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Z Stack – Promoted by Stew Peters
This is a very effective combination of supplements created by Dr. Zelenko – to give protection from Covid.
At about US$55/ month (shipping to NZ very expensive as well), this is too expensive.
A serving (2 caps) contains: vit C (ascorbic acid) 800 mg, vit D3 5,000 IU, zinc (as sulphate) 30 mg, Quercetin 500 mg.
It is much cheaper if you DIY: ascorbic acid from NZ, D3 & zinc from iHerb. Quercetin is mainly sold out at iHerb. You can buy it on Amazon & Ebay, paying for shipping. If you DIY zinc ascorbate, it is cheap.
I will look at Amazon & Ebay & give some suggestions & costs.

Dr. Richard Fleming Reveals Strategy to Prosecute COVID Plandemic Perpetrators for Crimes Against Humanity! Mike Adams, Health Ranger
Oct 26
Please Sign the Petition to Investigate and Prosecute The People Responsible for Crimes Against Humanity!!!
Nuremberg 2.0 GO TO: https://www.flemingmethod.com/

Shari Raye Oct 26
GESARA has begun in New Zealand, according to sources.
Military is removing governments around the world – hopefully New Zealand soon!!
Southwest, Delta & American airlines will not terminate workers who are unvaxxed – the result of civil disobedience by the pilots of Southwest Airlines – airline lost $75 million in just a few days. This shows the power of the people.
A mandate is not a law.

New Stew Peters: Dr. Zelenko Drops Atomic Bomb: Where Did the Influenza Go?
Oct 26
2016 Influenza Virus: 50 million cases in US, 40,000 deaths – 1/2 children.
In the year Covid breaks out there is zero flu in the US.
Covid-19 is artificial – intentionally released bioweapon.
Why simultaneously in the year of Covid, 2020, is there is no influenza?
Is it possible that every year influenza has been intentionally released?
Up to 2020 there was influenza every year – going back a long time.
So, like Covid & it’s variants, can it be turned on & off.
Suppose this winter both are released?
They both use the same pathway.
Flu shot – best 40% effective, av 20%, side effects, doesn’t really work. Zelenko no longer gives to his patients.
Strange that every year a new strain of flu that has naturally mutated.
Scientists artificially mutated a virus & released it as the bioweapon Covid.
So, maybe influenza strains were bioweapons. Flu shot is worth 50 billion/year. Covid jabs worth much more.

Unvaccinated Surviving Better Than Vaccinated

Dr. Alina Lessenich – Vaccines Detoxification & Shedding Protection Protocol
Oct 26

Stew Peters: Major Boom! Death Rate Explodes in “Fully Vaccinated” Victims!
Vaxxed unable to produce full immunity against Covid
Pfizer more likely than Moderna to cause problems.
Media driving the vax program.