Weaponised 5G & Vaxxed

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Weapons Research Scientist Tells All:
World Government Weaponised 5G And Radiation For Vaxxed

“This is the greatest crime ever to be perpetrated on mankind and all of God’s creations.”
5-G networks can transmit dangerous radio waves through the vaxxed!
Published August 23, 2022

UK engineer and special weapons researcher, Mark Steele joins the show to expose how the deadly clot shots are connected to a giant kill-switch spanning across America, known as 5-G.

British Engineer: 5G Is Not Only A Weapon, But A Crime Against Humanity
Mark Steele, a British Engineer, Inventor, Patent Writer, and Weapons Research Scientist has said 5G is a “crime against humanity.” He has written an extensive biography in the introduction of his February 2021 report on 5G in the context of nanometal-contaminated vaccines.

In Steele’s report, he says:
“The 5G network has the capability to target, acquire and attack the vaccinated due to their nano metamaterial antenna Covid-19 vaccine. Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems (LAWS) require the 5G networks to maintain their geo-position and navigate their environment to the target; these weapons cannot rely on satellite communications due to the potential for inclement weather events and signal latency to disrupt their signals so they must have localized 5G networks.”

“Putting tens of millions of 5G antennas, without a single biological test of safety, has to be about the stupidest idea anyone has had in the history of the world,” said professor Martin Pall.
But professor Pall is wrong, Mark Steele said in a 15-page report: “It is not a stupid idea but a heinous crime if one understands the motive behind this deployment. 5G is a compartmentalised weapons deployment, masquerading as a benign technological advance for enhanced communications and faster downloads.”

Steele also clarified the definition of a weapon to further cement his point. A weapon is “a device, tool, or action that has been fashioned to cause physical or psychological harm in breach of the primary legislation.”

“5G is a weapon system, a crime against humanity so monstrous that even an educated person would find it unbelievable on first inspection of the facts. The prima facie evidence of this globalist depopulation agenda is unequivocal and should be tested in the courts so that the conspirators involved in this murderous plan can be brought to justice. This is the greatest crime ever to be perpetrated on mankind and all of God’s creations.”

Long range.
Can monitor the biometrics of a person & can then target the person – heart attack, cause a seizure, attack the vagus nerve.
The real kill is yet to come
This ‘equipment’ is self replicating.
Set up a magnetic field in the body, causing contaminants to be attracted from chem trails, food, water, etc.
An antenna within the body.
The use of this 5G EI 3D network is an attempt by the ‘dark forces’ to replace ‘God’s’ creation. It will blanket cover an area and take total control of the antenna network within the vaxxed, unbeknown to them.
If you’ve been jabbed, you must get yourself checked.
e.g. Using a magnet soon after being jabbed.
N.B. You can also but a bluetooth app. (‘Find My Device’) on your smart phone, go to a place where no person is within 50m (maybe further) & do a scan, looking for a 12 digit code like ? unknown BA:28:2R: ….
The WEF & their puppets plan to take down all mankind. They are already saying that there will be a network virus & YOU, the vaxxed, will be part of it.
They are changing your DNA. You will become a patented GMO.
**You must DETOX & take no more jabs – unless you have a death wish!**
They want to get rid of the people with assets – they want their money & assets.
5G only has one use – on the battle field.
5G is directional. It is of no use for a smart phone. If it was directed at your phone, it would pass through your head & kill you.
Actually, there are no 5G devices. If you have been sold a 5G phone, you have been conned.

Autonomous Vehicles: That’s a scam. Such vehicles would need a LIDO. On a motorway, if you have a vehicle behind you firing an invisible laser (to locate your vehicle) it will reflect off mirrors into your eyes, into your brain & damage you. That’s just one vehicle. Imagine many vehicles on that part of the highway.

4G isn’t safe, but at a suitable distance from the antenna it is OK – NOT hugging your ear!
Paper notes today have foil inside, so can be scanned – all part of the 5G Urban Radar Network.