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JAPAN breaks ranks, forces truth before vaccination, makes discrimination against unvaxxed illegal
Dec 10

The narrative is that the unvaxxed are the problem, that they are the ones who are spreading Covid, so they should be isolated and they should be kept away from the vaxxed in order to protect the vaxxed.
Rather it is the unvaxxed who should steer clear of the vaxxed, who are the super-spreaders of the spike protein. The vaxxed are the lepers of this new age.
The fully vaxxed feel very pleased with themselves, since they believe that they are now protected from Covid-19 & it’s variants, that they are special since they can enter bars, restaurants & cafes by using their wonderful clot shot passports and that they now have the freedom to travel. All of this in exchange for an uncertain future of probable ill health & a shortened life.

Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche: “For God’s sake, stay unvaccinated”
Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, a renowned vaccine expert, virologist and former senior officer of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, urged those who have not taken the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine to “stay unvaccinated” if they want to protect their innate immune systems.
“Never, ever allow anything, or anybody, to interfere or suppress your innate immune system,” said Vanden Bossche. He said that a person’s natural immune system is the first line of defense against any kind of disease, including COVID-19.
Vanden Bossche warned that the “antibodies” produced by the COVID-19 vaccines suppress a person’s natural immunity, and they “cannot substitute for it” since these “antibodies,” if they actually provide any kind of protection against infection or transmission, do not last very long.

Because of this, Vanden Bossche warned people against trusting the rhetoric that all of society will be protected as long as enough people get vaccinated. The vaccines “do not contribute to herd immunity,” he said.

“For God’s sake, stay unvaccinated. They should stay unvaccinated,” said Vanden Bossche. He advised the unvaccinated to continue taking care of their natural immunities by taking care of their health. “If you do this and you are unvaccinated, you will be spared from severe disease without any vaccine. On the contrary, the vaccine would do the opposite.”

Those who are more vulnerable to COVID-19, such as the elderly, those with compromised immune systems or who have comorbidities, are advised to be careful about who they come into close contact with.
“This is not to discriminate against the vaccines, but the unvaccinated should especially avoid contact with vaccinated at this point in time,” he said.

Vanden Bossche also warned against giving the experimental and deadly COVID-19 vaccines to children. He called this action “an absolute no-go”
He said that research shows the immune systems of children can easily be suppressed by the “antibodies” provided by the COVID-19 vaccines since “their antibodies are so young and so naive that they can easily be outcompeted by vaccinal antibodies.”
Because the vaccines suppress the immune systems of children, it could expose them to even more diseases and “could even lead to autoimmune diseases.”
Vanden Bossche: Health systems are on the verge of collapse

In his video message to Austrian protesters, Vanden Bossche warned that the world’s health systems are on the verge of collapse. He also expressed a lot of concern for the people who got vaccinated either through ignorance or through coercion.
“We need to help them as much as we can because they will need extensive treatment in many cases,” he said. In his research, Vanden Bossche has already observed a large percentage of fully vaccinated individuals getting hospitalized – and this number is increasing steadily.

“Whereas, more and more, with the training of the innate immune system, with more exposure to the virus, more and more non-vaccinated people get protected,” he said.
“This will lead inevitably – and I am not a doomsday preacher – but this will inevitably lead to a collapse of our health system. It cannot be otherwise.”
He encouraged the unvaccinated Austrians to continue fighting for their health. If they remain unvaccinated, the government’s other COVID-19 measures will not be sustainable. The lockdown measures cannot last “for a long time,” he said.
He told unvaccinated Austrians to “stay calm,” and shared a German proverb that translates in English to: “Strength is found in serenity.”

Heart Palpitations Hit Anti-Vaxxers Worldwide – Linked to EMF Microwave Attacks – Havana Syndrome
Havana Syndrome is a set of medical symptoms with unknown causes experienced mostly abroad by U.S. government officials and military personnel. The symptoms range in severity from pain and ringing in the ears to cognitive difficulties and were first reported in 2016 by U.S. and Canadian embassy staff in Havana, Cuba.
*emf attack – microwaves – from cellphone towers
*fatigue, heart palpitations, heart attacks, nausea
*shielding needed – Faraday cage – mesh – Al foil – under hat, around waist

Vaccinated Serving As Breeding Ground For Virus Warns Renowned Virologist

The Omicron Scare – Focus on the Unvaxxed
The ‘Omicron Scare’ has neatly become the variant of hysteria further leading from a narrative built on a dystopian society to that of a quasi-Marxist utopian civilization.
Countries throughout the world; specifically, those with democratically elected governments, have what they needed to push through further on their agenda of retaining power and control under the guise of another round of fear with the omicron variant.
It is no surprise that the target of their actions is to leverage this latest variant scare to go after the remaining unvaccinated population.
Most reports coming in has seen the vaccinated being infected by the omicron variant which gives rise to mild symptoms.

Fully Vaxxed
Fully Vaccinated accounted for 4 in every 5 Covid-19 Deaths in England during November despite Booster Jab Campaign
The current narrative is that:
The vaccines do not confer immunity or prevent transmission.
What beneficial effect they do have wears off, they don’t know when.
They probably don’t protect against new variants or mutations.
The vaccines have unknown long term side effects.
Going entirely by the mainstream’s own words, and completely on their own terms, any possible case for mandatory vaccinations is dead.
The “Omicron variant” killed it, even if it never killed anything else.

Spanish Investigation Finds Vaccine Passports Have No Impact On Infection Rates
Looking at how the scheme has been implemented in other European countries, the experts found that mandating people to show proof of vaccination to enter venues like bars, restaurants and cinemas “is not reducing levels of transmission.”
The researchers also concluded that vaccine passport schemes “contribute to a false impression that vaccinated people do not get infected,” when in fact “around 40 per cent of those vaccinated are susceptible to infection and transmitting the infection,” the report states.
“The findings are similar to evidence found by the UK government – that vaccine passports could increase Covid rates in the country,” writes Ken Macon.
“The government in Wales, UK, also found that, despite introducing vaccine passports, they could not find any evidence that they were working.”

The Vaccinated are Super Spreaders

Dr Peter McCullough (Packed with Info).
Its a highly edited video cut from a longer video on Voices For Freedom based in New Zealand.