The VAXXED Have Been Duped!

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Those who are lining up for the vax are being lead astray by our corrupt government & their advisers. The wise ones are the “unvaccinated” & they will be the survivors. Hang in there, the going is likely to be rough! It will test your fortitude! Spread the word. Point people’s noses in the right direction so that they can see with their own eyes & hear with their own ears.
What grieves me greatly is that many children 12 years & older are now going to be jabbed. This can’t be allowed to happen. Also, the Adern Government has directed that secondary school students should wear masks to school; although not mandatory at the moment, Prof. Michael Baker of Otago University, who is a member of the panel which advises the government on the Covid-19 pandemic, has suggeted that masks for these children be made mandatory. Anyone with more than a little intelligence knows that the virus readily passes through most masks. What is going to happen to the health of these children – reduced oxygenation of cells, respiratory & oral illnesses, as well as the mental effects. Also, the stress levels of teachers will increase. Have our leaders lost their minds?

Be Proactive: Secondary schools need to know the facts – Principal, Staff, Parent-Teacher Association, Board of Trustees.
Surely these people would want to protect the students. I emailed the principals of all schools in the Wairarapa with a heap of information. One reply – The principal of Featherston South – she told me to never send another email! Anyone else could do the same for their schools – copying parts of these posts and/or referencing this blog.

How can this madness be stopped? The MSM, the news media, doesn’t give a damn & they are therefore complicit. Do we march in the streets, wave placards outside the vax stations? The problem is one of ignorance, people do not know the truth. I have tried to do something through this blog, but the truth needs to spread to thousands, hundreds of thousands, to do any good. In this age of the internet, ignorance is no excuse. True, you need to know how & where to search. Today, Googling has it’s limitations; try a different search engine – DuckDuckGo!
One thing that I believe, is that the majority of the Pfizer vials contain nothing more than a saline solution (the Plejaren say millions worldwide). The October order is likely to be the real McCoy. Compare:
VAERS in Europe – 1,300,000 very severe adverse effects & 15,000 deaths – this is only 1%
USA 14,000 listed deaths; 45,000 deaths confirmed by a whistleblower from 1 source out of 11. The US population is about 70x that of NZ. So, NZ should have at least 200 to 600 deaths. Since only about 1% of adverse events are reported in the US, we could extrapolate that number. Very severe adverse events will be many more – at least 10x?

In Sydney, children were herded into the Qudos Arena to be given the life-destroying jab as dictated by the Premier of NSW. Emperors of Rome were just as callous, for Christians were often herded into the Colosseum to be slaughtered.

They know not what they are doing.
Or do they?

In New Zealand, 12 year old children or older can now be delivered to the jabbing stations by their parents, like sacrificial lambs. What future do these children have? Such dumb, consciousness-lacking parents are thoughtless in every respect.

These actions against the children of our country is an abomination, it is a crime against humanity and ultimately the perpetrators of this crime will be accountable for their actions. The real experts have told us that the spike protein will cause infertility, heart failure, neurological problems & much more. To quote from Reiner Fuellmich:
“This Scamdemic is a worse crime against humanity than what Nazi Germany did in World War II”.
“Politicians, media, doctors and nurses are accountable, such that if they are complicit in this crime against humanity, they too are subject to the laws set forth in the Geneva Convention and Nuremberg Code.”
“This “experimental vaccine” is in violation of Articles 32 and 147 of the Geneva Convention IV.
This “experimental vaccine” is in violation of all 10 of the Nuremberg Codes.
I have all the evidence that the Scamdemic is a Criminal Fraud.
A ‘special’ court may be required to process these crimes against humanity, similar to Nuremberg.”

COVID Shots are Wartime Weapons Deployed for Complete Dominion Over Humans:
Lance D Johnson
It’s time for the formerly-dubbed “fully vaccinated” to wake up and realise that there is nothing ethical or scientific about what is being done to them. Just five months after being promised their “freedom,” the “fully vaccinated” are now being told they are inadequate, a subhuman species again, without a functioning and capable immune system. Trained to obey coercive authorities and abusive medial edicts, these human test rats are being psychologically controlled and physically restrained to a shortened life of pharmaceutical dependence. As routine boosters are prepared for the population, and the word “mandatory” is used to force these shots in seasonally, it’s time to realise this isn’t a vaccine and it’s not protecting anyone. It’s a war time weapon, a depopulation program. As vaccine manufacturers reap billions of dollars in extorted taxpayer funds, deploy propaganda and fraud, and fight for dominion over people’s lives, they have become mass murderers.
Dr. Michael Yeadon:
Dr. Yeardon says “there’s absolutely NO possible justification” for the manufacture of covid-19 vaccines and the upcoming onslaught of booster shots. Longstanding, efficacious treatments and traditional Chinese herbal medicine offers a variety of solution for common respiratory infections, including influenza viruses, enteroviruses like polio, RSV and coronavirus infections. But these treatments have been viciously attacked, censored and suppressed across the medical landscape, as the public health gatekeepers restrain doctors and nurses from treating people early and saving lives. Dr. Yeadon warns that the booster shot was forced into existence and is nothing more than an extermination weapon to destroy innate immunity, spur super viruses into existence, and mass murder human beings. According to the clinical trials, the rate of adverse events is ten times greater after the second shot. What will the third, fourth and fifth boosters do to the population, as tens of thousands [hundreds of thousands,even millions if the truth be known]have already died off?
The Vaccine Program is Designed for Pharmaceutical Dependence and Depopulation:
Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla says the company has already created a new vaccine development system that can mass produce a new mRNA booster every ninety-five days.
Now that Pfizer has dominion over the regulatory framework and the government, it’s now imminent that they will conduct yearly forced experiments on the world population, using tweaks in the spike protein to mass replicate the deadly bioweapon into the unforeseeable future.
Dr. Peter McCullough:
When vaccines put selective pressure on the amino acids of the spike protein, a new variant begins to emerge, evading immune detection. Niessen and scientists from Boston and Rochester, Minnesota, put over a million sequenced samples to the test. “They looked at vaccination rates all over, and the variant proportions, and they concluded that with more than 25% of the population vaccinated, you’ll encourage a dominant strain to move forward,” McCullough said. There’s no doubt that this vaccine program is designed for pharmaceutical dependence and depopulation.

Former Pfizer VP Warns Booster Shot is an Extermination Weapon to Mass Murder Human Beings:

I made this transcript for the first 11 min:
Covid – slightly greater risk if over 70 &/or health problems.
For most a lower risk than the flu which is 0.1%.
Not necessary to have done anything such as lockdowns,masks,testing,vaxs.
Multiple therapies are just as effective as vaccines – available & cheap, such as:
inhalable steroids as for asthma reduce symptoms ~90%
Ivomectin – one of most widely used in the world ~90%

Government & scientific advisers lied to us for a year – fatal damage to economies & society.
Misled about (& frightens Yeardon) virus variance & related issue of top-up vaccines or variance vaccines.
Critical for survival information: it is quite normal for RNA viruses such as SARS-Cov -2, when they repicate, to make typo errors – these are variants – at most 0.3% different from the original sequence. Thus variants are 99.7% (or higher) identical to the original.
That difference is not possibly able to represent itself to you as a different virus.
It is an absolute lie that a variant will escape our immunity (natural or artificial – from vax)
17 years ago there was SARS-1 (80% similar to SARS-2). Experiment last year found that people who had been infected by SARS-1 17 years earlier donated blood & tests showed that their T cells recognised SARS-2 (since 80% similar).
When government scientists say that a 0.3% different variant can masquerade as a new virus, so is a threat to health, then they are lying. Then why is aiso the pharmaceutical industry making top-up vaccines? We should be terrified Dr. Yeardon said, since there is absolutely no possible justification for their manufacture. Since they say that these vaxs are similar to the original, there will be no extra safety studies.
No need for top-up vaxs, yet they are being made & regulators are allowing them.
There is no possible benign reason for this – they are going to be used to damage your health & possibly kill you. A serious attempt at mass depopulation (genocide).
They will create other stories about a biological threat, so line up for your top-up & 6 months to a year later you will die of some peculiar, inexplicable syndrome which wont be associated with the top-up vax.
If you don’t wake up, then that’s what will happen within the next year.
SARS 2 spreads more easily than SARS 1, but it is a lot less lethal. It usually only injures & kills the elderly &/or ill, usually both (<0.1%)
It is a respiratory virus.
Having been infected (often with no symptoms), you are immune – maybe for decades.
Variants don’t pose any (extra) threat – impossible. Called “samiants.”!
Vaccine Passports: In the past, only for extremely lethal diseases such as yellow fever.
No need to know who is vaxxed & who is unvaxxed – no need for safety.
For control – database created – includes digital ID-system used to coerce – will need to have top-ups, otherwise passport will be invalid. It’s all about fear & censorship.