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Saline Solutions and Placebos
Why are some people magnetic when they haven’t been vaccinated, nor worn masks, nor taken PCR tests? Well, there is already an answer to that.
Just when we thought that the confirmation of graphene oxide in vaccines was already alarming, new information appears that blows our minds.
For two weeks now, the Telegram channel Info Vacunas has been investigating in parallel to that of La Quinta Columna and has discovered that since 2012 there has been a patent for including graphene oxide in physiological saline solutions.
This is disturbing because it means that humanity has been the victim of poisoning unknowingly for almost 10 years.

Several doctors/researchers have stated that it appears that some “vaccines” are saline solutions. There are many adverse reactions, yet for many, no reactions at all. Here in New Zealand I am surprised that few adverse reactions have been reported & only one death. Dr. Charlie Ward remarked that it would have taken many years to make enough vaccines for all those already vaxxed. Here is an excerpt from Contact Report 774 between Billy Meier of FIGU & the Plejaren Ptaah. False [PCR] tests are also mentioned.

Thursday, August 26, 2021, 8:12 a.m.
That’s what he said. But one more thing: Already at the beginning of 2021 you talked about the fact that there is fraud with the Corona vaccinations, there are tens of thousands of cases, you said. I also said something about that at the 772nd contact on July 30, when Florena and Bermunda were here. Today I heard about it on the early morning news as well [Switzerland]. Apparently you can talk about it openly now and don’t have to choke down the truth. The fact that you were talking at the time about the tens of thousands of bogus vaccinations with distilled water and with saline solutions being injected, where tens of thousands were bamboozled, the question came up, was this happening worldwide, or was it just Europe that was affected?
It was worldwide and still happens, just as false test results are created. Besides, it is not only tens of thousands, but the whole thing has grown into the millions, so the exact number could not be determined by us yet.
It is all about money. So it’s about profit. – And which companies or corporations are behind it.

This is a transcript which I laboriously made – it is so important for all New Zealanders – even non-patriot Aotearoans!
I am sure that this blog is only visited by patriots, whether or not they live here or elsewhere!

Dr. Zelenko developed the Zelenko Protocol for Covid. His team has successfully treated 6,000 patients; he has trained hundreds of physicians, who are now training their students & as a cumulative group they have treated millions of patients successfully.
President Trump was his patient as was Rudi Guliani; also President Bolsanaro of Brazil.
He has been given a very unique perspective in approaching Covid-19 which is basically keeping people out of the hospital.
Regarding children: The only reason that you would want to treat a child would be that you believe in child sacrifice (speech then indistinct).
For any therapeutic:
1)Is it safe 2)Does it work 3)Do you need it.
CDC Stats:
Children under 18 that are healthy -survival rate of 99.998% with no treatment. The influenza virus is more dangerous to children than Covid-19. Why would you inject children with a poison death shot?
Israel 85% vax Seychelles >80% vax: Both countries are experiencing a delta variant outbreak.
If you vaccinated the majority of your population, why are you still having an outbreak? Why would you give a 3rd shot if it didn’t work the first time?(that’s whether or not it works)
Safety: acute/sub-acute/long term
acute: from the moment of injection to 3 months – no.1 risk is blood clots -40% within 3-4 days of injection of the poison death shot -heart -heart attack; brain -stroke
It causes myocarditis or inflammation in the hearts of young adults. Also miscarriages in the first trimester increases from 10% to 80%.
sub-acute: animal studies – all responded well in generating antibodies – when they were challenged with the virus which they were immunised against, a large percentage died -it was found that their immune system had killed them – called antibody dependent enhancement or pathogenic priming or paradoxical immune enhancement
Currently people vaxxed are the study following on from the animal study.
Luc Montagnier who won the nobel prize in medicine for the discovery of HIV, said that this is the biggest risk to humanity & the biggest risk of genocide in the history of humanity.
The risk which happens later has not been ruled out.
Why would you vaccinate someone with a potentially destructive lethal substance without ruling that out first?
long term consequences: It definitely affects fertility -it damages ovarian function & reduces sperm counts. It definitely increases the number of autoimmune diseases. Recently a paper came out showing that it increases the risk of cancer.
The Israeli govt is a … of Josef Mengele – they have permitted human experimentation of their own people.
There is no need for this vaccine:
children: 99.998% chance of getting better.
young adults 18-45: 99.95% chance of getting better.
Someone who has already had Covid has antibodies, has a naturally induced immunity a billion times more effective than artificially induced immunity through a vaccine.
high risk population: 7.5% death rate -if you treat people in the right time frame (which he has done) you reduce the death rate by 85% – so to less than 0.5%
So out of 600,000 Americans, we could have prevented 510,000 from going to the hospital & dying.
He gave this info to Netanyahu in April, 2020.
Why would you then use a poison death shot which doesn’t work and has tremendous & horrific side effects?
Wake up! This is WWIII. This is a level of malevolence we have not seen, probably in the history of humanity.

Dr. Malone the inventor of mRNA tech says don’t use this -the side effects are horrific.
Dr. Cahill in Ireland said that within 2 years 90% of the vaxxed will be dead.
Dr. Michael Yeardon says he would not go that far.
Luc Montagnier – this is the biggest risk of genocide in the history of mankind.