Grand Jury Trial into Crimes Against Humanity

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Dr. Reiner Fuellmich – Opening Statement
The crimes against humanity under the guise of a planned Corona Virus. The agenda is set out for all to see!

Dr. Yeadon – WHY ARE SOME PEOPLE GETTING SIDE EFFECTS after covid vaccinations
Feb 2
Partial Transcript:
People are only infectious if they are symptomatic (have symptoms).
The notion of asymptomatic transmission is pretty much a myth – epidemelogically irrelevant.
If you haven’t got many viruses in your airways you can’t give it to people. Ifyou have got a lot of viruses in your airways, you will have to have symptoms. Fauci =all epidemics in history have been driven by symptomatic people. So, why would you want everyone to wear masks (even if they worked)? It’s a fear tactic. Lockdown doesn’t work; it is not a disease of human contact – only if you contact someone who is infectious; all other contacts are irrelevant. When you are ill (infectious) you generally stay at home – you don’t need to be told to self isolate; you feel like crap, so most of the time the sources of infection are at home or in hospital. So why would you close down the non-infectious community, since it doesn’t do a damn thing.
So they have wrecked the economy, they have frightened you to death, by lying in your face.
PCR tests don’t mean anything, national flow tests have not been fully calibrated & most people survive infection with early treatment. There has never been a new emergency.The hazzard has been the government’s behaviour & the “vaccine”. If we think that it is the virus, we will lose our liiberty & possiby our life. They have used psyops to condition & prepare you & reinforce that this is a really fearful thing & you had better do what you are told & follow what your peers are doing. Most people dismiss what experts like Dr. Yeardon say.
11 min
Almost no action from people. We are the cavalry – no one is coming to save us.
1/40 to 1/100 reported
Blood antibodies probably have little effect on Covid in lungs.
Small businesses suffering.
57:25 min
2019 Group of people used all of the worlds public literature to assess every one of the measures for pandemics – masks, lockdowns, social distancing, hand washing, etc. None of them worked. They knew, all of the countries knew that the measures were useless.