USA 2020 Election Overturned

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US Supreme Court Has Overturned the 2020 Election Due to Voter Fraud

Georgia Guidestones – Phil Godlewski
This video starts with loud music – be prepared! He mentions Satan, but this is a non-existent entity.
Near the end the video is disrupted. The next video is a continuation.

English Georgia Guidestone Internally Destroyed

Phil Godlewski part 2 July 6 2022:
NOTE:  Phil is a former U.S. Military Intelligence Officer… and one of the few chosen ANONs by the White Hats who has been disclosing Intel according to the Alliance requests.

  • Fact: The 2020 Election has been overturned by the SCOTUS due to voter fraud.
  • At this time we are waiting for the SCOTUS to be protected, as well as their families.
  • The overturn of the 2020 Election is the End of the Cabal. They are not in power and never will be again.
  • Fact: There will not be a Special Election. The numbers will be revealed. Donald Trump has been awarded the Presidency of the United States. This is not “a potential path of what could happen.” This has happened.
  • Fact: This 2020 Election case has been in existence since the beginning of all of this. Evidence was presented to SCOTUS in secret. There was a Docket that no one knew about, especially the Press.
  • Fact: Roe vs Wade was a giant distraction. While the Press was looking at that… other matters were being handled.
  • Fact: We will never be in this situation again.  Donald Trump will return to power and that is when “big things” start happening.
  • The TSA: There preparation for “continuity of government’ within their organization for the higher ups in TSA. The Directive was from 2012 (when they were about to yank Barak Obama). In 2012, the military was about to remove the sitting President of the United States of America… Barack Obama… and after he “won… yes, you guessed it, Election Fraud was involved with it… so they were literally about to yank him from office, and a coup was about to happen.  They had no other choice… but then, Donald Trump agreed to run for the President of the United States in 2016.