Controlled Zombies Walk Amongst Us – Update

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This is not the world that we want to live in.

Biden Signs Executive Order:
This is designed to unleash Tran-Humanist Hell on America and the World. Human beings will be data mined for their most personal possession, their DNA and genomic properties, and the government will offer no protection. It will actually be encouraged and seen as a green light for biomedical practitioners worldwide. It is the goal of the technocratic proprietors of Agenda 2030 to catalogue, map out, and monitor every living thing on earth. Here is one of the most disturbing excerpts from Biden’s executive order: “We need to develop genetic engineering technologies and techniques to be able to write circuitry for cells and predictably program biology in the same way in which we write software and program computers…including through computing tools and artificial intelligence…”

Karen Kingston EXPOSES Biden’s Satanic Executive Order Forcing TRANSHUMANISM
Start at 27:20
Transhumanism: “Using bio-technology combined with supercomputers to allegedly augment the functionality of humans.”
The Covid-19 pandemic & jabs were nothing more than a movement for surveillance under the skin & enslavement.
To make people more machine-like & more controllable.
The jabs are gene-editing tech – they contain nanotech made in China to connect people to the internet.
Also, as of August 22 they lauched the “qupid quantum computing system”.
Now there is a system to collect & analyse the data & now they have the tech to release on the human population under the skin & through Starlink 5G to send signals to & from the tech.
Biden’s EO – [Transhumanism]:
“We need to develop genetic engineering techs to write circuitry for cells & predictvely program biology in the same way in which we write software & program computers. We will unlock the power of biological data including through a computing tool & artificial intelligence.”

There is no Transmission, or Shedding, from Vaccinated Persons; it is Irradiation.

Electromagnetic radiation alters matter through resonance
Electromagnetic resonance of graphene occurs – maximum effect, hence damage, occurs at 26GHz (5G) – most of EU & rest of world.
Protons vibrate – electromagnetic (em) resonance – a proton emits em radiation when excited by rf (radio frequency) – so a transfer of energy from proton to proton.
One person can transmit these vibrations to others who are not jabbed, who rhen feel bad:
irregular period, bleedings & nosebleeds.
So, we have an irradiation, not a biological contagion.
GO absorbs radiation & multiplies it – so the jabbed are “walking routers”. They are radiation sources.
The greater the concentration of the jabbed, the higher the damage done to everyone.
You have to have a structure which will resonate with that frequency from antennas or people with GO.
60 GHzis the resonant frequency of oxygen.
Hydrogen & oxygen are major components of body cells.

HORROR…watch Sudden Adult Deaths….Must must must watch…hold on to your heart!!!
People around the world have dropped dead because of the “death shot”!

Criminal mRNA Injections and How They Kill
Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi says “God help the world” as he warns that the main effects of the mRNA Bio-weapon Injections will be explosions in viral infections, cancers, tuberculosis and many other diseases.”

Covid virus made in a lab so that it would become more dangerous. But our immune system is more clever, so the objective of these “criminals” did not succeed. Covid may be a little more dangerous than normal corona viruses, but not such that we need a vaccine.
Lipid packages are not to be injected into the bloodstream – manufacturers warning. 5-20% may do so.

New Zealand – The Immunisation Advisory Centre: “We are aware that occasionally consumers are requesting that the vaccinators aspirate the needle [pull back slightly to check for any minor blood vessels] prior to administration of the COVID vaccine. While this is currently not best practice and may be more uncomfortable for the patient, there is no danger associated with accommodating the consumer’s requests.”
*This means that aspiration is not recommended!!

This can explain why people have serious reactions.
The research company said these packages are to be used in research only, not in humans.
A lawyer in Dec last year found out about this – she said that something is being used that has never been tested for use in humans or animals. It is not licensed for use.

A very important article appeared in a major scientific journal. They took just the packages & did animal experiments, the first is to be published. The packages used in the pre-clinical trial is highly inflamatory. When injected anywhere in the mouse it immediately provokes a very strong inflammation. If put in the nose, many die.
These packages have been used for over a year.

Highly Coordinated Global Conspiracy To Commit Genocide Via Weaponised Covid Injections Exposed
The following detailed chronological analysis lays bare just how stealthy and nefarious the genocidal Covid Super Vaccination Agenda truly is.

Myocarditis alone is fatal in 56% of patients in less than 5 years. Giant-cell myocarditis causes over 80% mortality in 5 years.