DAY OF SHAME New Zealand 19/02

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19/02 News: This is so important that I am putting it here. Scroll down for “Day of Shame”
**This is from the Judy Byington Report
New Zealand: A new law passed on Wed. 12 Jan. 2022 and to take effect on 1st April assures that there were no rights for the unvaccinated. This is of grave concern for ALL New Zealanders. When will this tyranny end? The COVID-19 Public Health Response (Vaccinations) Order 2021:

  1. The lockdown of unvaccinated or insufficiently vaccinated individuals.
  2. The ability to restrict travel within the country to unvaccinated or insufficiently vaccinated (e.g. a person who does not want to get a booster shot).
  3. Withhold certification from those who do not get required boosters or subsequent combinations of vaccines as may be ordered at any time.
  4. The ability to dictate the type and form of certification required for proof of vaccination status — digital or otherwise.
  5. The ability to dictate what other information may be required for the renewal of vaccine certificates, and which information may be contained on such a certificate.
  6. The period for which a vaccine certificate is valid can be changed at any time, and who it is that may be entitled or eligible to have these certificates.
  7. The specification of mandates for entire job sectors.
  8. The ordering of certain jobs to require regular mandatory testing and medical examination.
  9. Enforcement officers to be able to demand certification, pretty much at any time.
  10. The appointment of enforcement officers that can be anybody they wish to appoint, and not necessarily police.
  11. Enforcement officers to inspect and take copies of certification to be verified at a later date, before immediately returning such documentation.
  12. The provision of an assessment tool for employers to use to determine who should be vaccine mandated, however employers can totally disregard the assessment tool and mandate at whim.
  13. Legal or other representatives of employees may be refused entry to workplaces.
  14. Contact tracing information may be used against a person in order to enforce the Act.
  15. Employees who have been dismissed for non-compliance of testing or vaccination, but comply at the last minute, may still be dismissed if the employer deems revoking the dismissal to be disruptive of their business.

**Breaking News! “Very Soon All of the Vaccines Will Be Completely Stopped”

17/01/22: The New Zealand DAY OF SHAME
On this day, more than 14,000 innocent children, aged 5 to 11, were given the Pfizer Death Shot.
Bloomfiels said: “It was a ‘great start’ and good to see a high level of interest from both parents and children.”
Ignorant parents lined up at Death Shot Centres, like they were taking their children to visit Santa Claus to receive a wonderful gift which would protect them from the dreaded Covid-19 virus.
This day in the history of New Zealand will be remembered as the day when the Death Shot for 5 to 11 year olds began.
Eternal shame for the parents, the jabbers, the Ministry of Health and all of the MPs.

*Dr. Stephanie Seneff (MIT scientist) expects an increase in Neuro Degenerative Diseases in vaccinated people. She also warns parents to not let their children get vaccinated due to these risks.

Big pharma, government, church leaders face arrest as Court convicts them of Genocide, prohibits injections
Jan 17
ICLCJ Verdict and Sentence
This groundbreaking announcement announces the conviction of those involved in global genocide. It gives every man and woman on the planet the authority to seize and destroy any and all Covid-19 paraphenalia. At the same time, we can arrest anyone who is named in the verdict for crimes against Humanity.
Big pharma, government, church leaders face arrest as Court convicts them of Genocide, prohibits injections.
The International Court that forced Pope Benedict from office in 2013 has struck a blow against the COVID corporatocracy by convicting top officials of Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, China, and the Vatican of Crimes against Humanity.
The Court’s verdict sentences seventy-five individuals to life imprisonment, seizes their assets and disestablishes their corporations, and lawfully prohibits the further manufacture, sale, or use of their COVID vaccines as “products of medical genocide and mass murder”.
After a four-month trial convened under International Law, the judges of the International Common Law Court of Justice (ICLCJ) issued their historic verdict and sentence today, along with Arrest and Expropriation Warrants against the defendants.
The convicted individuals include Albert Bourla and Emma Walmsley, the CEO’s of Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals, Xi Jinping, President of China, ‘Pope’ Francis (Jorge Bergoglio), ‘Queen’ Elizabeth (Windsor), and Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada.

According to the Public Affairs Office of the Court,
“This case involves a monstrous, intergenerational crime and its equally massive coverup. The highest officials of Church, State, and Corporations have for years personally sanctioned and profited by the systematic torture, trafficking, and murder of children in deadly drug testing experiments to produce the COVID ‘vaccine’, as part of a Criminal Conspiracy to reduce humanity to slavery. That Conspiracy murders the innocent, traffics in arms, drugs, children, and human organs, and silences or destroys those who threaten to expose it.
“Our Court has put a legal end to that Conspiracy by criminalizing the persons and the corporations responsible, and prohibiting the further sale and use of the COVID ‘vaccines’, which are the product of medical genocide and the mass murder of children.”

The Court’s verdict and sentence casts a wide net over those responsible by tracing the roots of the COVID regime to the planned genocide of indigenous people in Canada by the Vatican and the Crown of England, including in the murderous “Indian residential schools”.
The Court establishes that the public opponents of this genocide, especially Kevin Annett, have been continually targeted for destruction by the convicted defendants, who are responsible for the murder of fifteen activists and several recent attempts on Annett’s life.

“Our warrants empower not only our Sheriffs and deputized police, but people everywhere to enforce the Court’s verdict by arresting the convicted felons, seizing their assets, and halting the sale and use of the genocide-derived COVID ‘vaccines’,” says the Court.
“The killers of children can no longer evade justice using executive or corporate privilege, or by hiding behind the camouflage of contrived public health crises.”

The verdict by the International Common Law Court of Justice authorizes every man and woman on the planet to seize and destroy any covid-19 paraphernalia to prevent any further mass murders.