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Adverse Events Expected in NZ From the Pfizer Vax
My deduction is that up to September 9, the vaccines in New Zealand have been mainly saline solutions, which implies that those vaxxed already may be lucky!
US Vaccinated: VAERS:
Up to Sept 9, 208 million have received at least 1 dose.
{Reported events may be as few as 1%, so could be up to 100x higher – even 10x would be huge]
675,591 (3.2%) adverse events, including 77,919 (12%) urgent care, 14,506 (2.1%) deaths, permanently disabled 18,439 (2.7%), myocarditis/Pericarditis 5,371 (0.8%), heart attacks 6,422 (1%)
NZ Vaccinated: Ministry of Health
Up to Sept 9, 2.8 million have received at least 1 dose.
Thus, 1/65 of US, so in comparison we would expect:
10,390 adverse events, including 1,200 urgent care & 223 deaths
*NZ Up to and including 28 August 2021:
40 deaths – 1 death was likely due to vaccine induced myocarditis. ONLY 1 likely!
My Conclusion: Most vials to date contain a saline solution
The government is now receiving 1/4 million doses from Spain & 1/2 million from Denmark – maybe the Real McCoy!

NZ patriot, Nelson lawyer Sue Grey, reveals the truth about the vax scamdemic. If only the MSM would do the same, but the fact is that they are the puppets of Mr. Global.

Irresponsible Parents:
This abomination which is gathering pace in New Zealand against our children must stop. Parents must protect their children, rather than offering them up to this government to be jabbed & thereby sentenced to a life of pain & suffering & early demise. How can you trust a government which lies? One lie is all it takes to no longer trust them. Remember the propaganda some months ago:
“Safe and Effective!” “Well researched!”

Any parent who fails to research the Pfizer Vax & trusts the government & the medical twerps who give faulty advice is naive, negligent and lazy. It is simply a matter of diligently searching on the internet for creditable, sincere & trustworthy doctors & researchers.
The Covid-19 survival rate for 0 – 19 year olds is 99.997% according to the CDC – 3 in 100,000 might die if not given the right treatment. The Ministry of Health never gives advice as to how to support the immune system and thereby give protection against viruses. They don’t seem to understand that Covid is a disease of the respiratory system, which is where we look for symptoms. NO symptoms = NO disease, so why test healthy people? The PCR test at 40-45 cycles produces more than 97% false positives. You could test a grapefruit or a banana & get a positive result!

The next stage is already being set for 1 – 12 year olds!
COVID-19: Leading Maori doctor calls for vaccination of children to get underway.
Is this doctor for real? I wouldn’t want him to treat my child!
A leading Maori doctor, Dr Rawiri Jansen, is calling for the vaccination of children against COVID-19 to get underway and is hopeful kids as young as five could get their vaccines by the end of the year.
“I think it’s a really important contribution to getting protection for Maori and Pacific communities because our age population structure is much younger.”
“It’s clear that there are a number of cases, something like 13 per million [US about 500/million at least], of myocarditis, sort of an inflammatory condition of the heart,” he said. “It’s clear that nobody’s dying from that [BS]. It’s mild and everybody’s recovering [heart is weakened for life], but it’s important, to tell the truth [that’s right!] about that.”
“We may get some more data at the end of the year that confirms that it’s safe for younger infants right down to probably a 1-year-old.”
“I think that’s a really important way of making sure that our program is going to protect our community.”

Then Prof Shaun Hendry, a modeller, comes out with this:
“It certainly does need consideration, and factoring into that sending kids to school, allowing them to socialise normally without putting other members of their family at risk is another important consideration.”
“It’s quite a complex calculation that the Government would have to do [heaven forbid – is the govt capable?], but assuming it passes that test [it will], there could be real benefits as we continue to battle this virus.”
Prof Hendy said that those benefits could be massive as the country looks to open up next year. [adverse events, including deaths, are likely to be massive]