Real News 12th July

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Real News Headlines for Tues. 12 July 2022:
*Militaries Positioning worldwide, Russia & China amassing troops in Central & South America.
Worldwide food shortages loom.
*Eugenicists and Gates buying up US farm land to destroy it, Nanotech in soil, 102 major fires destroy food industry facilities. Trudeau’s nitrogen policy will decimate Canadian farming, as it has in the Netherlands.
*US livestock producers now just days away from running out of animal feed due to supply chain disruptions.
*Georgia Guide Stones, Vatican Obelisk destroyed.
*Former Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel is Hitler’s Daughter, while Barak Obama is Hitler’s Grandson.
*Assassination of ex Prime Minister of Japan who exposed the truth of Fukushima Event and the planned invasion of China.
*Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion in LA was a CIA and Mossad Institution.

Governments Falling:
Russia summed up the world situation as “the beginning of the fundamental collapse of the American-style world order…of the transition from liberal globalist American egocentrism to a truly multipolar world.”

*Europe was in full collapse as markets crash and small banks close, while the Mainstream Media begins to report on the Recession.

*The Kazarian Mafia and governments through Estonia, Israel, Sri Lanka, UK and Ireland have fallen.
*The largest Kazarian Mafia regimes in the US, France, Canada and Italy are in current Military Operations of collapse.

The fall of the Deep State UK government: as Military ops stand by in assistance, White Hat FBI raid/retrieve computers/hard drives/servers inside the Royal government as several cabinet members resign and several operations took place through London in the early hours before Prime Minister Boris Johnson resigned.
Operation London Bridge is falling down in full effect as the majesty regimen plans for the announcement of the Queens Death to be revealed which leads to a newly installed government by the people.
In 2021 the UK had 22 Trillion in Gold delivered by the U.S. military from Cheyenne mountains military base operations.

Assassination of Prime Minister of Japan who knew all the full reports and handed over servers and computers to Military operations that exposed the truth of Fukushima Event and planned invasion of China through Events in North Korean, Russia, Taiwan, Japan and US. (Russia and Taiwan declined to be in the Bush/Obama planned intent). Sources report the Prime Minister was in close contact with Trump. Was his death fake/ planned/ a message?

Sri Lanka:
The fall of Sri Lanka (major plans were slated to use Sri Lanka as a Beta testing ground to see a regiment fall and quickly rebuild through gold backed NESARA/ GESARA digital currency).

Lebanon currently in media BLACKOUTS. Military Operations were happening throughout the country that were connected to arrests and fall of Deep State generals.

France was falling as the Macron crime syndicate regime started jumping ship. Macron was abandoning his position as criminal investigation into him have begun.

The US Biden regime was in free fall as more mainstream media turned against him. The Washington Post and New York Times were red pilling the liberals and questioning his authority and the whole administration.

Vatican underground DUMBs were connected to CERN Super Computer: The Vatican Tunnels over 1000 years old, housed two Supercomputers that connected the world wide money laundering system to the CIA 4rth Reich regimen/ Jesuits/ Rothschilds /Rockefellers families. This was a digital money laundering system that connected to Asia, US and all of Europe.
Two different fires broke out through Vatican City. Some reports say three areas, but Mainstream Media only reports one fire with conflicting reports.