Ukraine War

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This is part of a conversation between the truth announcer Billy Meier & the Plejaren Bermunda.

809th Contact, Thursday, 9th June 2022, 21:58 hrs
Bermunda: It is incomprehensible to me that the leaders of various states supply weapons to this war criminal Zelensky, trust and believe him and thereby prolong the war. It is also incomprehensible, not only for me but for us Plejaren as a whole, that the majority of the peoples also hold the same wrong views as the state leaders. It is incomprehensible for us to take sides with this man Zelensky, because he is obviously a war criminal in his obsession with power, who unconscionably walks over corpses and neither has any compassion for any human being, nor does he take any responsibility for what he spreads in his addiction to power. It is absolutely incomprehensible to us that the leaders of various states and parts of their populations are so prejudiced in favour of this war criminal who, moreover, as America’s satellite, is realising its plans, which not only wants to humiliate Russia, but to destroy and ultimately dominate it.

Billy: Well, I’ve known since the 1940s, when I was looking at some of the future with Sfath, what was going to happen, but he made me promise that I wouldn’t say a word about it. And I keep that promise, as well as every other promise. But I may at least say what the effective connections are, namely that this Zelensky really is a war criminal and a servile lackey of the USA, behind which since 1787 – well, you know. I’m not supposed to talk about that openly any more. In any case, the reality and its truth is, as you already mentioned, that it all boils down to the fact that the US is using this Zelensky to get closer to its world domination-addicted plans, namely by allowing Zelensky to drag out the war and humiliate Russia – and thus Putin, of course – by supplying weapons to the stupid and the ignorant. Of course, Putin is no better as a war-maker than anyone else who acts in the same way, but he is ahead of Zelensky in that he is not a lackey of the USA. So he is not secretly waging war for America, but on the contrary for Russia, which the USA is ‘getting at’ through meanness, lies, fraud and deceit, etc. and by ‘wanting to bring NATO into Ukraine’, against which Putin is of course defending himself – unfortunately with war, which is causing many deaths and destruction as well as extermination. All this is not recognised, not seen and not understood by the governments and the parts of the populations of those countries that are pissed off by the war criminal Zelensky, who unhesitatingly supply weapons to Zelensky, or who impose sanctions against Russia. The widespread partisanship of the stupid and ignorant who are believers in Zelensky, precisely the fallible, the rulers and parts of the populations of the countries, leads them to supply weapons and raise Zelensky to the skies, or to impose sanctions against Russia, because they can neither see nor think and are actually dumber than straw. There is nothing more to be said about this, because the stupid and dumb, i.e. the earthlings, who neither see nor think, let alone have logic, understanding and reason, are truly beyond help, because they do not recognise reality and its truth even if it were fed to them with shovel diggers. They are all also those, mainly those in power, who make big words of alleged sympathy – possibly on television, so that the whole world can see their greasy lies – when a disaster, a murder or mass murder or something else happens somewhere, when human beings are in distress and misery or succumb to death, etc. They are also the ones who are not in power. Those in power and some politicians are quick to appear in public and express their alleged sympathy for the human beings who have come to harm or otherwise suffer and are disadvantaged in a hypocritical and lying way, although they do not care at all what has happened to the human beings who have fallen into misery and disadvantage or otherwise come to harm. Semjase has already clarified and established this with several hundred rulers and politicians as well as with other earthlings, when she got to the bottom of this pretence and wanted to know exactly to what extent the publicly acted ‘testimonies of compassion’ were genuine with all these rulers, party politicians and private individuals. She found out that only a fake compassion and sympathy is shown in order to preserve one’s own position and to give oneself the appearance of a supposedly very responsible person in government or politics, etc., in order to increase one’s reputation among the population.

Bermunda: We have fathomed that ourselves in more recent times, what you just said and what apparently Semjase has already noted.