Patriots Unite

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This applies to every country, but my message is primarily to New Zealanders.

These posts were born out of frustration which I will outline:
In February, 2020, I came across important information regarding Covid-19 which had been received by Michael Horn, who is the US representative of FIGU, Switzerland. This information was from the Plejaren Ptaah, in a ‘contact’ with Billy Meier of FIGU. The Plejaren are a group of extraterrestrials who are about 25-30 million years more evolved than us, with a technology about 8,000 years ahead of us. They were concerned about the spread of Covid-19 and wanted to help us by giving us information about this virus, some of which was unknown by Earth scientists. They have since given regular updates right up to today. You may find that this is hard to believe – look at my website which i will expand in future (I have 15 years of experience).
I believed that it was my duty to pass on this information to as many people as possible, so for the following 6 months I carried out an email campaign, resulting in emails to more than 90, some with updates – most MPs (all of the Nats), minister of health, medical academics (including some who advised the govt)whose emails I could find, mayors of Masterton (passed the buck) & Carterton (gave me the raspberry), Wairarapa DHB, Masterton Medical Centre, journalists, talk back hosts (Peter Williams & Shaun Plunket). Replies were received from MPs Jiang Yiang & Maureen Pugh, Prof David Skegg (after 2nd email – “Thanks”), Prof Rod Jackson (wasn’t convinced), Prof Des Gorman (several replies with “Thanks”). It seems that no notice was taken of the important information given.
This year with the Vax roll-out, I thought that I would try again with my document VAX TRUTH as in this blog – all MPs (replies from Maureen Pugh & Chris Bishop – unconcerned), 19 health academics, all 11 Masterton District Councillors (1 unconvincing reply – I knew this person well), Peter Williams, DHB, my doctor, dentist & lawyer group. I did receive a good response from a local nursery owner.
I then had a lightbulb moment – why not posts on my blog? It worked! After 4 weeks I had over 600 unique visitors. I did put a few posts on “letsbfree” & “NZIssues”, which may have helped. At last the message is getting out there. This is a matter of saving lives my making information available. Anyone who looks at some of the info contained in my posts & having viewed some videos, must surely not want to receive the ‘death jab’ – which is tantamount to suicide! A big thank you to all those who visited my blog – it has given me hope that all is not last – there are some thinking people out there, some patriots no doubt! There is a contact form in the footer (which I finally got to work!) if anyone has a particular question to ask, or has a good reason to contact me, then please do so. I ahve already been contacted by 2 spammers who have been ignored & blocked -they have been terminated!