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New Zealand DUMB
Shari Raye – Oct 23
“In New Zealand there’s Italian troops present. They told the people to stay in their houses. There would be explosions, shootings and children screaming. This is for real. Thet told them to stay in their houses. Thats because they are getting into the DUMBS that are left over, rescuing [children] & getting rid of the evil down there.”
*I looked for recent earthquakes at DUMB depths:
1)A few days ago – 5km deep west of Turangi 2)About a week ago – 5km deep at Oxford, just west of ChCh & further west under Arthurs Pass.
Previously I reported on a tunnel from Tasmania to ChCh – a DUMB in that area. Also a tunnel from Gisborne area up to the Kermadecs & beyond. At that time I found a series of 10km deep quakes east of Rotorua, which could be the possible location of a DUMB.

New Gene Decode: DUMBs Battle Update with Highlights
September 27
DUMB – Deep Underground Military Bases – More than 1,000 worldwide. Also used for child trafficking & Adrenochrome & organ harvesting from children.

Some Notes:
Australia going bonkers.
Big earthquakes:Taking out tunnels coming up from Tasmania (huge DUMB almost as large as Tassy) into Melbourne – 2 big ones there 5.9 & 4.1 at standard depth 10km.
2 big tunnels that go from Melbourne up to Canberra -isolating between M & C. M pretty much clean, but getting ready to do C DUMB -locking it down now so that the bad guys can’t escape.
Pine Gap: Still going on – DUMB goes long way down. Working on it for 4 months -200km down.
No where to run – blocked around there 6 months ago – ringed.
Also with Africa. Draco ETs left Antarctica – isolated completely.
McMurdo Base – a lot of lower level NEDIs. Cabal got in there before everything was blown up.
Alliance got the crystal (time line device) & reset the reset.
Continuig to clean out DUMBS under Faulklands & Sandwich Is.
Also Johannesburg – isolating Lesoto – 5km deep. Also under Congo & … ?
Continuing working on DUMB from Vatican to Albania; also to Geneva. Switzerland DUMB full of gold (septillion dollars)
Also Bosnia. Greece DUMB cleaned out 5 months ago – uinder Athens & tunnel to Jerusalem.

Charlie Ward, Simon Parkes & Mel K – Sept 20 Extract:
“So what happened last week. We had America, Australia & UK going to that secret deal for these submarines & cutting out France. Now all other NATO countries see this as a side deal & are not happy.
Within 2-3 min of that broadcast going out American troops were already on the aeroplane going over to Australia; a big hands-up against the CCP, saying keep out of Australia. But I go a bit further & I wouldn’t be surprised in the months ahead that Australia becomes the 52nd state of America & NZ as well, because the document that I had a quick glimpse at, said Australia & Islands. I think that they are getting protected by America. I think the reason that Britain was there, was it was a symbolic handover from the Commonwealth saying that the Queen no longer rules the waves & Britain is symbolically handing it over to America. Commonwealth declared bankrupt in 2018. Like Australia & Britain coming under military rule of America for the time being , dictating to the British, Australia & NZ military as to where we are going, rather than coming under the City of London.”
*A few weeks ago the “intel” was that there would be a constitutional relationship between Australia, NZ (Pacifica), Canada, US.

Dr. Jean-Paul Théron Arrested for Prescribing Zinc and Ivermectin/HCQ to Covid 19 Patients
September 21 – Tahiti
Dr. Jean-Paul Théron is dragged out of his office in handcuffs for merely treating his patients with the best methods he knows of with Zinc and Ivermectin / HCQ.
According to our colleagues from La Dépêche, last Thursday the doctor injured the bailiff [not so]who came to his home to inform him of the filing of a complaint mandated by the Council of the Medical Association of the country.
Theron notes that this latest surge came on the heels of a trip to French Polynesia by French President Emmanuel Macron back in July, when the Covid (Vax?) cases exploded

Lockdowns Double Attempted Suicides In 10-14 Year Old NZers
The study, published in the international Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health, shows that attempted suicides in NZ children aged 10-14 years increased from a baseline of 40 per month to a peak of 90 per month following the lockdowns in 2020.
A clear upward trend is observed in the latter half of 2020 from a stable baseline.

Stew Peters Show: Flu Shot Replaced with COVID JAB! Woman Loses BOTH LEGS After Jab, WHISTLEBLOWERS!
Nurses Coming Forward On How The Jab Is Causing Mass Genocide via Vigilant Citizen
New Stew Peters: Nurse: “What I’m Seeing is Criminal”
Sep 20
Scientists Want to Grow COVID mRNA ‘Vaccine-Lettuce’
Injectable vaccines could be a thing of the past, with University of California Riverside (UCR) researchers investigating turning edible plants like lettuce into mRNA vaccine factories and make edible vaccines, which could have significant implications in combating COVID-19.
Brutal Child Torture In Australia
Sept 19
Nurse claims fully vaccinated Covid-19 patients are being treated with Ivermectin whilst the unvaccinated are being put on ventilators
Sept 19
The claim was made during a freedom protest in Australia in which the nurse made a speech to those attending.
A nurse of 40 years has claimed that fully vaccinated Covid-19 patients are being treated in hospital with Ivermectin [claim that the vaccine saved them!], whilst unvaccinated Covid-19 patients are being put on ventilators [to die?!].