s International Child Sex Trafficking Ring.

Thurs. 21 April 2022 Mariupol is Liberated: Russian Media reports that Russian Minister of Defense Sergey Shoigu, during a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, announced that “The Total Liberation of Mariupol by the Allied Forces has been achieved”, with only the Azovstal Industrial Zone stronghold and its underground regions under the control of the Nationalist Forces of the Azov Regiment and the remnants of the Ukrainian Regular Army in the city.

Ukraine, Russian Military, Rescued Children, Underground US Bio-weapon Labs
It”s all connected.
*In 2005 Senator Barack Obama helped sign Ukraine US Bio-weapon Lab agreement where Obama was said to have received his share of the lucrative bio-lab pie.*Residents of Mariupol blame the Nazi Zelensky terrorists from the Azov Regiment for their troubles.*Ukraine PM Zelensky was an actor playing a role. He’s a turncoat, having flipped from the Deep State. He will continue to play both sides for a reason and to finish acting out the play.*Ukraine is an essential place for the Rothschild’s Banking Cabal. A Rothschild said, “Ukraine falls, (and it will), it is the end of the New World Order.” Ukraine belongs to the Soviet’s not the EU/UK Khazarian Zionist Banking Cabal.

All the world’s media are replicating staged footage of the Ukrainian psyop unit from Bucha, where allegedly the Russian military massacred civilians. However, these crooked information fighters failed the task – in one video there are two tough mistakes at once. First, we see one of the corpses raising his hand, and then in the rearview mirror, we watch another corpse get up, immediately after playing the part.

Thousands of Children Rescued, Mutilated Bodies Recovered, from Biden-owned Ukraine Property Containing US Run Bio-Weapon Labs:
Byington as reported in Before It’s News:

Tens of thousands of tortured and murdered mainly Asian children have been rescued, the mutilated bodies of thousands more children recovered, by the Russian Military from US owned and run Bio-weapon Underground Tunnel DUMB Labs that ran beneath a Biden-owned property in Ukraine.

Russia was expected to soon expose Ukraine’s Underground Bio-weapon Labs, DUMBS and Tunnels that housed tens of thousands of children from different countries, more than half being of Asian descent.

There were videos circulating showing Russian soldiers in Ukraine carrying out children who were very dirty and who hadn’t seen light in years. The children were holding new teddy bears and stuffed animals given to them by the Russian Military.

The Ukraine Underground Tunnel Bio-weapon labs were formed for CIA Mind Control Dark Science Studies where human DNA was mixed with animal DNA to create sub-human monsters – all of which has been funded by a CIA Black Budget since the agency was formed after World War II.

Veterans Today Confirms US General Commanding Azov Nazis in Ukraine was Captured by Russian Forces. Karma, He Led ISIS Terrorists in Syria. Captured Leading Azov Nazis in Mariupol (confirmations coming in)

Our sources on the ground report that the last two helicopters trying to evacuate foreign VIPs from Mariupol were shot down this morning. They were sent on a suicide mission to collect Lt.General Coultier, who was, we are told, hiding in a huge industrial complex with some Special Forces staffers and about 30 Ukrainian Army, not Azov, soldiers. This hours old story from Tass is below.
On the morning of April 5, another attempt by the Kiev regime to evacuate the leaders of the Azov nationalist battalion and “others” was thwarted near Mariupol. Two Ukrainian Mi-8 helicopters, which tried to break through to the city from the sea, were shot down from man-portable anti-aircraft missile systems, Igor Konashenkov, spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry, said at a briefing.

State of the Nation
April 21, 2022
Putin’s Very Special Military Operation to Protect Russia and Expose the Global Biowar Against Humanity

Russia was forced to launch its “special military operation” in Ukraine to terminate the raging biowar waged by the US-UK-NATO-UKRAINE bioterrorist group — from its secret underground operational headquarters located at the Azovstal Iron and Steel Works in Mariupol, Ukraine — against the people of Donbass and western Russia.

The epic battle for Mariupol really concerned the Russian war on the Pentagon-sponsored bioweapon labs hidden in the bowels of the Azovstal Steel Plant.

To date, the Russian military has shut down 30 plus bioweapon laboratories across the Ukraine. However, the main bioweapon lab being systematically used to carry out bioterrorist operations in Donbass and western Russia is strategically located in Mariupol at the massive Azovstal complex.

This is why Russia is so determined not to blow up Avozstal or neutralize the 1000 plus Azov Nazis holed up there behind human shields—innocent Ukrainian citizens. The women and children, in particular, were likely forced into the sprawling Azovstal plant as a defensive stratagem against an all-out Russian attack.

Putin knows exactly what the Azovstal biolabs were up to. He also needs to preserve the evidence so he can show the whole world what the US-UK-UA-NATO bioterror group was planning to unleash in both Donbass and Russia.

This is precisely why the Azov Nazis were given such free rein to terrorize the citizens of Mariupol. They were acting on orders from their NATO command, Pentagon masters and CIA overlords to exert absolute control over the Azovstal bioterror crime scene. Isn’t that why these hardcore Neo-Nazis are called the Azov Regiment and Azov Battalion? These battle-hardened mercenaries were put there to provide brutal defensive and protective services for the Zio-Anglo-American bioterrorist operations.

What was the Kremlin to do?

Permit this bioterror group to continue their slow-motion genocide of the Donbass citizenry?!

Not only did Putin strike first and hard to terminate the ongoing genocide and future biowar, he also has repeatedly told the world community of nations the purpose of Russia’s “special military operation”.
Any president or prime minster would be fully justified in taking the
same military measures to shut down a genocide-in-progress.

The courageous decision made by Putin et al. to invade was most certainly the result of a broad collective agreement across the entire Kremlin leadership. After all, Moscow is only 280 miles from the Ukrainian border as the crow flies, so they knew they were facing dire existential threats of the highest order from NATO and the more dangerous bioterror group.

Extremely aggressive moves and maneuvers by NATO only confirmed Putin’s worst fears, as did the several overtures to expand NATO membership in order to further surround Russia.

However, it was the expeditious uncovering of the Ukraine bioweapon labs that really proved Putin right in his mission to shut the whole genocidal enterprise down—FOR GOOD!
BOTTOM LINE: Russia had no choice but to invade Ukraine to carry out multiple “special military operations” to protect its sovereignty and safeguard it citizenry.