Nightmare Pfizer Baby And Toddler Data

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Karen Kingston: Nightmare Pfizer Baby And Toddler Data!! Study Never Should Have Happened!!
Babies Having Seizures After First Dose!! Placebo Group Received Vaxx!! Placebo Group 99% Dropout Rate After Third Dose!! Severe Adverse Effects Documented!!
This video requires a fair bit of concentration to watch until the end – I have yet to do so.
Here is the essence of the first part of the video:
4,500 babies enrolled in the study
At the end of the 24 week trial, 1300 were left. The other 3,100 dropped out! Or did they drop dead!!

3100 had dropped out
This withdrawal could be entered by the clinical moderator – didn’t show up for a visit because of serious adverse events, hospitaisation or death
Up to the organisation to enter the reason
Independent review board – reason for withdrawal unknown
Is there reason to believe they were dead – Yes
Are cases recorded in hospital – no final diagnosis given

Brothers and sisters this video is about turning your Wi-Fi off at night

Deep State Mind Control
The DEEP STATE had planned long ago for you stay in your home and live through computers AI world.
They plan to control all humans through these networks of Metaverse, a New World Order government where they control everything you say and do.
They plan for billions to die in the real world from a bioweapon virus’s death vaccines shots, poverty and planned wars.
Billions more will be controlled through the Metaverse – a place where you can’t smell, feel, touch, taste the fake virtual reality. The Metaverse is the Deep State Plan “where you will own nothing and be happy.”
MRNA Nano Graphene Oxide will connect all to the Metaverse.
Billions of people are already buying fake apartments, land, fake insurance, fake digital Gucci bags for their Avatars that cost thousands and thousands of dollars. Even millions.
Your child has been conditioned already to live digital games online. Now they take the next steps of full mind control: the Metaverse.


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