Evil Catastrophe of Unprecedented Magnitude – Updated 27/08

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So much of our history we do not know, or it has been falsified out of all recognition. I found what I was looking for in 2004 at the age of 65. My aim is to help people find the truth through this website and blog.

Evil Catastrophe of Unprecedented Magnitude
This is an extract from the book ‘Arahat Athersata’ written by Billy Meier & later translated from the German.
The ‘message’ was received and written down from May 15th 1975 to August 11th 1975 by Billy Meier. A literal reproduction of that message in the book.
Note: A spirit form evolves through a period of about 40 to 60 million years of incarnations into material bodies, followed by about 60 million years in a semi-material state until it reaches the first pure spirit level of ‘Arahat Athersata’. There are 7 pure spirit levels & a spirit evolves through those levels over about 2 billion (2,000 million) years, after which it merges with Creation from the final level of ‘Petale’.
This is a journey which all of our spirits will take, our spirit being a fragment of Creation – an energy form.
When death occurs, a spirit goes into ‘the beyond’, where it stays for a period of about 1.52xlife span. It reincarnates, 21 days after conception.

The message starts with:

  1. You are astonished to grasp my thoughts within you, but you will soon understand that you do not need your astonishment.
  2. I am a spirit form with the designation ARAHAT ATHERSATA, thus named after an old language of yours.
  3. My existence in material form has ended since time immemorial and has found itself in the BEING of a sphere which is foreign to you, to which you are still subordinate.
  4. The time of my BEING has become an existence in the great sea of the duration.
  5. It has become knowledge and wisdom, power and might in following of the laws within and around the Creation.
  6. In the endless duration, the Spirit has freed itself from the body and pushed the rebirth to the bygone past.
  7. It has become close to Creation, powerful and mightful, in aspiring completion of the absolutely full development.
  8. My thoughts reach into you to inspire a writing which you should write down.
  9. As the viewer of the times I recognised the truth of the things in their origins and in their consequences, which i will now reveal through you in words comprehensible to you human beings.
  10. So follow my thoughts and put them down in lasting and good, legible writing.
  1. You are therefore the first spirit-form of lower standing in your world which we have been in contact with again since two thousand tears. [then it was Jmmanuel – wrongly called Jesus Christ]

27. Your spiritual evolution is very far ahead of your time and you are considered to be a rare exception in the sea of your population.
28. You have developed yourself into the level of the prophets and as such you will fulfil your task.

  1. In the ur-times of earthly humankind, the Earth still basked purely in peace and love because the leaders and guiders of the peoples were ones who were knowing and wise in the teaching of the spiritual and consciousness-based evolution. [About the time that Adam was born – the son of the ET Semjasa & an ‘Eva’ (means ‘child bearer’ – an Earth woman) – this was about 11,000 BCE ] *I will be including a section on Adam, Henoch & more on my website, once I have translated sections of the “OM”.
  2. But they were pursued by the religion bringers and irrational teachers of all shades, who brought discord and irrational dogmas amongst the human beings.
  3. The discord, however, also penetrated into the leading circles of the humankind and sowed hatred, disfavour, death and ruin.
  4. The mightful ones of your Earth came into conflict with the mighty ones of the religions and, in order to be able to subsist, they made compromises and oaths amongst themselves, but they were constantly concerned to secure for themselves better advantages and, if possible, to eliminate the allies.
  5. The mistrust stirred up in this manner and the endlessly grown hatred ultimately led to the unification in the evil and good between countries and religions.
  6. Working hand in hand, they now subjugated the masses of the people together, however, each side was well concerned about their own advantage.
  7. Well united in the leadership there prevailed discord, pretence and unhonesty amongst them, which inevitably had to lead to the chaos without rescue.
  8. And this has remained so up to the present time because you human beings are hurrying towards an evil catastrophe of unprecedented magnitude and which you are only able to prevent if you get hold of your rationality and, consciously and diligently and in following of the spiritual teaching, avert the terrible things – otherwise woe to the earthly humankind because it is on the best way to destroy itself up to the last Wesen entity. [Wesen – an independently existing life form]
  9. On the one side of your humankind stands the worldly leading powers of all possible shades.
  10. Scientists, financial magnates, politicians, military personnel, economists, anarchists and malicious revolutionaries and do-gooders in the most terrible sense.
  11. On the other side, strong and mightful religious dignitaries, sectarians and the misguided ones who have fallen prey to the hard fanaticism.
  12. This represents a world leadership of the most unreal form, whose fundamental origin for today’s sort is to be sought in the French Revolution.
  13. The worldly mights at that time gained their uppermost leadership in the first pseudo-leaders of the peoples, while the religious powers revealed themselves in the religious leaders and their dignitaries.
  14. The enormous struggle for might that resulted from it, stretched like a red hand through all the past hundreds of years, demanding innocent human blood and inciting hatred, discord, disfavour and mistrust in unprecedented proportions.
  15. Even the doubtfulness and splitting within the individual religions themselves demanded human blood, hatred, enmity and endless streams of tears to an extent which can never be brought into consciousness-based further development.
  16. All laws and recommendations and the brazen creational regulation were disregarded, trampled and destroyed in these struggles for might, and the mightful ones of the Earth chose themselves to be the Creation itself or its substitution.
  1. Where the nature lives in its creationally given laws and recommendations and fulfils its existence untouched by human hand, there reigns beauty, dignity, power and greatness.
  2. But there, where traces of human interference, deliberate unlogical regulation and corrections are visible, there all beauty, dignity, power and greatness and regulation vanish.
  3. So the nature unwillingly becomes witness to the unrationality and the unintellect of the human beings, who still so gladly call themselves the crown of the Creation.
  4. They live in this delusion and are not conscious that they have only put on a crown that is too big for them, which they are not able to carry and which threatens to crush them under its weight.
  5. Truly, the Earth human beings have developed ‘magnificently far’ up to the present time and have brought themselves to the edge of a deep abyss and before the fangs of the beast of insanity, drive by irrational teachings and cults of the most evil Ausartungen [a very bad getting out of the control of the good human nature], which brought forth hatred, vice, greed, lust, affliction and spilling of blood.
  6. And they, the Earth human beings, the ‘crown of the Creation’, they, who rule the world, have conquered water, air and fire, they have long ago already forgotten to be a true human being and to live according to spiritual forms.
  7. Thereby they have also fundamentally forgotten to live amongst human beings as a valueful human being in the community.
  8. All their forms strive for purely material things and evilly disregard all things of the spiritual.

MEDITATION: A 2008 translation from Arahat Athersata by the Gaiaguys – members of FIGU Australia.
These translations may contain errors.

Arahat Athersata – “The Precious One Who Contemplates the Times”
Pages 208 & 209

  1. Behold, human of the Earth, as you seek your peace within yourself, you have to oust from yourself the burdensome thoughts of everyday life.
  2. But you cannot do this by trying to forcefully wrest them out in the form that you take refuge in incorrect meditative practices or even in applications of suggestive and autogenic teachings.
    But if you do indeed do this, you only flee into a self-generated fantasy world which conjures up images of light, freedom, peace, love and harmony for you which you accept as genuine meditative release, but which for you are, in truth, mendacious deceptions, engendered by the products of your own desire, as they are taught to you by false masters of wrong meditation.
  3. Thus if you want to attain peace within yourself, then begin thoroughly at the beginning of all the teachings, which is the teachings of the spirit, commencing at the very start.
  4. It is newly provided to you as such, so you can enter into it in good measure at its start.
  5. From there, process the truth in logical forms of thought in all its values, as it is given to you in its original values, so you may tread the path of evolution logically, through which you will only be capable of meditation if in your knowledge you have reached the level of this power.
  6. Bear in mind, however, human of the Earth, the path thereto is long, arduous and far.
  7. Wound-tearing thorns edge the path to success, which however leads steeply up hill, for which reason you must also practice climbing.
  8. Thus think, Earth human:
  9. Your thinking must be filled with love, because thereby your feelings and Gemüt* also vibrate in love.
  10. In the spiritually-conditioned Gemüt, however, rests the mysterious centre, which, once it is awakened, overcomes all physical and material concerns and limitations through the power of the awakened love, which truly overcomes everything.
  11. But this immeasurable power of love in its purest creational form will only unfold through truthful knowledge in truth, which never, ever, even by just a little jot, is to be equated with a religious belief.
  12. You, human of the Earth and of the current time, have lost the knowledge of this creational power, and only very few are in possession of a distant memory of it.
  13. Even those who, in their insanity, name themselves master, and instruct you in erroneous teachings of the spirit and meditation, have lost this knowledge.
  14. They all believe in divine forms and powers and fundamentally fail to recognise the truth about the truth.
  15. Only a few, who you can count on the fingers of your two hands, live in the knowledge of the truthful truth.
  16. But creational fortune has been imparted to them, because the truth was recognisable to them through the truth.
  17. So their minds are filled with reverence and gratitude for everything; that Creation – to which the knowing and wise offer their gratitude – secures in itself everything venerable.
  18. Alas, Earth human, no resonance at all of reverence and gratitude can be found in your all too great mass of the current time, because the malignantly selfish Earth humanity still only finds value in material matters, while spiritual values are condemned as unworthy.
  19. With the religious believers, humility has taken the place of reverence, and pride and haughtiness are deemed wisdom.
  20. So the Earth human leads himself into error, believes in all sorts of evil things and empowers himself in self-exaltation.

*Note: [from Die Psyche, page 5 ]The Gemüt is the name for the spiritual block** and factor which, in the spirit body of a life form (in this case, with the human) orders and manages the spirit-consciousness feeling and the spirit-consciousness thoughts in a constantly balanced form.
** “block”, as in “block of flats/apartment block” and “block of ice”, NOT “block”, as in “road block” and “mental block”