Vax, Adrenochrome & NZ PM & GOVT

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Nov 3
Watch from 20:20
The New Zealand people have also sued the government on the vax challenge and won.[sued may be incorrect]
Decision from the high court – there is reasonable grounds to believe that the decision by the government is unlawful i.e. the vax approval under section 23 of the medicines act is unlawful because all of NZ over 16 is not a limited number of patients. The judge has also said that the crown should go back & review it’s position & have another look at this whole process of what they have done. This is an interim decision, so the court wont do is make a ruling that they must stop the roll-out & the reason that the judge has done that she is concerned that if she stopd the roll-out, the public will lose confidence in the vaccine & she is also concerned that vaccines will be wasted.
The letter included that the vaccine is not “safe & effective”.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern chose to shut down a press conference on Monday rather than answer serious questions from an independent reporter outside of what she called the “accredited media.”
The “accredited media” means the state-run media and various globalist propaganda mills.
“We are all completely on the same page when it comes to driving vaccinations, and this is an issue,” Ardern said before Shane Chafin of Counterspin Media asked her, “Why are the vaccines not working in Israel?”
“How come the vaccine has a 39% efficacy rate and you are still pushing it?” Chafin said.
“Sir, I’m going to answer the questions of the accredited media,” Ardern arrogantly responded.
After Chafin kept going, Ardern said, “Sir, I will shut down the press conference if you do not cease!”
*Counterspin is a New Zealand media group – please support them.

A good parent would not chance injury or death to their children by vaxxing them. Don’t they love their children? Are they ignorant?

The “Safe and Effective” Covid Vaccine Lie
Adern & her cronies should watch this video & hang their heads in shame.

Operation London Bridge, Project Looking Glass, Adrenochrome: With Tiana Islam & Charlie Ward
View this part on Adrenochrome: 9:20 – 20:45
Supporters of abortion should reflect on what might happen to the aborted babies. There is big money to be made – Charlie says 1/4 million dollars each! I have read elsewhere (also on one of my posts) that some aborted babies which are still alive have organs removed.
A human being is a oneness of a material consciousness (actually half-material) & a spiritual consciousness (fine matter) in a material body. On the 21st day after conception the spirit enters the embryo, which is then “enlivened”, the heart starts beating and the embryo is now called the fetus. The life of this conceived human being then begins.
Terminating the life of a child more than 21 days after conception is a crime. It is anti-life, anti-human, anti-Creation.

*This also applies to New Zealand parents. Replace the following with NZ equivalents.
You mean you are really going to let these NWO bioterrorists kill and maim all of your children?!?!
Big Pharma,
Biden Administration,
American Healthcare System,
Are All Egregiously Guilty of
Premeditated Mass Murder,
Genocide and Depopulation

“The more death and disease caused by the Covid ‘vaccine’ bioweapons, the harder these psychopathic murderers
push to jab every single American.
Absolutely shocking but not at all surprising…but then we’re talking about the parents who permit their
defenseless children to be injected with an extremely dangerous and deadly Covid ‘vaccine’.”

— Intelligence Analyst & Former U.S Military Officer

It is quite inconceivable that American parents would turn their vulnerable and fragile, developing and delicate children over the Big Pharma-Government-AMA bioterrorists.

Now that the VERY dirty deed has been done, children across the USA will soon be jabbed with an extremely harmful and often deadly Covid shot.

All we have to say is that those parents who acquiesce to this utter vaccine madness are not fit to be parents. And, that by submitting their powerless children to such a vaccination regime they, themselves, are an accomplice to the worst form of child harm, child abuse, child mistreatment and/or child murder.

If any parent who reads this “missive to the child guardians across America” have any doubt about the preceding pre-emptive indictment, please see the following official COVID-19 vaccine data provided by VAERS (the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System overseen by the CDC, FDA, NIH & HHS).