Transhumanist Nightmare

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SGT Report: Nanowires torture the vaxxed & scaffold new tissue
Dr. Ariyana Love

An excellent summary on the collusion, the technology, the policies around the transhuman and genetic manipulation agendas via injection and more. However it’s not just about an injection… there is supporting infrastructure, and the great reset policies… the social credit score system, the towers, the smart technology… electromagnetic fields… and more… all working together on the same agenda… which is COMPLETE CONTROL at any cost.

Watch this video. Ensure that if you are jabbed, that you do a bluetooth scan with the app “Find My Device” – you need to go into a park, say, isolating yourself by at least 30m. Detox from graphene oxide if your scan is positive. You should also detox from what the mRNA has done to your body.
I have written notes on the first 28 minutes.

Democide – Big Pharma with govt: Targeting everyone. Vax designed to kill.
PCR test a cloning device.
People with closed minds will end up dead.
Vaxs have always been gain of function & loss of function bioweapons. Generated in labs to become more lethal, to delete genes in humans. This is happening in the brain – autism.
4 studies (at her website) which all prove that Autism is caused by targeted gene deletion in the brain – 3 regions – frontal cortex especially (X chromosome gene deletion – causing autism). Autism is on the rise.
The vax program has always been about poisoning the human body, injecting deadly bacteria, mico-plasmas, lab enhanced bacterias which have been genetically modified, blended with other species & plasmas, and which are designed to stay within the body. They lodge in the tissues & bone marrow, so that the body can’t detoxify them. So if people have an injury, or their immune system is compromised, or they age, then these mico-plasmas start to cause problems in the body & manifest as disease, which then gets diagnosed by the “white coats”, who are making so much money to diagnose disease then push the Big Pharma drugs onto people – so, gambling with people’s health, experimenting with unapproved medicine. “Doctors have become ‘drug pushers'”.
This is all being exposed now. Nobody will trust Pharma or Govt again.
The whole structure is evil (I prefer this word,rather than satanic – Satan does not exist), a death cult; allopathic medicine is a death cult, because it was created by the Rockefeller Institute. They founded their Institute of Medicine in 1909; 9 years later was the “Spanish Flu” democide reset. They did the same thing then as now – forced people into masks depriving the body of oxygen, injected with biological weapons, the H1N1.
This is not new, given to humans by demonic entities (I DISAGREE – evil human beings maybe). They covered it all up by calling it a flu. They said that viruses are contagious, be scared. No virus in the Covid-19 patents. What they call viruses are bio weapons – gain of function/loss of function lab generated. They are called viruses to hoodwink us & the docs.
The body will naturally detox if give a chance. The problem is that it becomes overwhelmed by the toxins.
There is a way to detox – the “cabal’ does not want you to know that, even though they know.
A century of a medical paradigm based on disease and death. Not on recovery & wellness.
Natural Meds exist.
No need to suffer. 95% can be saved.
The “white coats” don’t want the truth to come out – it makes them look suckers. Most will come around to the truth.
The DNA is changed – the jabbed become the property of the patenters!?