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So much important information is coming out, hence this blog. Spread the word, spread the truth, save lives. Time is the essence.

This interview is of value. Some parts are spoken in German (for the German audience) -you can skip through. I have some important extracts below.
“Mind Blowing! Full Interview of Dr. Bryan Ardis by German Lawyer Reiner Fuellmich”
Saturday, July 30, 2021
This interview is from the Corona Committee “Session #63″

Among the incredible revelations, Dr. Ardis explains how Dr. Anthony Fauci KNEW that the experimental drug Remdesivir was DEADLY, yet he mandated it anyway as the ONLY “allowed” CV-19 treatment to be used in American hospitals. Dr. Ardis also explains how the FDA knew months before the experimental COVID “vaccines” were used that they were also deadly and would cause all manner of terrible diseases.
Extract From Video:
University of Harvard 2010: Review of vaccine injury reports -after 3 years, less than 1% reported, so any official numbers could be multiplied by up to 100x.
The FDA knew about the sode effects of the “jab” 3 months prior to the roll-out in the US.
FDA internal meeting of CBER (Centre for Biologics, Experiments & Research) Oct 22, 2020.
A 25 slide presentation.
Slide 16: 110+ diseases caused by shots, including deaths & miscarriages;
Included 5 different blood-clotting disorders.
Also: MIS-C Multisystem Inflammitory Syndrome in Children. Never happened before!
Severe inflammation of multiple organs in the body, including -brain, kidneys, spleeen, gastro-intestinal-tract, eyes, skin; complications can be deadly. Transmission to children of vaccinated also.
Spike protein & antibodies excreted out of the vaccinated body. Autoimmune diseases will occur.
Myocarditis ( inflammation of the heart muscle) is one of the side effects listed. Teenagers already given the shot -thousands of reports of myocarditis; teenagers, especially athletes, dying in high school.
SARS Covid 2 – very little threat to children, so no need for a jab, even if it was safe & worked.
Pregnant women need to be aware -never take the shots.
Pregnant women-infertility of females-no eggs-chemicals in shots toxic to developing eggs. Breeding a generation of infertile women!
*polyethylene glycol 2000-Moderna & Pfizer
*polysorbate 80-JJ & Astrozeneca
*also graphene oxide

Those responsible for rolling out these shots are committing genocide. They have no respect for life.
People in the US have been raised to trust the FDA (Medsafe in NZ).
The medical “experts”, the government advisers, are either dumb or corrupt. They seem to be without proper knowledge of these vaccines. Yet here in New Zealand I sent VAX TRUTH & more to 19 medical academics (some of whom are govt advisers), Wairarapa DHB. Masterton District Council and ALL MPs.
Inform as many people as possible. This crime against humanity continues apace. It must be exposed and stopped. Be a crusader (in the best sense!), be a patriot!
Reiner Fuellmich: Educating people, transparency, shining a bright light – “Sunlight is the best of disinfectants”!**