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The Plejaren are 25 – 30 million years more evolved than we Earthlings. Perhaps we should take note of their advice!

Optimization of Metabolism for Immune and Overall Health
Contact Report 619; Ptaah
Date of Contact: 2nd April 2015
Date of Translation: 10th April 2019

Actually, the fundamental and decisive point or the ultimate point in the whole of the health of the human body – as in any other form of life – is metabolism, because if it functions properly, then the immune system is also in order and the body is less susceptible to diseases and suffering of all kinds. Can you say something about that for once, please?
39. The immune system is the centre of health, and this depends on a well-functioning metabolism, through which every single cell of the body is supplied with everything it needs and which very quickly removes all useless substances and toxins from the body.
Ptaah goes on to explain about how to maintain a healthy metabolism, speaks to the importance of
chewing food properly rather than “swallowing down” and gives nine instructions to follow that are easy to incorporate into daily life.

1) The amino acid L-Tyrosine promotes mental performance, concentration, and conscious/mental/
emotional fitness. Healthy to be used in the short term, the natural stimulant has no side effects and can be used in times of high conscious and physical demands. L-Tyrosine is a superior alternative to psychotropic drugs which should never be administered to the body.

2) Drink only pure spring water or filtered water, because only pure water enables the body to flush out all environmental toxins, metabolic toxins, residential toxins and various other every day pollutants.
Coffee and tea also contain necessary water but should be used sparingly. The amount of water a person drinks each day depends on their diet and lifestyle. If one is eating a diet heavy in water-rich foods, less pure water needs to be consumed but a person eating the standard terrestrial diet of flours, baked goods, processed foods, meat, sausages, heavily seasoned food in general, sweets, etc. then drinking significantly more pure water is advisable.
70: Since all the harmful substances absorbed from the environment and
through food are one of the main causes of many malfunctions in the human organism and lead to
many diseases, stimulating the metabolism to excrete and flush it out is one of the most important
steps on the path to intensive health.

3) Eating smaller and more frequent meals and an overall calorie-reduced diet rather than lavish and
large main meals can stimulate and regulate the metabolism in a sustainable manner. If too many calories are eaten at once then the body tends to store them as fat but also if too few calories are consumed then the body switches into hunger mode and stores carbohydrates as fat, so a balance of calorie intake and careful food selection is important.
76. Therefore, the various small meals and snacks should understandably not consist of ready-made soups, roasted and salted nuts, sandwiches and sweets, etc., but of fresh berries, tropical fruits, unsweetened fruit bars, vegetables, pumpkin seeds, poppy seeds, salads, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds and fruit, as well as other foods rich in vital substances.
77. These foods are mainly alkaline and provide the body with an incredibly large amount of stimulating vital and mineral substances, which are very important for the metabolism.

4) The metabolism can and must be stimulated by simple sporting activities. It is particularly important that, as a rule, slightly fewer calories are consumed than are needed for the actual immediate use. If sporting or working activity is carried out, the body burns calories and makes better use of the food consumed, which is why it is necessary to be physically active in one way or another every day.

5) The metabolism can also be stimulated with soluble dietary fibers which bind large amounts of water and therefore swell in the gastrointestinal tract, ensuring a smooth digestion and also cleansing the intestines so that nothing can get stuck in them and no “cinders” can form. Psyllium seed shells/husks are an especially beneficial form of soluble fiber that should be taken daily upon rising on an empty stomach and again one hour before dinner, whereby one tablespoon each time is sufficient. One tablespoon of mineral earth (bentonite clay) can be added in the evening serving for an added cleansing benefit to the psyllium husk.

6) The metabolism can be stimulated with natural, high-quality, organic, cold-pressed coconut oil which contains medium-chain triglycerides, simply called MCT and which are contained in nature in only very few oils. These fats are not absorbed by the body and are not stored as fat. MCTs lower cholesterol levels and supply the body with high-quality energy and promote the absorption of calcium and magnesium. [Organic, cold-pressed] coconut oil is an ideal choice for cooking because it is heat-stable and does not develop any harmful substances while other oils that are treated industrially cannot do this and thus strain the organism.

7) A healthy diet consisting of natural foods and products is a necessity, also seeing to it that the foods eaten are balanced between acidic and alkaline. Acidosis can form in the body from eating too much acidic food, causing ailments and suffering in the body and resulting in a whole range of health complaints such as chronic bronchitis, diabetes, rheumatic diseases, gout, migraine, fatigue, osteoporosis, sleep disorders or even states of depression and moral dejection, etc.
106. If therapeutic measures against mild acidosis are necessary, they are usually very
simple, and the person can carry them out without medical help.
107. The only thing you need to do is to make sure that you do not eat an excessive amount of
alkaline and acid, but a balanced diet, and that you exercise sufficiently.

8) Stress and worries must be avoided because they affect the nerves, morale and mood. Stress-related ailments and bad moods can be avoided by eating the right foods and the body can be supplied with certain useful food supplements that strengthen the nervous system. In addition, holistic measures are necessary to make people happy again and to counteract these diseases of civilization, which together with all sorts of physical-organic diseases, are based on the causes of toxic environmental influences and false lifestyles.

9) The earth human is increasingly confronted with toxic metals and radioactivity, which burden and
damage the immune system and vital organs. Because wide areas of Earth, the waters and the air as well as the direct environment of terrestrial humans are contaminated by all the poisonous substances it is no longer possible to completely avoid contact with them and it is important to make sure that as much food as possible is free from these toxins. This is possible only by purpose-built cultivation in one’s own gardens and fields where no artificial fertilizers and no toxins of any kinds are used. Even with organic or BIO foods it is not possible to ensure that no toxins were used.

39. If these nine rules for eating habits, food preparation and food production are
observed and continuously implemented and integrated into everyday life, then after only a few
days the first successes and recognizable effects in terms of successful metabolic regulation will
become apparent.